Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike

Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike Review

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The Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike has been designed with all the basic features you need for an effective cycling workout. In terms of adjusting the bike to suit your height and preferred cycling position, a number of important sections of the bike are adjustable.

The following product article takes a look at these design features in a bit more detail as well as the display screen options and available workout programmes.


Design features

Despite the Body Sculpture BC1700 generally being considered as more of a budget exercise bike, the height of the seat and angle of the handlebars are both fully adjustable.

It is rare to find an exercise bike for this price that offers such freedom in setting up your cycling position.

This helps to make sure you are in a comfortable position when cycling as well as being able to improve your upper body posture with the handlebars tilted closer towards you.

[one_half]High quality rubber feet have been added to either end of the base support bars, which improves both the stability of the bike and protects the floor that it rests on.

By using a magnetic resistance system this keeps any noise created by using the Body Sculpture BC1700 to a minimum.

In terms of adjusting this resistance, this is easily achievable at any time during your workout thanks to the hand wheel being positioned just underneath the handlebars.

Although the maximum user weight is limited to 100kg compared to the 150kg limit of bikes such as the Marcy CL803, you will be expected to pay more than double the price of the Body Sculpture BC1700 for such a bike.

At just 20kg in weight this makes it much easier to move around if you need to store the bike away between workouts, as well as making it easier to assemble when you first take it out of the box.

While the seat can be adjusted through 8 different positions, at the tallest setting this bike is probably best suited to people who are no taller than 6ft.[/one_half]
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Body Sculpture BC1700 – Features Summary

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  • Magnetic resistance exercise bike
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Computer with time, speed, distance, calories used, hand pulse and scan
  • Hand pulse monitor
  • Adjustable handle bars and saddle height
  • Deluxe saddle for comfort
  • Max user weight 100kg
  • EN957 European Safety compliant



Display console design

[one_half]The Body Sculpture BC1700 features a very simple display console with a single LCD screen for displaying important workout information.

This includes the time, current cycling speed, distance covered during your workout and heart rate when holding the heart rate hand sensors built into the handlebars.

Higher priced exercise bikes will display this information to you on a larger screen, or even several smaller screens.

To keep the cost down you can instead scroll through the different information displayed using the large single button.[/one_half]
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A small arrow at the bottom of the screen lets you know the information currently being displayed.


Workout programmes

With up to 21 workout programs to choose from, despite the low price this still offers a wide variety of training options.

There are 4 heart rate controlled programs which are designed to help keep you training around a specific heart rate level.

Although the accuracy of heart rate sensors on lower priced exercise bikes in particular is often questioned, there are many reviews available on Amazon that praise its accuracy.

For general cycling without using one of the preset training profiles, the 8 levels of resistance should provide enough of a challenge for the majority of workouts.

If you have been training for a while and are looking for something with a few more resistance levels then it could also be worth taking a look at the JTX Cyclo-3.

Although a bit more expensive this offers you even more seat adjustment options, keeps the handlebar adjustment feature and provides you with 16 resistance levels.

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