JTX5000 XL Oscillation Vibration Plate

JTX 5000XL Oscillation Vibration Plate Review

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The JTX 5000XL is the larger version of the JTX 5000, with a 20% larger base plate that moves at a higher intensity for a more effective workout.

Aside from the larger vibration plate size there are many other benefits of the XL version over the regular JTX 5000 vibration trainer.


Benefits of the JTX 5000XL over the regular JTX 5000

Due to the larger base plate size, you can choose to position your feet further away from each other to the edge for a more intense workout.

The 13mm amplitude is another improvement on the regular 5000 version, which has an amplitude of 10mm. This essentially means the vibration plate moves through a greater range of up and down motion.

Another of the differences between the two vibration trainers is the handle shape. The handles on the JTX 5000 could be switched between two different versions, depending on whether you wanted to perform lower body or upper body training.

The JTX 5000XL incorporates the benefits of both handle designs into a single handle shape, with a wider handle shape at the top to hold onto for lower body exercises, while tapering towards the base plate to provide more room for upper body exercises such as press ups.

In terms of their height, both designs are almost identical, which still puts them slightly higher than most other vibration plate trainers in this price range.


Display unit design

On a top of the line treadmill you would expect to see two main sets of quick adjust buttons, one for the speed and one for the incline. With vibration plate trainers, the incline is changed for the vibration intensity and the speed is changed for the length of time you want the workout to last for.

Display console on the JTX 5000XL vibration trainer

Aside from the labelling, the display unit is also very similar to the layout of many other fitness machines, making it easier to learn how to operate the different modes and settings.

With the JTX 5000XL the main display unit features an almost oval shape of buttons. On the left you will find a line of three buttons that control the duration of your workout, with options for 5, 10 and 15 minutes.

On the right there are three buttons for controlling the intensity of the vibration. These are designed to be ‘quick start’ buttons that allow you to get your workout started as quickly as possible without worrying about using any of the pre-set modes.

Aside from the ‘mode’ button, the rest are self explanatory, with the increase and decrease speed buttons, a ‘time’ button and the stop and start buttons.

There are also four LED screens that are used to display various information about your current workout. This is the ‘mode’, estimated calories burned, time and speed.

One final feature of the display unit is the speakers. These allow you to connect up your mp3 player and listen to music during your workout without worrying about headphone cables.


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JTX 5000XL Oscillation Vibration Plate – Features Summary

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  • Confidence and Crazy Fit style vibration plate with extra large base and vibration power recommended for weight loss and toning
  • 13mm amplitude -30% more intensive than the competition for faster results, includes exercise straps for toning arms and MP3 speakers
  • Colour: Silver, 2000w motor, 1- 99 speed levels
  • Includes exercise straps, 10 automatic programmes, manual training options and low/medium/high quick-start buttons
  • 1st class warranty for 12 months to cover parts, labour, collection & delivery costs



Upper body workouts

As part of the vibration plate design, the JTX 5000XL has two metal rings that are used for attaching the set of power straps. These have been added to allow you to grip the handles at the end of the straps to provide an effective way of working your biceps and overall arm muscles.

In terms of chest exercises, push ups is the recommended exercise. Keeping your hands wider will help to focus on your chest, while bringing the hands in and tucking your elbows closer to your body will work more of the triceps.

You can also work the triceps by turning to face away from the machine, sitting just in front with your legs outstretched, and using your triceps to push your bodyweight up as a form of dips.


Lower body workouts

As well as exercises for the upper body, the shape of the handles on the JTX 5000XL means that you can also perform squats for working muscles in your lower body without worrying about stability.

Lunges can also be performed by holding onto the handles and positioning one foot on the vibration plate with your knee at 90 degrees and your other leg extended behind you.


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