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Best Weight Loss Blogs and Websites 2016

30 Blogs To Follow If You’re Looking To Lose Weight

If you are one of the many people looking for correct and actionable advice about weight loss, knowing where to go for that information is quite a task. There are literally thousands of weight loss blogs and websites.

What if you had a handful of go-to weight loss resources for all the information you ever needed to lose weight and maintain the weight loss?

Well, you’re in luck! Below are 30 of the absolute best weight loss resources online today. The vast majority of the bloggers covered below have lost weight themselves, so provide up to date weight loss information from a position of experience.

Of course, trying to rank these amazing bloggers in order of one through thirty is impossible (they are all brilliant), so consider the list as a top 30 as opposed to an ordered list of first through 30th.

Best Weight Loss Blogs 2016

Michelle Funez1.  Diary of an Aspiring Maintainer

Michelle is a Marin County mother of two and blogs to chronicle her weight loss journey. She does not believe in adopting a particular diet program if sustaining it is impossible and we totally agree with this approach to weight loss!

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mariana2.  Project Unfluff

Mariana is blessed with a healthy family and blogs about how she took off her “physical fluff” and turned towards a healthier and active life. Her blog is based around paying her body back from the abuse and neglect it had been shown for years.

Suggested Reading: The Body Remembers

josie3.  Yum Yucky

Josie blogs about the foods she eats and her fitness activities. Although at times she falls short of her goals, she sees to it that she engages in plyometrics, high intensity interval and strength training; she’s also fond of natural health products and we love her honesty.

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rachael4.  Third Shift Fit

Rachael is a registered nurse, a fitness fanatic, and also—a foodie! She shares her personal encounters with awkward food cravings, lack of sleep, and boredom eating during her shifts and believes that staying fit and healthy is possible, even with a busy schedule. We agree!

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diane5.  Diane Carbonell

Diane penned 150 Pounds Gone Forever and provides advices on weight loss at Answers.com. Like others who are fighting to shed pounds, she herself has encountered several challenges on her successful weight loss battle which makes her blog very relatable.

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Steve S. Pickering -skinnyjane6.  Skinny Jane

Steve holds ACE Weight Loss and Personal Trainer certifications and is the founder of Skinny Jane. He has transformed hundreds of women in his career by teaching them which foods are good to eat and motivating them to lead a healthier and happier life.

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katie foster7.  Runs for Cookies   

Katie is a stay at home mom earning modestly from her blog and lives in Detroit, MI. She blogs about weight loss and for 5 years she has shared plenty of helpful insights for those who need it most. Love the name of her blog too!

Suggested Reading: 100-lbs Gone

rhiannon8.  Life of Rhi

Blogger Rhiannon lives Caernarfon in North Wales and works at the local Council. She eats healthy food, and started walking and joining zumba classes with her mom to keep fit. Rhiannon shares plenty of new ideas on fitness training techniques of today.

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Nicole prevention RD9.  PreventionRD

Dietitian Nicole Morrissey’s blog is honest and from the heart. Having been an overweight child who transformed herself with healthy habits, and backed by her dietitian credentials, you can enjoy current and achievable weight loss information to help you get on track.

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Sean Anderson10.  The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser

Sean, blogger and author of Transformation Road & the Daily Diary of A Winning Loser. He is active on Twitter, sharing what he eats and which exercises he does every day as he maintains an almost 300-lb weight loss.

Suggested Reading: July 30th, 2016 The Best Time

Sara Renee11.  The Running in Pink Project

Sara Renee lives in Virginia with her husband and their spoiled furry babies, and blogs about her weight loss ups and downs. She uses old fashioned weight loss techniques to achieve a much healthier self. Her blog is a tool to show others the things that work or don’t work, so makes a great follow.

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nagina12. MasalaBody.com by Nagina

Nagina worked more than 12 hours a day as a marketing consultant and didn’t have time to go to a gym until she felt she had to. She has since lost 40 lbs and maintained her weight and now coaches and speaks about weight loss. She is the perfect example of a busy woman who succeeded in keeping fit despite her busy schedule.

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brian13. FatFitLife

Brian has become an authority when it comes to weight loss and healthy cooking. His journey from fat to fit life involved simple techniques, simple food, and a series of simple lifestyle changes.

Suggested Reading: Food for thought Friday, control and moderation

ruzele14.  My New Normal

Ruzele took on some bad habits from people around her and struggled as her weight skyrocketed to 335 lbs powered by depression and life events. She started her blog to record her journey to losing weight to inspire others. She lost 80 lbs and now attempting to lose another hundred; quite an exciting blogger to follow.

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Robby15.  FatGirl vs. World

Robby used to be an emotional eater who had herniated & bulging discs on her neck and 3 bulging discs on the lower back. She weighed 225 lbs when she was 16 and wore size 18-20 and currently lost much of her emotional and physical weight.

Suggested Reading: A Mile in Her Shoes

amy16. Mama Ames Gets Healthy 

To motivate herself, Amy signed up for a race to pursue a weight loss goal but failed. She registered at Weight Watchers and started to run again, and again, and again; this got her 65 lbs lighter so she now blogs about her journey! She is not a quitter so she’s a perfect resource for those who tried and failed several times over.

Suggested Reading: Running

Lyn17. Escape from Obesity

Lyn, a stay-at-home mom and a degree-holder, escaped obesity via dieting calorie counting, exercise, and Medifast. She had been overweight for a decade and blogged her way out of the pit and making real progress. Her inspiring blog serves to remind people from the reality that anything is possible if armed with perseverance.

Suggested Reading: Wildflowers Along the Way

Tina18. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

The Carrots ‘N’ Cake blog is owned by Tina who is an author, blogger and a Brooks Running and FitFluential Ambassador. She confesses how she loves food but is passionate about fitness and exercise. Like her, you will learn how to eat in moderation with your favorite foods, yet maintain your weight.

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Jill-sassypear19. Sassy Pear

The Sassy Pear is Jill’s weight loss blog. She’s married with kids and wears many hats (like most moms!). This blog is an open book of all her struggles to keep herself fit as possible, whilst embracing the pear-shaped body. Jill believes that the only way for you to fail is when you quit trying.

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Saraborgstede.com-theholymess20. The Holy Mess

The Holy Mess is Sara’s blog that engages in weight loss tips, and articles about family and faith. She is a triathlete, a speaker, writer, a 100-lb weight loss success story and most of all—a real-life super mom. Sara can help you achieve balance between family, faith and your fitness goals.

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300lbs21. 300 Pounds and Running

Martinus Evans is a speaker of inspiration & motivation, marathon runner, weight loss, exercise and running blogger, as well as a Fitfluential ambassador. He is currently on a journey towards better health and better self.

Suggested Reading: 4 Ways Running Improves Your Health

Michelle-Shelley22.  The World According to EggFace

Michelle was the chubby girl and had bitter encounters due to being overweight. This writer, activist, and cook had RNY gastric bypass in 2006 and keeps an active blog about her journey. Michelle helps readers analyze the kind of food they want to eat and alters ingredients to create a healthier version.

Suggested Reading: Liquid Phase for Post Weight Loss Surgery

Lisa23. My Skinny Plate

Lisa is mother to three and admittedly owned love handles, a muffin top, and other things you see as excess. But this did not deter from struggling to set herself free from it all. She does not think that being overweight is a permanent thing for all men and women; most especially those trying to fit into motherhood.

Suggested Reading: Skinny Fit Kit Challenge Day Four

Jackie-lipsticks..24. Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins   

Jackie works as a makeup artist but had a long fight against being overweight since her teens. No diet ever worked for her so she started a blog and decided it was time for her to start kicking off the habit of eating. Readers follow enjoy her meals and recipes, beauty tips and honest product reviews.

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Tim25.   Shrinking Guy Fitness

Tim is sincere in saying that he has no certification or license as a fitness professional as he is a software project manager by profession. However, he provides sane advice based on common sense and personal experience on his blog after having lost 75 lbs in 2 years. There’s no substitute for personal experience!

Suggested Reading: Living Low Carb the Healthy Way

mariah dolan26. Mariah Dolan

Mariah teaches busy mothers how to insert some healthy options into the pile of roles they do each day. She is a physical therapist who specializes in rehab and sports medicine and knows that moms really need honest and actionable health and fitness advice.

Suggested Reading: Juicing vs Blending – Which is better for you?

eat without guilt27. Eating Without Guilt

Dinneen could be the missing factor for women who have tried over and over again to lose weight, but never experienced being there. She has helped thousands of those in need by coaching them into achieving “thinner” peace. We love that!

Suggested Reading: How to Survive Thanksgiving with all of the FOOD

coach mindy28. Coach Mindy Weight Loss

Healthy eating and weight loss are the core topics of Mindy’s blog. Mindy has take on the task of assisting people in their journey towards weight loss. Being a busy as a one-on-one weight loss coach, she still finds time to share her knowledge via her active Coach Mindy blog.

Suggested Reading: 27 Easy Tips To Help You Lose Weight Gradually

Andie Mitchell29. Andie Mitchell

Andie achieved fame with her bestselling New York Times memoir “It Was Me All along”, where she shared how she shed 135 lbs. from her original weight. What drives people to her blog is the way she manages to maintain her weight which is a large part of the battle!

Suggested Reading: Baked Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

helen30. Doing A 180

This blog is a haven for fitness and weight loss posts, as well as healthy recipes that anybody can try. Authored by Helen, whose aim is to lead a healthy lifestyle combined with a dash of adventure, this site is a must-read for so many reasons. She will take you with her in her journey to midlife and her kitchen too!

Suggested Reading: Doing A 180: Recipe Roundup: Soup’s On

Who’s ready to lose weight?!

Now it’s your turn. Be sure to click through to some of the bloggers that interest you above and be sure to follow them on social media and sign up for their free giveaways and eNewsletters so that you never miss the best weight loss information.

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