Tunturi Go Bike 70 Upright Bike

Tunturi GO Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike

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The Tunturi GO Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike represents the leading design in the company’s new GO collection of fitness equipment, with several important benefits over the GO Bike 30 and GO Bike 50 models.

This review takes a closer look at exactly what Tunturi has to offer with this new collection, together with the design features, display console functions, workout programs, and self generating power supply that form their GO Bike 70.

About the Tunturi GO collection

The latest collection to come from leading fitness equipment company Tunturi, is the Tunturi Go range.

Ever since the release of their Pure range, we’ve been keeping up to date with their latest product developments, in the hope that they would release a similar range that’s priced more towards the middle of the market.

This is when their new ‘Go’ range appeared, with a whole new collection of treadmills, recumbent bikes, cross trainers, rowing machines, and upright bikes.

The main aim behind the GO range of fitness products is to provide compact and versatile fitness equipment that’s both comfortable and easy to use.

The flagship upright bike in this new collection is the Tunturi Go Bike 70, which is why we couldn’t wait to write a review.

Design features

In terms of its position in the GO collection, the 70 model of upright bike is the equivalent to the 10.0 model in their earlier Pure collection.

Despite not having the same flat tablet interface for the display console, the GO Bike 70 does still include a number of attractive design features.

The most obvious of these is its aesthetically pleasing use of colour combinations, which are subtle yet modern enough to blend in with a variety of household surroundings.

In keeping with the aim of the GO range, the gel seat is not only incredibly comfortable to sit on, but can also be horizontally and vertically adjusted.

This is important for positioning your body in a way that your legs will not quite reach full extension when the pedal is furthest from you (the ideal cycling position) and for enabling a natural posture that won’t place any undue strain on your lower back.

Tunturi Go Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike


The handles have also been ergonomically shaped to provide several different grip positions, depending on your current workout intensity and whether or not you want to track your heart rate.

But one of the most unique features we came across with the GO Bike 70 was the ability to adjust the position of the display console.

Usually this is something that is permanently fixed at a set position, and doesn’t specifically cater for different user heights.

Tunturi have changed this and made it so that you can quickly change the angle of the console using a small hand wheel placed directly behind the main console.

Although the main display keeps the workout stats very well lit, this certainly helps with increasing the visibility of important workout information.

The Tunturi GO Bike 70 also includes a number of features to help ensure the bike remains stable throughout your workout, and is easy to transport between rooms if required.

Underneath the base of the frame there are 4 support feet. These can be individually adjusted to compensate for any unevenness in the ground the bike is resting on.

There is also a set of transport wheels attached to the front base stabilizer, which despite not being as heavy as some bikes (41 kg), does make it much easier to move if needed.

Tunturi Go Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike

Tunturi Go Bike 70 – Features Summary

  • Flywheel: 6kg
  • Rotating Mass: 13kg
  • Resistance Levels: 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Low step through frame
  • Brake: Servo motor & PMS
  • Seat Adjustment: horizontal and vertical
  • Seat pad: Gel seat for comfort
  • Handlebar Adjustment: Angle
  • Body Fat & BMI
  • User Input: 4
  • Feedback: time, calories, distance, speed, pulse
  • Workout Programs: 25 (4 User & 4 HRC)
  • Display: Colour LCD backlit
  • Wireless chest strap Option: Yes (5.4 kHz analogue)
  • Hand pulse grips
  • Transport wheels
  • Power: Self generating – no mains needed

Display console design

If you’re already familiar with the Pure U 10.0, you’ll notice that the display console for the GO Bike 70 doesn’t provide any of the same touch screen functionality.

This has presumably been done in an effort to reduce the overall cost of the bike and make it more affordable to a wider audience (the GO Bike 70 costs around £1,000 less than the Pure U 10.0).

Despite the compact console size, the screen space has been segmented in such a way that makes it possible to track your time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate, all at the same time.

Tunturi Go Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike

This means you don’t have to worry about pressing a function button to move through the workout stats one at a time, like you tend to do with many of the entry level bikes.

Accessing the 25 preset workout programs is achieved using the central selection dial, which helps to minimize the number of buttons needed on the actual display.

In fact, you only have 4 buttons to choose from, and two of these are for starting and resetting your workout.

The other two buttons labelled ‘Recovery’ and ‘Body Fat’ are both types of fitness test, which produce scores that can then be used as a comparison against future test scores as a measure of how much your fitness is improving.

Recovery – Used to measure how quickly your heart rate returns to normal at the end of a workout, then displays a recovery score from 1 to 6.

Bodyfat – Calculates your body mass index and body fat percentage at the touch of a button.

But perhaps the most important point worth mentioning is that the console allows you to program specific information for up to 4 different users, including your age, height, and weight.

These simple measurements vastly improve the accuracy of the ‘calories burned’ feedback, and are something that we’ve found to be missing from many mid-range and entry level exercise bikes.

Preset workout programs

The Tunturi GO Bike 70 has 25 workout programs to choose from, which have been divided up into 5 main categories.

5 workout program categories:
Manual – This is the program to choose if you are looking to just jump on the bike and start cycling. Very little setup involved, apart from setting any goals you would like to achieve in the current workout.

The goals vary from cycling for a certain amount of time, to burning a certain number of calories. Resistance is manually adjusted.

Tunturi Go Bike 70 Upright Exercise Bike

Preset – Most of the training programs fall under the ‘Preset’ category, whereby you set any time, distance, and calorie burn targets, then follow a preset resistance pattern that automatically adjusts.

User – Similar to a manual training program, these are based on the personal training data stored under a specific user ID.

Heart rate control – With heart rate being such an important part of achieving specific fitness goals, the Tunturi GO Bike 70 offers 4 different intensity levels for the heart rate control programs; 55%, 75%, 90%, and Target.

The resistance then automatically adjusts to keep your heart rate at your chosen percentage level.

Constant Watt – Based on achieving and maintaining a specific target resistance level.

Ease of assembly

Part of the reason we were so excited to find that Tunturi had released a new, more affordable range of fitness equipment, is that they would be including not just their high quality design, but also their comprehensive user manuals.

One of the sections from the user manual that accompanies the Tunturi GO Bike 70 is the assembly instructions.

If you’ve had experience in the past of putting together any piece of fitness equipment using poor quality instructions, you’ll know what a challenge it can be.

Fortunately, Tunturi have used the same style of instructions as they use in their top of the line commercial quality equipment from the Pure collection.

The user manuals for the GO collection are produced to the same exceptional quality as for Tunturi's Pure range

Each part is clearly labelled at the start, together with clear drawings and reference numbers for each individual bolt and washer you need to get setup.

Colour coding is then used in the exploded drawings to make it easier to differentiate between the parts that you will be using, and the static parts that you will be attaching them to.

The main base frame and flywheel casing arrives pre-assembled as a single unit, meaning you only have to worry about the pedals, base stabilizers, seat, console support bar, and display console itself.

Although this may sound a lot, once you have all the parts out of the packaging, the total assembly time should be less than 30 minutes.

Self powered generator

Unlike many exercise bikes, the Tunturi GO Bike 70 doesn’t require you to position the bike near a power socket, or to plug in an adapter.

The console also doesn’t rely on you having to replace any of the standard AA batteries.

Instead, the console power and magnetic resistance system are powered by your own cycling. The only requirement is that you have to keep the RPM above 45, which is easy to monitor as it’s one of the pieces of information displayed on the console screen.

If your cycling speed does drop below the 45 RPM level, there is actually a backup battery pack to keep the bike powered.

In the event of a battery pack becoming run down, replacements are available direct from Tunturi. You can even fit it yourself without having to wait on an engineer.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: 10 Years
  • Electronics: 24 Months
  • Other Parts: 24 Months

Tunturi GO Bike 70

Considering the fact that the Tunturi GO Bike 70 is the top upright exercise bike in the collection, yet still available for less than £500, what you’re actually getting represents excellent value for money.

Even if you were looking for an indoor exercise bike that offered more than the 25 workout programs, or a wider range of programmable user IDs, you would struggle to find a bike in this price range that matches that, let alone has more to offer.

It’s also not just the programs that you’re paying for. It’s the decades of experience Tunturi has in producing commercial grade fitness equipment, together with the impressive warranty coverage for everything from the frame to electronics.

If you already liked the look and feel of the upright bikes in the Pure range, this provides many of the same options, just without the price raising display console options like internet access and an eBook reader.

Product dimensions: 106cm (L) x 56.5cm (W) x 143cm (H) Weight limit: 135 kg (300 lbs) Product weight: 41 kg (91 lbs)

Update October 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Exercise Bikes.

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