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Superset Workout Guide #1: Chest and Back

Superset workout for chest and back

What is a superset? It’s difficult to determine a single meaning behind the term ‘superset workout’, but essentially you have two types to choose from; antagonistic and agonistic. In each case, you need to choose two exercises, performing the second exercise immediately after you complete the first. Superset terminology Antagonistic supersetting This is where you select two exercises that train opposing muscle groups. A few of the most common supersets of this type are: This is the type of superset where you can be expected to lift much more weight in the second exercise, compared to the agonistic version. Despite ...

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    Wearable Tech: How To Lose Weight In 2015

    Wearable Tech Fitness Trackers Lose Weight 2015

    Of course, sleep is important for rest and recovery, but even taking into account 8 hours of sleep and 1 hour of working out, this still leaves 15 hours to fill each day. The difficult part is making the most of that time in order to burn the most calories, while still working a full time job and keeping up with other commitments. So just how do you go about burning more calories each day, without making drastic changes to your current routine? We could of course quote the same advice most people give, such as take the stairs instead ...

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      Bicep Short Head Workout: Is Isolation Possible?

      Bicep Short Head Isolation Exercises

      Whether you’re looking to compete on stage, or simply want to build bigger arms, it’s important to understand the difference between training the bicep short head, and bicep long head. Bicep anatomy But while it’s not uncommon to find the latest bicep workouts in your favourite monthly fitness magazines, they often don’t talk about whether those exercises focus more on the long or short head of the muscle. It’s not unlike training your chest. Although the flat bench is certainly important, it’s usually not the best choice of exercise when it comes to developing your upper chest, even though essentially ...

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        Top 5 Dumbbell Exercises For Upper Body Workouts

        But it’s also this versatility that can prove a problem when it comes to putting together a new workout routine. With so many exercises available, how do you know which ones will work your target muscle in a way that will provide the best results? While it’s difficult to provide one specific exercise that works the best for a particular muscle group, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 dumbbell exercises for upper body workouts. With the exception of abs, this will be a quick guide to the best exercises for the following upper body muscles: The exercises ...

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          HIIT Treadmill Workouts: A Complete Guide

          HIIT Treadmill Workout for fat loss

          What is HIIT? In this feature, we’re going to take a look at the HIIT Treadmill Workout options in more depth, including how they can be adapted to your specific treadmill, and how you can start designing your own effective workout right now! Related: Matrix T3X Treadmill Review The difference between IT and HIIT Before going any further it’s important to address an important difference between HIIT and IT (Interval Training). While you may find workouts scattered around the internet and in magazines promoting workouts of 60 minutes or more, these will most certainly be interval workouts, not HIIT. The ...

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            How to build bigger bicep peaks

            Improve your bicep peak with 90 degree preacher curls

            Short head, long head, or brachialis? Similar to the tricep, biceps have two different heads (short and long) that can be worked more or less efficiently, depending on the choice of exercise. Although not directly part of the biceps, building up your brachialis is an important part of developing both mass and peak. While standard curls with a barbell or dumbbell will work all 3 portions of the muscle to some degree, to create a higher peak we will need to focus on exercises that mainly stress the short head and brachialis. Each of these sections requires very different exercises ...

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              Upright rows for bigger, stronger shoulders

              Upright Rows

              With ‘row’ type exercises being one of the most effective additions to your back and shoulder workouts, following on from our article on bent over barbell rows is a look at upright rows. In this article we will take a look at the different variations of the exercise, how to perform the lift safely, and provide a sample workout plan for how you can include it in your next back or shoulder workout. Variations of the upright row The two muscle groups that offer possibly the widest variation in exercises are the shoulders and back. This not only provides you ...

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                Barbell rows for a bigger, stronger back

                Bent over barbell rows

                If you are looking to make the quickest and most noticeable gains in upper body strength, there’s no doubt that compound exercises are the most effective way to do this. While the deadlift may be the best known back builder, another great exercise is the barbell row. Essentially this is an exercise where a barbell moves in a vertical, or nearly vertical plane of motion depending on the specific area of your back you want to strengthen and build up. Although you can’t use as much weight as in the deadlift, the amount of weight you lift and the general ...

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                  Overhead press for bigger shoulders

                  Overhead press for bigger shoulders

                  The gain in popularity of the overhead press prior to the 1972 Olympics was partly due to the exercise being an Olympic lift. Unfortunately there were too many areas where the form could suffer and the competitors could lift more weight, which made it increasingly hard to judge. This included swinging the hips forward and putting the back in quite an extreme arched position, with heels being allowed to lift off the platform in competitions approaching the 1972 games. With so much variation making it too hard to judge, the overhead press was dropped from the Olympic lifts after the ...

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                    Chest exercises to break a bench press plateau

                    Bench Press with wrist wraps

                    As with any of the ‘big 3’ exercises, there will inevitably come a time where you reach a plateau with your strength in the exercise. This plateau will normally happen for one of three main reasons: Your body isn’t getting enough rest and recovery between workouts You aren’t eating sufficient calories to promote an increase in strength Your training routine has become too similar from week to week, with no real shock to your muscles While the first two of these reasons are certainly important, this article will take a look at what you can do to add variation to ...

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