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The Finnlo Bio-Force Multi Gym features a unique design of having not only the two cable pulleys at the top for pulldown movements and tricep extensions, but also the two pulleys behind the seat that allow you to work a wide range of upper body muscles effectively.

The flexibility of cables means that the movement adjusts to your natural range of motion, compared to the majority of multi gyms where the range of motion is fixed and based on a lever system and handles that you use to perform exercises such as chest presses.

While these multi gyms are still excellent for performing those exercises, the cable pulley design of the Finnlo Bio-Force offers you much more flexibility to perform a wider range of movements and work your muscles more effectively.

UPDATE MAY 2016 – Product Not Available

The product recently became unavailable to purchase online and we could not locate a time for the product to become available (if at all). We have sourced a similarly-priced product with fantastic package inclusions. Just click on the product image below to view the specifications and pricing. We hope it helps you find what you’re looking for!

Muscle groups you can work with the Finnlo Bio-Force Multi Gym

Starting with the upper body, this Finnlo multi gym has the two arms that arch over the seat, with a cable pulley at the end of each which allows for either an attachment that uses both pulleys (wide bar for lat pulldowns) or just a single pulley (focussing on inner back muscles more on pulldowns and single tricep extensions).

The seat is large enough for you to be comfortable either when facing the machine and performing pulldowns in front, or when performing behind the neck pulldowns and having your back rest against the padded seat.

You can also perform a seated cable crossover movement to target the inner chest, or simply chest press with the cables behind the seat to work the chest muscles more.

Abs exercises such as weighted seated crunches can also be performed by sitting in the chair, and attaching either the pulldown bar or the single handles to the high pulleys and holding the handles by your shoulders while leaning forwards in the seat and concentrating on the ab contraction.

The seat itself can also be completely removed similar to how the bench can be removed from many smith machines to allow for a wider range of exercises while standing.

Low cable pulley exercises

With the seat removed you are then able to attach the wide bar to use the pulleys from close to the ground for exercises such as side and front lateral raises to work the shoulders, an option that is often not possible with cheaper multi gyms.

By using the pulleys from a position close to the ground you can also attach either the single handles or the main pulldown bar and perform squats to work the leg muscles or even perform upright rows with the pulldown bar attached to give another shoulder exercise that will also work your traps and biceps.

The low pulley can also be used for a range of other isolation exercises that focus on working an individual muscle group such as cable curls for biceps or even using an ankle attachment and performing leg raises.

Adjustable resistance to 100kg per arm

Another of the unique design ideas behind the Finnlo Bio-Force Multi Gym is how the resistance is adjusted. There isn’t a weight tower where you pull out the pin and set it to the amount of weight you want as resistance. Instead Finnlo have designed it so the resistance is adjusted by where on the arms you have the pins set. Sliding the pins out to further along the arm creates more resistance, while keeping the slide lock mechanisms closer to the main tower will reduce the resistance.

The ease with which you can change the weight and how quickly you can go from performing lat pulldowns to doing chest presses and other exercises also helps to keep your workouts shorter and more intense.


FINNLO BIO-FORCE – Features Summary

  • The Outstanding FINNLO BIO-FORCE is a Revolutionary Award Winning Design
  • Used & Recommended by Pro Athletes. As Supplied to the EUROPEAN ASTRONAUT CENTRE
  • No Weights, therefore Much Easier Portability. Unique Slide-n-Lock Weight Adjustment
  • FINNLO is a well established European Quality Brand comparable to Kettler, now growing in the UK
  • No weight blocks means easier transport, construction and quieter workouts
  • Weightless ‘Slide-n-Lock’ BioForce TNT (Total Nitrogencell Technology) System
  • Go from 5kg to 100Kg in 1Kg Steps in Seconds Without getting off the machine

Some of the 100+ exercises possible with the Finnlo Bio-Force

  • Butterfly
  • Bench press
  • Latissimus Sitting
  • Rowing
  • Leg Flexion Standing
  • Leg Flexion Sitting
  • Leg Press

What you get with the Finnlo Bio-Force Multi Gym

  • Training Program DVD from Elite Athlete Eric Lichter
  • Detailed User Manuals with Charts and Pictures
  • Different Exercise Programs for Men and Women
  • Cable Pull Positions for Legs, Shoulders and Overhead
  • Integral Transportation Rollers – A Clear Advantage over other Multi-Gyms
  • GS, TUV & CE Certified to German production standards (considerably superior quality certification than CE alone)
  • Max. user weight 135 kg (21 Stone)
  • Delivered as a ‘flat pack’ Requiring some final assembly. Detailed assembling instructions with pictures are included
The Finnlo Bio-Force Multi Gym features a unique design of having not only the two cable pulleys at the top for pulldown movements and tricep extensions, but also the two pulleys behind the seat that allow you to work a wide range of upper body muscles effectively. The flexibility of…

FINNLO BIO-FORCE Multi Gym £1,099.00

Overall Review Rating

Review Rating

Overall the FINNLO BIO-FORCE Multi Gym is one of the best multi gyms available today, for many reasons including the ease with which you can adjust the weight, the quietness of the machine when in use as well as the wide range of exercises for all muscle groups and the way the seat can be removed to give you even more space and exercise options.

As well as all of this there is the weight of up to 100kg per arm for resistance, which when combined for both arms provides up to 200kg on exercises such as the seated cable chest press, a weight that most other cable machines don't come close to. This helps to ensure that you get even more use out of this product without having to purchase some heavy free weights as well due to not stressing the muscle enough on the cables.

Product weight: 101kg User weight limit: 135kg

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