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Our writers are a team of health and fitness enthusiasts covering all kinds of sport, gym, exercise activities, as well as on related topics such as diet, nutrition and mindset.

When we started, we were heavily focused on how to build muscle – hence the name! Our legacy was as a site that reviewed fitness equipment. There are 100s of reviews on this site about a wide range of cardio and weight lifting equipment, including rowing machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, bench press and multi gym. Plus many more specialty items like abs machines, heart rate monitors, vibration trainers and activity monitors.

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Over time we have diversified to cover a wide range of fitness topics including workout routines, workout tips, sports equipment, gym equipment, product reviews, fitness guides, sports clothing, sports gear and more. Anything in the health and fitness category is now on our radar.

We cover muscle building tips and equipment, as well as other forms of exercise such as yoga, cross fit, home gym, pilates, running, swimming, home workouts, home gym routines, and the list is endless. We are fitness enthusiasts – and not JUST fanatical about the physical result – but also for the fun, enjoyment and friendship that comes from a love of fitness.

We also cover nutrition and healthy eating, catering to a range of different dietary styles and preferences. As well as diet tips and recipes, we look at supplements, performance nutrition, ways to lose fat and gain muscle, protein powders and bars, vitamins and good food habits and routines.

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Sports psychology, mindset, motivation and intention is another key category we’re passionate about.

We’re open to your suggestions of new topics to write about. Let us know your feedback or thoughts via our Contact page.

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