Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike

Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike Review

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The Star Shaper KC143 Exercise Bike has been designed for anyone that’s new to indoor cycling or looking to start their first fitness program. Despite its attractively low price tag, the bike still provides some useful features that can benefit your training.

This review takes a look at these features in more detail, together with the display console feedback and customer reviews.


Design features

[one_half]When it comes to choosing a new exercise bike, it can often be difficult to find the right balance between price and features.

You want a bike that has enough resistance levels to provide a challenging workout but you might not want to pay extra for a collection of preset workout programs.

If this situation sounds familiar, then the Starshaper KC143 exercise bike might be a sensible choice.

Weight capacity and resistance levels
Despite being one of the lowest priced bikes available for indoor cycling, the 100 kg weight capacity still measures up to many designs that are twice the price.

There’s also a range of resistance levels which help to add some much needed variation to your training. This also makes the KC143 well suited to anyone that’s just starting a new fitness program.

If you are more experienced with home fitness training, and are looking for a bike that can provide a larger number of resistance settings, it might also be worth considering the .[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike

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Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike – Features Summary

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  • Adjustable saddle height
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Foot pedals with straps
  • Computer monitors: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Used and Scan
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Dimensions: 110cm (H) x 82cm (L) x 51cm (W)



Display console design

[one_half]Whether or not the display console design is an important part of your buying decision will usually depend on your personal preference.

While many people find that they don’t enjoy indoor cycling as much without being able to track their workouts on a large screen, there are also people who are simply concerned with getting an effective cardiovascular workout.

To keep the price low, the Starshaper KC143 does provide a display console, but it is quite a basic design that’s limited in its feedback.[/one_half]

The display console for the Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike


Although you may not be able to browse your emails or watch your favourite film on a tablet while cycling, this still provides some important information.

Feedback includes time, speed, distance, calories burned, and scan.


Adjustable saddle height and foot pedals

Whether you are looking to spend £60 or £6000, one of the most important features to look for when choosing a new exercise bike is how well it adjusts to your height and body type.

To cater for both taller and shorter users, the Starshaper KC143 has been designed with a saddle that offers a range of different height settings.

This allows you to quickly adjust how far your legs need to extend before reaching the pedals, which helps you to find your natural cycling motion. (Ideal height setting is when you still have a slight bend at the knee when the pedal is furthest away from you)

As an added feature for improving stability while cycling, a set of adjustable straps has been added to the foot pedals. These are useful for making sure you transfer the maximum energy from your legs into the cycling motion, and don’t lose any momentum caused by your feet slipping.


Customer reviews

Together with video reviews, written reviews, images, and even user manuals, customer reviews can be a great place to find honest information about a product before you buy.

While there are some well known exceptions, there does tend to be a pattern between lower priced bikes and a more varied set of customer ratings.

To make sure we only provide information on the best exercise bikes, we try to only review those which we feel are worth at least 70%, or 3.5 / 5 on the Amazon rating scale.

The Starshaper KC143 currently meets this criteria, and although we would encourage you to read the reviews in full, we have also provide some quick lists of pros and cons for convenience.

These are points that we found mentioned most frequently throughout the reviews left by customers who have actually bought and used this bike.


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  • Quick to assemble – reported as taking less than 40 minutes to complete
  • Lightweight frame design
  • Provides basic workout information
  • Useful range of height settings for the saddle (although probably not the best option for users over 5 ft 8 ins.)
  • Low price
  • Resistance levels are easy to adjust



[tie_list type=”cons”]

  • Seat can get uncomfortable if cycling for longer periods of time
  • Digital clock on the display resets after 100 minutes
  • Rubber coatings can be difficult to slide over the handles during assembly
  • Calories burned is not particularly accurate, although this tends to be the case with any exercise bike where you can’t enter your age and weight.



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