Fitbit One Wireless Activity And Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One Activity and Sleep Tracker

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The FitBit One is a fitness tracking device that can monitor not just the calories you burn, but also how many steps you take, how many floors you climb and how far you have walked.

Having the additional information being recorded such as the number of floors of stairs climbed is useful for adding another piece of information that can be used to set goals.

How the FitBit One can improve your fitness throughout the day

As well as being able to cycle through the various statistics on the FitBit One itself, it can also sync to your computer and smart phone. This helps you keep track of trends throughout the day and helps you know how close to achieving your next target you are.

This can then help you make decisions about how you travel for the rest of the day.

For example if you have set a target of walking 10,000 steps today and by lunch time you have reached 4,000 then you can make the decision to perhaps walk to a train or bus station that is further down the line than you normally would.

This is the overall aim of any FitBit product, to empower and encourage you by delivering real-time feedback that helps you be more active on a daily basis.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

The FitBit One App

The FitBit One app also allows you to become part of a leader board and compete with friends to help you feel more motivated to achieving fitness targets.

This app can also be used to log the food that you eat throughout the day as well as your workouts to help provide a clearer overall picture of your day.

Integrating existing apps with the FitBit One dashboard

Although the One comes with a comprehensive database of foods and activities to help log all your daily information, you may have already been building up your progress on other apps.

If you have been using the SparkPeople, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal or MapMyFITNESS apps then you can import this data straight into your FitBit dashboard so you don’t have to start your fitness tracking over again.

As well as all of the information that can be synced after being recorded by the FitBit One itself, you can also manually input other information such as your bodyweight to monitor your overall fitness and diet even more closely using the dashboard.

Information dashboard on your computer

The FitBit One can automatically sync your data to PCs, Macs, the iPhone 4S & 5, iPad 3, Retina & mini, iPod touch, and select Android phones. All you need to do is sign up for your free account on and register your device. Once this is complete you will have access to your FitBit dashboard.

The FitBit One dashboard clearly displays all the information you need in easy to interpret charts


From your information dashboard you have a set of clearly displayed tabs to choose from that are used to organise the activity, training and food logs and social side of the FitBit One.

A series of clearly colour coded graphs with icons designed to be highly intuitive help to make the experience of monitoring your health and fitness quick, easy to understand and enjoyable.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker – Features Summary

  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed
  • Monitor how long and how well you sleep
  • Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent alarm
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or selected smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Set goals, view progress, and earn badges
  • Share and compete with friends throughout the day
  • Free iPhone and Android App
  • Small and discreet – wear in pocket, on belt or bra
  • Log food, weight and more on Fitbit’s website or Apps
  • Sweat, rain and splash proof

Sleep tracking

The FitBit One can also be used at night to monitor your sleep in terms of how long you actually slept for as well as the overall quality of that sleep.

To prevent the One from slipping off your clothing while you sleep, there is also a wristband that you can slide it inside to make sure you record accurate sleep activity throughout the night.[/one_half]

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

If you want to wake up early for that morning training session but are worried about waking up other people with an alarm, the FitBit One has an integrated silent alarm that can be set to wake you in the morning by vibrating.

Once the data syncs, graphs on your dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up, giving you a sleep quality score. Over time, you can apply what you learn to help you sleep more soundly.

FitBit One Design

The actual design of the One is small with a slim profile that makes it easy to carry around with you.

The silicone cover can slide over the One and the sturdy metal clip that attaches it to your clothing while remaining discrete, which is essential if you are looking to wear it every day.

Achievement tracking

One of the most important things you can do to keep yourself motivated is set targets. As well as being able to set these targets, the FitBit One also features a ‘Badge’ system that rewards you with different badges as well as sending you alerts to your phone when you are approaching the completion of a goal.

These can range from achieving a goal set for that day, to a lifetime achievement. All your weekly progress will also be sent to you at the end of that week in an email to remind you of the goals you met.


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Review Overview

The Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker is another excellent product in the FitBit range for keeping track of your day to day fitness, 24 hours a day.

Being light and compact enough to clip onto clothing and carry around with you all day means you can have an accurate picture built up of your fitness and achievements when you sync with your computer and view your FitBit dashboard. This can also be useful for planning ahead for how you will travel and keep fit the next day.

How clearly the information is displayed on your personal online dashboard is another of the main selling points of that makes this activity tracker so unique and effective.

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Heart Rate Monitors.

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