Infiniti R200 Commercial Rowing Machine

Infiniti R200 Commercial Rowing Machine Review

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Infiniti R200 build quality

The Infiniti R200 rower is built with comfort and quality in mind. The seat itself is wide enough and large enough to make sure you don’t slip around and keep having to stop to adjust it during your row.

The handle is angled and made thin enough so that you can get a solid grip for long fitness sessions without your hands getting uncomfortable or tired from holding a wide handle.

The with of the feet sections ensure there is no unexpected movement in the rower when in use, and the extra length to the main stroke bar means it caters for taller people quite comfortably.

Together with the seat comfort and smoothness of the rowing action, one of the most important things to look for in a good rower is how securely and comfortably you can rest your feet. If you have ever tried using a rowing machine with no strap securing your feet to the foot rest then you will know how much power you can lose focussing on keeping your feet flat on the rests.

This isn’t a problem with the Infiniti R200 as it features size adjustable commercial steel footplates and a secure strap that can be quickly adjusted once your feet are resting in the plates.

The vents in between the rowing belt and the display can also be adjusted to keep you cool when being used.

The maximum user weight is a little higher than the Infiniti R100, with a 10 kg increase to a maximum of 160 kg which is due to the thicker bar and support sections.



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Infiniti R200 – Features Summary

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  • Full commercial fixed row beam
  • Increased flywheel resistance system
  • Upgraded Poly ā€œVā€ belt delivers 66% increase in power transfer
  • Return spring force increased by 160% to eliminate dead zone
  • Clutch upgraded to German system for increased strength & reliability
  • Bearings upgraded -3 bearings per roller
  • Seat rollers 30% larger (Compared to other rowers in class).
  • Upgraded rear stabilizer (Compared to other rowers in class).
  • Strengthened foot support (Compared to other rowers in class).
  • Aluminium beam 40% thicker (Compared to other rowers in class).



The Infiniti R200APM Premier Rower is rated full-commercial for those who are serious rowers used to the best. The R200-APM Rower by Infiniti is perfect for the home rower and right at home in any gym, corporate environment, hotel gymnasium or personal training studio.



Infiniti R200 rower console

The console itself is similar to the R100 model.

It is used to display the following:
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  • Which user is currently using the rower
  • Which level you have the resistance set at
  • Strokes per minute
  • Heart rate
  • Your average time over a 500m row
  • Power generated in watts
  • The length of time you have been using the rower on that session
  • The number of strokes you have made that session
  • The distance travelled in meters
  • Number of calories burned



Using the console

With the Infiniti R200 you can setup profiles for up to 4 users. The best way of doing this is to press the ‘User’ button on the console, and use the wheel to scroll through until you see the number for the user you want to setup a profile for.

Actually using the console is very intuitive and can almost be done without any instruction, but there are a few things to know when setting up a user profile.

Once you have selected the user number and pressed ‘Enter’, the rower will need to know your height (cm), which can be set by using the scrolling wheel and pressing ‘Enter’.

Follow this same process for entering your weight, age and finally whether you are male or female.

Press the ‘start / stop’ button to return to the main menu and scrolling wheel to scroll through the available modes.


A few of the different modes

There are a number of different modes that you can use for your rowing session on the Infiniti R200 rower. The main ones are ‘Pacer’, ‘Manual’ and ‘User Profiles’.

‘Pacer’ mode

By scrolling through the modes on the main menu and selecting ‘Pacer’, this then lets you set a target distance and time to cover that distance. Pressing ‘Start / Stop’ will display two horizontal bars, one for your progress and one for the computer rower that you are trying to stay ahead of in order to keep to the distance being completed in the time you set, or even beat that target.

This is probably the mode that is most popular as it sets you a target to beat and gives you a sense of achievement when you complete the distance ahead of the computer rower.

The Infiniti R200 has a very simple to use console that can quickly set the required mode, resistance, distance and time for your rowing session


‘Manual’ mode

By setting the mode to ‘Manual’ you are able to setup a custom rowing distance in meters, followed by a time you want to achieve this in. The time to keep watch on when setting this is the ‘Time’ section, as there will also be a second time flashing but this will be how quickly you will need to complete each 500m section on average.

By then pressing ‘Start / Stop’ you will see a number of short bars display on the screen, with the left most one flashing. As you continue through your rowing session you will see this move across to the right most bar as an indication of your progress across the distance you set.


‘User Profiles’ mode

Another popular choice for those using this rower from home or in a gym and want to increase their fitness by shocking their body with varying resistance levels over a course.

Over time your body adjusts to get used to any stress you put on it through cardio or weight lifting exercise. To keep it adapting this mode lets you set the resistance level for specific sections of a course.

Simply set the distance and time, then use the scrolling wheel to increase or decrease the resistance for each section as it flashes up on the display. When you have set each section, just press the ‘Enter’ button to move onto setting the resistance for the next section.


‘Recovery’ and the heart rate monitor

By pressing the ‘Recovery’ button this will give you 60 seconds in the ‘Time’ section of the display, after which your heart rate will be measured and given a fitness score. This does require you to be wearing a heart rate monitor.

* Optional extra – Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter – wireless transmission of heart rate to computer. (required for Heart Rate Control programs )


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