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Hammer Cobra XTR Rowing Machine Review

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The Hammer Cobra XTR rowing machine is a great example of a high quality foldable rowing machine that also features a variety of training programmes.

While the construction and use are relatively simple, it can be good to know what types of workout programmes are included and if any extra requirements are needed to get the most out of the machine.

These are just a few questions the following product article aims to answer.


Design features

[two_third]One of the most surprising design features of the Hammer Cobra XTR is the small size of the flywheel and front section for the number of resistance levels and weight limit this rowing machine supports.

To help keep any noise generated by the flywheel to a minimum, magnetic resistance has been used with the flywheel designed to run on roller bearings for smoother and quieter rowing.

Once the main track that the seat moves along has been folded up, this means the whole machine only takes up a floor area of just 82cm x 57cm.

This also makes it much lighter than other rowing machines, with a product weight of 38kg. This is compared to models such as the Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine which weighs closer to 55kg.[/two_third]
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Anti-slip tilting footplates have been added at the front of the rowing track to ensure your feet are in a comfortable position for transferring the strength and energy from your legs into the rowing movement.

If you are worried about how complicated the assembly will be, the total number of steps to go from pulling the parts out of the box to having a fully working rowing machine is a very manageable 7.

Each of these is clearly laid out in exploded drawings. Due to the flywheel housing being pre-constructed, it’s simply a case of attaching the footplates, support base and track that the seat slides on.

The Hammer Cobra XTR does run on mains electricity so be sure to check that where you want to use it has a power socket nearby before buying.


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Hammer COBRA XTR – Features Summary

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  • From established German brand HAMMER AG
  • 10 Programs for multiple intensity workouts, Multi window LCD display
  • Folding Design for easier storage
  • A very solidly built machine, CE Approved and TUV Certified to German standards
  • Sturdy construction with 120Kg (19 Stone) max user weight
  • 2 Year warranty



Display console design

Hammer Cobra XTR Programmable Rowing Machine

Rowing machines aren’t generally well known for the quality of their display consoles. Despite this, the one attached to the Hammer Cobra XTR is surprisingly effective at clearly showing the most important information while removing the need to scroll through lots of screens.

Your rowing speed (strokes per minute), average time for a 500m row, distance, calories burned, heart rate are all clearly displayed in their own blocked section of the screen. As well as all of this, the largest area of the screen is reserved for displaying the particular workout programme you are currently using.

The display console also features a small number of buttons, which may only need to be used once or twice per workout.

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  • Mode – The ‘Mode’ button can be used at any time for either resetting your current workout data or switch between the preset programmes.
  • Up – Used for increasing the training resistance through the 10 possible levels and selecting a workout programme
  • Down – Used for decreasing the training resistance
  • Pulse Recovery – Used once you have finished your workout. The computer measures your heart rate for 60 seconds after your workout and if the final measurement is within 20% of your starting heart rate then this will give you a fitness grade.



Built in workout programmes

The Hammer Cobra XTR comes with 10 preset workout programmes to choose from, which is great if you are looking for something a bit different to your usual workout routine.

The manual programme has been added to allow you to row at your own pace and set your own resistance, while there are 6 programmes designed specifically for improving either your overall aerobic fitness or overall strength.

The difficulty of the preset workout programmes also varies, with programmes 2, 4 and 6 designed more for beginner and intermediate rowing and programmes 3, 5 and 7 designed for more intense workouts.

Choose from one of 4 heart rate control programmes

The workout programmes are described by Hammer Fitness as ‘Rolling’, ‘Valley’, ‘Fat Burning’, ‘Ramp’, ‘Mountain’ and ‘Interval’, which each assigned their own unique bar chart that gets displayed on the screen so you always know which programme you are using.

Having such a variety of heart rate specific training programmes is also a nice touch, with the Hammer Cobra XTR featuring 3 different percentage options. You can either set the machine so you workout at 55%, 75% or even 90% of your maximum heart rate.

It’s worth mentioning that although this rowing machine has a heart rate signal receiver, you will need to wear a compatible heart rate belt to transmit your heart rate to the sensors.


The Hammer Cobra XTR rowing machine is a great example of a high quality foldable rowing machine that also features a variety of training programmes. While the construction and use are relatively simple, it can be good to know what types of workout programmes are included and if any extra…

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

Review Rating

The Hammer Cobra XTR is a rowing machine produced by one of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment, with over 100 years of experience in the sports industry.

This can clearly be seen in the heavy gauge steel and aluminium construction, precisely engineered to deliver durability and smooth operation for years to come.

Couple this with the smooth running flywheel, variety of workout programmes and intuitively designed display console and you have a very effective rowing machine that will both hold you interest in rowing workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Product weight: 38kg User weight limit: 120kg Product dimensions (in use): 220cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 65cm (H) Product dimensions (folded): 82cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 156cm (H)

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