Top 7 Best Heavy Bags for Training 2017

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Punching bags are great for those who are training for professional fights as well as for those who are looking at ways to get fitter and also to de-stress. Owning a punching bag is extremely important especially if you are into professional combat because it helps improve your skills, technique, power as well as coordination and stability.

For those who are into fitness, heavy bags can be a great form of cardio as well as for tightening core. The added advantage however is that it is a great stress buster and is a low cost activity that gives you overall fitness without you having to cut a hole in your pocket every month.

So without further delay, let’s take a look at the top rated best seller heavy bags of 2017.

Rank Brands Material Available Colors Editor’s rating
1 Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag Cross-weave vinyl material Black, Blue, Red 4.9
2 Century Wavemaster XXL Vinyl with foam fill Red, Black, Blue 4.9
3 Everlast Omniflex free standing heavy bag Synthetic leather Black 4
4 Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag – 100lbs   Customisations available 5
5 Century Versys Fight Simulator   Black 3.5
6 Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Poly Canvas Red, Black 4
7 Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag Nevatear Black 3.5

*Ranking based on selling

Century – The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag:

Century Martial Arts is known as one of the world’s largest supplier in the field of martial arts. Incepted in the year 1976, it is known as a brand that constantly innovates and updates products to suit individual needs.

This particular freestanding training bag offers optimal resistance and a rapid rebound while standing at a height of 47” which can be adjusted up to 68” in three increments. The base is filled with sand or water and when full, it weighs 250lbs approximately.

The punching bag is made of cross-weave vinyl material and is available in four color options. The bag has been rated high by consumers and is one of the best sellers in today’s time as well. The only drawback is that the stem bends when hit at a particular angle and also there is a slight movement when it is hit powerfully.

Pros: Solid construction, good quality, convenient to handle & place

Cons: Moves when hit powerfully, not recommended for people who are more than 6 feet tall

Century – Wavemaster XXL Training Bag:

As the name suggests, it is an extra-large training bag which comes with high quality striking surface. The bag is made using durable vinyl and is filled with high density foam which gives it added strength. One can fill the bag base with water or sand and at its full capacity it is around 270 pounds. An added advantage of this bag is that it is a standing bag which makes it easy to store as well as use.

You don’t necessarily have to find a corner to hang it and nor would it require any extra tweaks etc. for installation in your home gyms. It is 69inches high and has a diameter of about 18 inches. Though some have a complaint that it cannot handle stronger punches but this still is one of the top sellers and a highly rated punching bag with more customers who favour it than those who don’t.

Pros: Brand assurance, good quality & free from sagging or lumps

Cons: It can move around if you punch it hard.

Everlast – Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag:

This bag from Everlast comes with a unique design that ensures stability and minimum movement of the bag. It is made of synthetic leather and reinforced leather seams that have double stitching.

Standing at a height of 59” that goes up to 67”, the Omniflex allows one to practice their punches and elbows comfortably while dissipating striking energy. It is 130lbs when the base is filled with water. We would say that though it’s an excellent bag, it is more suitable for those who don’t necessarily use power packed punches but on an average it works for most.

An advantage of the bag is that it is quite sleek and therefore doesn’t need much space. It works perfectly especially if you are living in an apartment with limited space. There are a few complaints as well pertaining to the loud noise it can make.

Pros: Good quality, suitable for beginners, height adjustable

Cons: Cannot handle heavy punches

Outslayer – Boxing MMA 100lbs – Heavy Bag:

This 100lbs comes with heavy duty straps that are sewn into the punching bag so that you don’t need chains. It is has a height of 55” and an additional length of 10” due to the length of the straps. The bag comes with a reusable vinyl cover so that you can store the punching bag with convenience. What makes this one of the best sellers is that it comes with a 10 year warranty that protects it from any damage.

For more details on the warranty, you should consult the official website. Outslayer does not disappoint even if you are using it regularly. It doesn’t get hard spots or lumpiness. Also, it is quite dense which is great for those who want to practise seriously using hand wraps and gloves.

Pros: Excellent quality, 10 year warranty

Cons: Customisations vary

Century Versys Fight Simulator:

The Century Versys Fight Simulator is a convenient product that comes with a base that makes it easy to store as well as use. You don’t need an additional set up for installations which is a big plus especially if you want a heavy punching bag for your home gym. It is around 66inch high and 110lbs in terms of weight.

The bag is designed such that it can be used a grappling dummy and once the base is filled, it stands up straight steadily. The fight simulator comes with solid foam that ensures that it doesn’t bend at places. Since it is 110lbs only, the bag isn’t much suitable for those who strike powerfully.

Pros: easy to store & use, perfect for ground training, one year warranty

Cons: Moves around because it is light, not suitable for professionals

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag:

The bag from Everlast is made using poly canvas and it uses nylon straps that are heavy duty. It is filled with blended fillers which help provide resistance against shock thereby makes the punches more precise.

It comes with a 120 day warranty period and weight around 70lbs. What makes this bag rank high is that it is filled with rags which make using the bag very comfortable; no more worries about sand settling at the bottom or water leaking or foam getting lumpier etc. Practise hassle free and enjoy the punching bag that comes with a height of 53inches and diameter of 13.5inches.

Pros: Durable, waterproof, warranty

Cons: Straps wear off much faster than what you would expect.

Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag:

The 100 pound professional Everlast heavy punching bag uses the contoured closed cell foam technology which is termed as the C3. This helps offer more cushioning and also helps disperse the force of the strike. It is filled with blended fiber filling with sifted sand.

The Nevatear ensures that the bag offers you durability such that you can throw punches at it regularly without it giving away. It has heavy duty nylon straps and double end loop which provides improved functionality.

Pros: Good quality, durable, you can practise heavy blows as well as kicks on this bag

Cons: Straps wear out quickly, filling may get settled at the bottom leaving the top deranged

Our pick:

We pick the Outslayer followed by the Century Wavemaster. The former comes with an added advantage of the warranty which in itself is a great vouch for the quality of the product. Also, the punching bag can handle a lot of stress without collapsing midway. As for the Century Wavemaster; the company has withstood the test of time and has earned the credibility with their excellent quality products.

However, this being said, we would like to add that if you are planning to go pro, you should get a trainer and consult them about which one would work best for you. A punching bag depend a lot of how much weight you can handle and how heavy as well as powerful your strikes are. So choose wisely and pick a punching bag that leaves you satisfied with your workout and also helps you polish your skills so that you can get better at your game.

One final word of advice regarding a punching bag… “Don’t compromise!” because a punching bag is an essential equipment that helps you polish your skills and technique therefore don’t just work on a whim; be careful and put in a thought before choosing the bag that works best for you.

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