We R Sports Premium Elliptical Cross Trainer

We R Sports Premium Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The We R Sports Premium Elliptical has been designed to provide a stable base from which to perform basic cardio workouts that you create yourself, without the need to setup any complicated preset training routines.


Design Features

We R Sports Premium Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you are thinking about buying a new cross trainer, there are a few important features to look for to make sure you get the most from your workouts.

These include the stride length, display console options, available resistance levels, and price.

Although the We R Sports Premium Elliptical has been designed and priced as more of an entry level machine, there are still some useful features that can provide some effective cardio workouts.

The oversized footplates give you plenty of space to maintain a comfortable stride length at both high and low resistance levels.

Having the flywheel casing positioned at the back of the elliptical means that this is classed as a rear driven elliptical.

Being rear driven creates a smoother running motion compared to front driven machines, which actually feels more like skiing. This is ideal if you are looking for a lower impact workout.

Unlike the 2-in-1 elliptical exercise bike by We R Sports, their premium elliptical features two sets of handles; one shorter fixed set, and one larger moving set.

The heart rate hand sensors built into the smaller set combine with the display console to provide constant feedback of your heart rate if required.

This is particularly effective if you are training towards a specific fitness goal (cardiovascular health, fat loss, increased aerobic capacity etc.), as you can quick make adjustments to the resistance to make sure you don’t go outside of this target range.

In terms of the resistance levels available, you can switch between 8 different options using a manual hand wheel adjustment system.


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We R Sports Premium Elliptical – Features Summary

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  • Single Screen 6 Function with Calorie Distance (Miles) Hand Pulse (Beats per Minute) Scan Speed (mph) and Time (Minutes/Seconds) read-out
  • 8 Step Tension Controller
  • 6kg Cast Iron Flywheel with Multi Plate Magnets
  • Tubular Steel Main Frame Handlebar Uprights and Handlebars.
  • Non-skid foot pedals with safety strap.



Display console design

Despite its simple design, the display console still provides important feedback on your workout

One of the major design features of any piece of cardio equipment is its display console.

Although people that use ellipticals rely less on their feedback than with treadmills or exercise bikes, they can still be an important part of any buying decision.

For the We R Sports Premium Elliptical, this means including a console that’s very similar to the one used on their 2-in-1 cross trainer.

Despite only providing the more basic feedback information (calories burned, distance, heart rate, scan, and time, this can still be used to create your own effective workouts.


Price comparison

We R Sports Premium Elliptical Cross Trainer

While it’s important to know the features and functions of the We R Sports Premium Elliptical, it’s equally as important to know about any similar machines that may offer the same features and quality for a lower price.

The York Active 110 Cross Trainer is the closest in terms of resistance levels, stride length, and display functions, but does provide some additional features.

Where the We R Sports is lacking in preset training programs, the York elliptical includes 4 built in options, as well as a basic fitness test.

If you have a slightly larger budget and are wondering what the next model up would be, it might be worth taking a look at the York Active 120.

Although this features the same 12″ stride length, you do get double the number of resistance levels (16 instead of 8) and a much wider range of preset workout programs (17 including heart rate controlled and user defined).


Customer reviews

So you now know about the features, workout options, and what other ellipticals you could buy in a similar price range, but what about the customer reviews?

It’s all very well knowing the features but it’s also important to know what other people thought of the machine after using it in their own home fitness programs.

Although the We R Sports Premium Elliptical has received more of a mixed reception than their 2-in-1 Elliptical and Exercise Bike, it’s still worth reading these reviews in full.

Often it may just be a problem with the delivery and the product itself works fine, but lower rated reviews are still worth reading.

For convenience, we’ve provided a quick summary of the main pros and cons to be mentioned in the customer reviews on Amazon, which you can find in the lists below.


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  • Quick to assemble
  • Smooth running motion
  • Quiet to use
  • Transport wheels attached to the front make it easier to move around
  • Strong and stable design
  • Display screen provides a range of useful feedback on your workout



[tie_list type=”cons”]

  • No preset workout programs
  • Not ideal for taller users (6ft+) due to the stride length



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