Best Elliptical Machine under $1000

Best Elliptical Machine under $1000

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Elliptical machines provide a great way for you to torch calories and stay fit while keeping your joints safe from injuries. You can already find a decent model under $1000 that has all the necessary features you need without sacrificing quality. This article will give you a quick buying guide, as well as reviews on some of today’s best elliptical machines on the market for a headstart.

Quick Buying Guide

Here are important factors to consider when looking for an elliptical machine:

  • Resistance: Most ellipticals today use magnetic resistance to make them more quiet and durable than the mechanical ones.
  • Stride length: The ideal stride length is at least 18 inches, but the industry standard is 20 inches. Some models have an adjustable stride to fit various users and offer workout variety.
  • Incline level: Some models have automated inclines that give users more challenge for weight loss and muscle toning.
  • Maximum user weight: It is best to look for a machine that can hold at least 50 pounds heavier than your body weight to ensure its sturdiness. A model that has 250 pounds of maximum user weight is durable enough for the average user.
  • Warranty: This is another way of checking for a unit’s durability. The best elliptical trainers under $1000 are covered by a two-year warranty on parts and one year on labor.
  • Heart rate monitor: Cardio machines often have a wireless heart rate monitor receivers, particularly elliptical trainers under $1000. They are more accurate than those that are built into the handle grips.
  • Display: The screen display is often around five to seven inches.
  • Workout programs: Most models have built-in workout programs to keep you motivated and challenged.

Best Elliptical Trainers Under 1000

This portion will cover the reviews on some of today’s best elliptical machines under $1000 to help you make the right buying decision.

Schwinn 430

This Schwinn machine has a maximum user weight of 275 pounds to ensure durability. The 20-inch stride length gives users a comfortable workout session, but they can choose to add more challenge by using the 10-degree manual incline feature. There are also 22 programs with goal tracking and two user settings, as well as 20 resistance levels to add challenge. Other features include the heart rate monitor on the grip, the Schwinn’s Connect goal tracker, and dual LCD screen. The unit is covered by a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years for the parts, one year for electrical, and 90 days on labor.

Exerpeutic 5000

This unit carries up to 275 pounds of maximum user weight. The 18-inch stride length is enough to provide a comfortable workout, while the three-piece cracking system allows for high-quality performance. There are 24 magnetic resistance levels for you to choose from, while the built-in heart rate monitor keeps you within the target zone. The LCD display remains readable even in darkness, so you can see your workout data like calories burned and pulse rate.

ProForm ZE 6.0

The Proform ZE6.0 is a compact and highly durable machine made of commercial-grade steel that comes with four transport wheels for portability. The unit uses magnetic resistance for a quiet and smooth workout experience and can hold up to 300 pounds of user body weight. You will enjoy 18 preset workouts, and 18 resistance levels with incline capability to keep you challenged.

Meanwhile, the LCD display will show your status, including calories, distance, and time. The pedals are slip-resistance to prevent you from falling off the unit, while the 20-inch adjustable stride allows other people to comfortably use the machine. Other features include a water bottle holder, an iPod port, built-in speakers, and the grip pulse. The unit is covered by a lifetime warranty for the frame, and one year on parts and labor.

Nautilus E614

This one has a double center frame to keep it stable enough for heavy use. It comes with two integrated levelers, so you can place it even on uneven surfaces. Other features to note are the 22 workout programs, 20 resistance levels, the six incline positions, the 20-inch stride length, and the maximum weight of 300 pounds. The system records 13 user information, including distance covered, calories burned, and more. The heart rate monitor is one the grip bar to keep you in the zone. This machine is covered by a ten-year warranty on frame, two years on mechanical, one-year electrical, and 90 days on labor.

Schwinn A40

This one uses a sturdy metal frame for durability and stability. It has a maximum user weight of 275 pounds, with the balanced flywheel allowing for a more quiet workout session. Furthermore, this unit offers seven workout programs, and eight resistance levels for added challenge. The LCD display is easy to read, too, where you can clearly see your workout data. It also has a heart rate monitor with a sensor on the handlebar.

Sole Fitness E25

This model is a medium-duty trainer that can accommodate up to 325 pounds of user weight. It uses magnetic resistance to ensure a quiet training session and low maintenance. The 19-pound flywheel allows for durability, while the 20-inch stride length can give users the needed comfort to prevent injuries. The 6.5-inch backlit screen display shows all your exercise data, including your heart rate. The heart rate is measured using the grip or chest sensors. There are 16 resistance levels and 10 preset training programs for added challenge. Other notable features include the water bottle holder, built-in speakers, and integrated cooling fan. The unit is covered by a lifetime warranty on the frame, three years for parts, and one year on labor.

ProForm Hybrid

This machine is capable of giving you two different workout experiences. The foot pedals can be adjusted to allow for a bike or standing position. It basically gives you a choice between using an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer. There are 14 training programs to choose from, as well as 14 resistance levels. The dual moving handlebars will help tone your upper body. Another notable feature is the target pacer with an indicator light that tells you whether to speed up or slow down to reach a certain goal.

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