Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine

Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine Review

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Infiniti R100 build quality

Whenever you think about buying a new rowing machine there are really three main factors to compare between machines. Build quality, cost and rowing action. The build quality behind the Infiniti R100 really is very good. If you are looking to buy this for use at home and were looking for something that would still have the same feel of quality as the machines used at a high priced gym then this is would be an excellent choice.

Once you have unpacked all the parts you can see how well manufactured all of the parts are, not just in themselves but also once the rower is put together. The seat itself fits onto the main bar well, with none of the loose wobbling around that can sometimes be seen with other cheaper rowers. This is helped by the glide rail being a little thicker than some others, which does also make the rower quite heavy and awkward to move around when setting up or moving it around.

A combination air and magnetic rower, even when you are actually using the machine you will feel that the whole rower has been designed and manufactured to a very high quality.

Due to the heavy weight associated with the Infiniti R100 (55 kg), it is recommended that you set it up somewhere close to where you can fold it up and store it easily when not in use.



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Infiniti R100 – Features Summary

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  • Computer with heart rate control programs
  • Strong, stable well engineered frame
  • Full stroke for tall people plus folds for storage
  • Full auto-controlled air magnetic resistance system
  • Optional extra – Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter – wireless transmission of heart rate to computer: required for Heart Rate Control programs



Rowing action and ease of use

The foot rests on the Infiniti R 100 rowing machine are designed to provide excellent support and stability

Thanks to the Infiniti R100 rower having a magnetic air resistance system complete with 16 resistance levels, the rowing action itself is very smooth and quiet when compared to other rowers that use a fan system.

With the main glide rail that the seat rests on being so wide and long, this prevents the seat for twisting or wobbling while you are rowing as well as making the Infiniti R100 perfect for taller rowers.

The actual bar itself that you grip for rowing is very comfortable to hold, as well as being angled so it doesn’t hurt your hands or put pressure on your wrists during longer cardio sessions.

To stay on the rower longer you need to be comfortable. As well as the comfort and stability you get from the seat and rowing handle, you also have the foot rests that have a section at the bottom of them to slide your heel up against before tightening the strap. This helps keep you in a fixed position and allows you to conentrate on getting the most out of your exercise.

The main console that shows all the information for your rowing session so far has also been well thought out, and the additional heart rate monitor can help to keep the resistance of the rower at a challenging level by making sure that it is working at a level that keeps your heart rate within your target range.

The glide rail is nice and long for taller rowers, and can be folded for easy storage

The glide rail itself can also be folded upwards to store the rower out of the way when not in use, making it suitable for even smaller spare rooms if you aren’t sure you have the space for a larger rower.

The handle itself is connected to the flywheel by a belt instead of a chain which helps in maintaining the Infiniti R 100 rower as you don’t have to oil it, and seems to provide a much smoother action.

Another of the nice features is that you can stay cool while rowing thanks to the air vents that can be adjusted to blow air towards you.


Adjusting resistance

As well as being able to use a heart rate monitor to automatically adjust the resistance to keep your heart rate in the target range, you can also programme your own resistance levels if you need to, so the level of resistance changes as you row. The monitor itself is large but that’s no bad thing, as this means you can see all the important information for your cardio session, including:
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  • Power generated (In Watts)
  • Burned Calories
  • Distance Travelled
  • Elapsed Time
  • Number of Strokes
  • Heart Rate


If you don’t want to let the heart rate monitor adjust your resistance, there are a 15 pre-set programs as well as the possibility to store rowing programmes for up to 4 users.


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