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20 Common Gym Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

20 Common Gym Mistakes and their Solutions

1. Using a spotter We’re not saying that using a spotter in every situation is bad, but you have to choose them carefully and they certainly shouldn’t be used on every set. If you’re training to failure on the last set of a particular exercise, then having a spotter there to assist you in the concentric phase of the movement can help you truly train the target muscle group to failure. If your goal is to increase strength, your workouts may include more low-rep sets (1-4 reps). This is another situation where a spotter is perfectly acceptable, especially with squats, ...

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    2014 Mr Olympia Weekend: Results, Winner, and Prize Money

    Olympia Weekend

    The 2014 Mr Olympia contest shaped up to be what many fans felt it would be; another showdown between 2013 winner Phil Heath, and 2013 runner-up Kai Greene. For the first time since Ronnie Coleman started his unstoppable winning streak in ’98, Heath managed to make it a 4th straight victory on the 50th anniversary of the competition. As we’ve seen in the past, the rivalry between the top 2 contenders was still as alive as ever, leading to officials having to separate the two men during one of their final pose down routines. Both athletes look to have made ...

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      Weight Loss in 30 Minutes Per Week (Tabata Protocol)

      Boost your weight loss with Tabata HIIT workouts

      Whether you’ve chosen to lose weight as a proactive life choice, in preparation for a figure competition, or simply to improve your overall health, it’s often difficult to find the time to exercise. While reducing calories and choosing the right nutrition certainly plays a major role, you won’t be experiencing anywhere near the results you could be if you added in some cardiovascular exercise. But we’re not about to recommend spending hours on a treadmill or signing up for the next range of personal trainer sessions at your local gym. Identifying Your Training Location If you’re at all self conscious ...

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        Combination Training For Strength and Endurance

        Combination Training combines strength and cardio workouts

        Whether you’ve just started your first fitness program, or you’ve been following a strict routine for years, it’s often the case that you want to work towards more than one goal. In some cases these goals tend to match very well and are readily achievable, such as a desire to increase your cardiovascular endurance and lose body fat at the same time. However, there are also times when combining certain goals can be detrimental to the results you see from either type of training, such as wanting to lose body fat and gain muscle mass. But what about when you ...

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          Tunturi GO Run 70 Motorised Folding Treadmill

          tunturi Go Run 70 Motorised Folding Treadmill

          The Tunturi GO Run 70 Motorised Folding Treadmill is the top specification treadmill from the Tunturi GO range, with unique features ‘Intelli-Step’ and ‘Intelli-Guard’ to help measure your workout progress. This review takes a look at the design and console features in more detail, as well as finding out how easy it is to assemble, and what improvements have been made over the earlier GO Run 50 model. Design features As the leading model in Tunturi’s ‘GO’ collection of treadmills, the Tunturi GO Run 70 offers a number of important improvements over earlier models in the range. Although the speed ...

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            Tunturi GO Bike 30 Upright Exercise Bike

            Tunturi Go Bike 30 Upright Bike

            The Tunturi GO Bike 30 Upright Exercise Bike represents the entry level cycle in Tunturi’s ‘GO’ collection of indoor fitness equipment, featuring the same high quality frame, adjustment options, and ergonomic design. This review takes a closer look at the features this bike has to offer, as well as making some important comparisons between the other two upright bikes in the collection. Design features If you’re looking for an exercise bike to use at home but don’t necessarily have the budget or need for features on their higher priced models, Tunturi have also included a design that’s priced much more ...

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              Tunturi GO Bike 50 Upright Exercise Bike

              Tunturi Go Bike 50 Upright Bike

              Another of the high quality bikes to be available through their competitively priced ‘GO’ collection, the Tunturi GO Bike 50 Upright Exercise Bike offers significant improvements over their earlier model. As part of our own extensive collection of Tunturi fitness equipment reviews, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to help decide if this is the best choice of exercise bike for your budget and workout style. Design features Representing the mid-range upright bike in their popular GO collection, the Tunturi GO Bike 50 includes a number of important improvements over the earlier GO Bike 30 ...

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                Tunturi GO Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike

                Tunturi Go Bike 70 Upright Bike

                The Tunturi GO Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike represents the leading design in the company’s new GO collection of fitness equipment, with several important benefits over the GO Bike 30 and GO Bike 50 models. This review takes a closer look at exactly what Tunturi has to offer with this new collection, together with the design features, display console functions, workout programs, and self generating power supply that form their GO Bike 70. About the Tunturi GO collection The latest collection to come from leading fitness equipment company Tunturi, is the Tunturi Go range. Ever since the release of their ...

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                  We R Sports C100 Exercise Bike Review

                  We R Sports C100 Exercise Bike

                  The We R Sports C100 Exercise Bike forms part of their popular range of indoor cycles, with a friction pad resistance system in place of standard magnetic resistance. Despite its low price, this is another of the bikes from We R Sports that has quickly made its way to the top 5 bestselling exercise bike list on shopping sites such as Amazon. This review takes a look at the design features and display console options to determine the reasons behind such high ratings, and to help you decide if this is the best option for your own home fitness workouts. ...

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                    Superset Workout Guide #1: Chest and Back

                    Superset workout for chest and back

                    What is a superset? It’s difficult to determine a single meaning behind the term ‘superset workout’, but essentially you have two types to choose from; antagonistic and agonistic. In each case, you need to choose two exercises, performing the second exercise immediately after you complete the first. Superset terminology Antagonistic supersetting This is where you select two exercises that train opposing muscle groups. A few of the most common supersets of this type are: This is the type of superset where you can be expected to lift much more weight in the second exercise, compared to the agonistic version. Despite ...

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