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How To Train For A Half Marathon

If you have been running casually for a while and achieving distances of around 5 kilometres then you are ready and able to begin training for a half marathon. Even if this seems like a distant dream, if you give yourself enough time and plan your training you will achieve it. Many people want to train for a half marathon as it is such a great achievement and doesn’t require as much commitment as a full marathon. It is easy to tell if you are ready to start the training process. If you are able to run for 30 minutes ...

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    Women in the gym: The newbie guide to getting fit

    multi gym

    Introduction It is fairly reasonable for any female to feel challenged at the beginning of a workout program. No one is invincible with the pain and hardship. Even some men “chicken out” and realize that using gym equipment isn’t easy.           Enrolling yourself to a gym membership always feels like one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. Well, it is, indeed. However, your membership fee will not automatically make you fit. You have to pay more hard work to achieve your body goals. Regardless of your purpose for pursuing the workout program, what matters is ...

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      30 Blogs To Follow If You’re Looking To Lose Weight

      Best Weight Loss Blogs and Websites 2016

      If you are one of the many people looking for correct and actionable advice about weight loss, knowing where to go for that information is quite a task. There are literally thousands of weight loss blogs and websites. What if you had a handful of go-to weight loss resources for all the information you ever needed to lose weight and maintain the weight loss? Well, you’re in luck! Below are 30 of the absolute best weight loss resources online today. The vast majority of the bloggers covered below have lost weight themselves, so provide up to date weight loss information from ...

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        Fitness blogs: The top 20 blogs to improve your fitness

        Top 20 Fitness Blogs

        Going into 2014, if you want to find out more about training, dieting and fitness, these are the top 20 fitness blogs we would recommend following: Fit Bottomed Girls One of the most successful and popular blogs is Fit Bottomed Girls. They feature a wide variety of posts by Erin, Jenn, Kristen and Tish which cover fitness news, new product information, personal accounts of their exercise endeavours, healthy food, fitness humour and lots more. There’s also a wide range of workout ideas for everything from hiking to swimming. The site features a clear and simple design, with the ‘Filed Under’ ...

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