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Women in the gym: The newbie guide to getting fit


It is fairly reasonable for any female to feel challenged at the beginning of a workout program. No one is invincible with the pain and hardship. Even some men “chicken out” and realize that using gym equipment isn’t easy.          

Enrolling yourself to a gym membership always feels like one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. Well, it is, indeed. However, your membership fee will not automatically make you fit. You have to pay more hard work to achieve your body goals.

Regardless of your purpose for pursuing the workout program, what matters is you have the right tools to start with. Your gym trainer is one of those tools, of course. He or she will not only be your lead but will be your “mentor.” These instructors sure know how to motivate their trainees well but in different ways.

While you are reading this, I hope that you have already experienced setting foot in the gym even once. There is a huge difference between planning your workout and being on location. It feels as though the gym is your battlefield, and the equipment is the huge weapon.

Speaking of gym equipment, you might want to prepare yourself for each one too. The last thing you’d want is to get overwhelmed by them and just faint. Know what the gym has and know how to use each one. If it’s any consolation, it helps a lot to ask.

A Beginner’s Guide for Newbie Females

There are a ton of advice and tips that you can find on the Internet about being a gym beginner. There are self-help books, too, if those are your thing. But aside from motivating yourself and staying focused, what you will need in this “battle” is the right information.

What I mean is you have to do your research too. Although your trainer will teach you the concepts behind your routines, it’s still a lot helpful if you understand what you’re doing to your body.

For instance, do you know what your adjustable dumbbells are specifically for? How about the bench press or the speed ball? Do you know which ones help you achieve your target? Also, do not let those muscle-breaking men intimidate you. Let them do your thing and have your own.

Bodybulding.com also shares some more tips on how you can get by as a newbie. According to the article, it is best to keep it simple. You do not let others intimidate you, but don’t be too arrogant either. Don’t show off and pretend you already know everything. Your trainer is your best friend, so let him or her know your needs and preferences.

You can proceed from there. What matters here is that you achieve your target. It isn’t that important to look like an expert at it.

You are one step closer to being healthy because you chose to workout. That is just the right amount of confidence you will need to make it through.

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