Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike X-Bike

Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike X-Bike Review

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The Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike by ‘We R Sports’ is one of the newest exercise bikes designed with a simple folding ‘X’ frame, which can be used for an effective cardio workout, but still be folded away to reduce the space it takes up when not in use.


Design features

Whether you are thinking about starting your first fitness program or simply looking to replace your existing cardio machine, this particular bike has been designed to suit a variety of different fitness levels and body types.

An important part of any good quality exercise bike is the design of the seat. Unless you are comfortable throughout your workout then you won’t want to make it a regular part of your routine.

[one_half]This is why the seat has been designed to be larger than on your standard exercise bike, with thicker padding to ensure your workouts are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The height can also be adjusted to better suit both taller and shorter users.

While the seat design can certainly be beneficial to your workouts, the ‘X’ shaped frame and folding design is possibly the most attractive feature, particularly if you are limited on space but still want to be able to exercise from home.[/one_half]
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As the name suggests, the Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike uses multi plate magnets to control the level of resistance, which you can adjust through 8 different tension settings using the hand wheel positioned just below the handles.

Although the aesthetic design of an exercise bike doesn’t necessarily improve the effectiveness of your training, this bike is available in a range of brighter colours, which makes a nice difference from the standard blacks and greys.


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Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike – Features Summary

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  • Adjustable padded seat.
  • Non-skid foot pedals with safety strap.
  • Adjustable Magnetic Resistance for the ultimate workout.
  • Provides a lower body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout



Display console design

[one_half]For many people, an important part of cardiovascular workouts is the ability to keep track of your progress and measure how much your fitness is improving over time.

Although the Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike doesn’t feature a preset fitness test like more expensive bikes, the display console does still display a range of important workout information.

This includes accurate measurements of the time spent cycling and distance cycled, together with a measurement of your heart rate when holding the heart rate hand sensors, and even the theoretical number of calories burned.[/one_half]
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