JTX 6000 Vibration And Oscillation Plate

JTX 6000 Vibration & Oscillation Plate Review

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The [easyazon_link identifier=”B0024KJ14U” locale=”UK” tag=”musclefitnessnutrition-21″]JTX 6000 Vibration Plate[/easyazon_link] uses a combination of vibration and oscillation motors to effectively offer muscle toning, strengthening and fat loss workout programs.

The oscillation movement has a 1500 Watt motor driving the plate across a 12mm amplitude to make sure you benefit from this see-saw movement which is ideal for toning and muscles and assisting with weight loss.

Designed to match the power and quality seen with vibration plates found in high end commercial gyms, the JTX 6000 has all the features and a powerful enough set of motors to mark it as one of the highest quality vibration trainers available at this price point.


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Easily switch between oscillation mode, vibration mode or both

JTX 6000 Vibration & Oscillation Plate

Although the JTX 6000 offers both the oscillation and vibration, you don’t necessarily have to use both movements at the same time. Each movement has 99 speed settings and can be used separately or combined together for a more intensive workout.

By working out using only the vibration motor this can provide you with a movement that is much better suited to more passive muscle exercise. This includes stretching during warm ups and for floor based exercises such as push ups.

By using the vibration motor on its own this also makes it easier and more comfortable to perform exercises such as sit ups.

Depending on your goal you can also switch the vibration plate from a slow to a fast oscillation speed and from a slow to a fast vibration speed.

With the ergonomically designed handle section that flows from the top display console down to the vibration plate, this will help improve your stability with exercises such as squats.

The handles that can be attached to either side of the vibration plate also make it possible for you to work you biceps and shoulders.


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JTX 6000 Vibration & Oscillation Plate – Features Summary

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  • Offers Vibration training (for toning, strength and massage) AND Oscillation training (for weight loss) in one machine.
  • Specification: Dimensions: 75(w) x 75(d) 143(h)cm, 198 speed settings. 2000w Oscillation. 500w Vibration. 4000w Peak Power
  • Includes exercise straps for toning arms and 1st class warranty for 12 months including collection & return costs



The JTX 6000 display unit

JTX 6000 Main Display Unit

The main display console at the top of the machine allows you to easily control the vibration motors through the 99 speed settings.

There are also time settings and controls that affect the vibration and oscillation motors independently to give you total control over your workouts.

The quick start / stop button makes it possible to start your workout without worrying about spending time configuring settings. This is perfect for if you just want to get straight into the exercises. There are also 5 quick start programmes to offer some variety to the type of workout routine you start with.

The JTX 6000 also features a simple control panel closer to the vibration plate. This makes it easier for you to adjust the power and settings without having to change from your current exercise position.


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Vibration Plate Buying Guide

Vibration plates are popular among fitness enthusiasts because they provide a low-impact physical activity that requires minimal exertion. These machines generate vigorous vibrations that cause instability in the body, triggering the muscles to contract to remain stable. The vibrations come in waves, so the muscles have only a split-second to relax, making each workout productive. If you are looking for a workout that is not too tiring, but effective, then you are on the right page. Read on to equip yourself with all the necessary details when looking for a vibration plate.

Getting Started

It is important to understand that you need to set fitness goals before doing any type of workout, like vibration training. This will enable you to have realistic expectations when you use a vibration plate. The equipment is an effective exercise tool that offers more challenge when you perform other movements, other than simply standing on it.

Standing on the vibration plate requires your muscles to contract to make your body remain stable. There are many techniques that you can do to engage different muscle groups during each session. You can sit, squat, or even lie partially. The technique that you use can place more focus on the legs. The machine works not only to boost your metabolism and fat-burning rate, but also to tone your muscles.

A consistent vibration training will give you results faster than you expect. You should see a sudden boost in your energy levels, an improvement in your sleep quality, and have a better overall health. The time needed to see results will vary largely on your consistency, intensity, and nutrition.

Types of Vibration Plate

You will come across different technical terms when researching about vibration plates. The most common terms are “vertical” and “oscillating” plates. These two are the main types of vibration plates that you will find on any vibration training equipment. While the scientific explanation behind these two terms might bore you, knowing it will make a difference to your results. This is because the best model is one that matches your needs.

Oscillating Plates

These plates rest on a pivotal point, just imagine how a see-saw works. If you are standing on the plate with feet apart, one side will rise and the other drops. The movements triggered by the plates will cause your body to jiggle. The oscillating plates seem to be more popular because they are cheaper.

Vertical Plates

Vertical plates, on the other hand, deliver vertical vibrations. They are often more expensive because of their complicated structure. These plates operate by making up and down movements.


Here are the important specs that you will surely encounter when searching for the right vibration plate:

  • Motor: These plates require a motor to generate the vibrations delivered to your body. Most companies will use power units like horsepower or watts. You will want a vibration plate with a powerful motor to withstand heavy usage and more vibrations.
  • Amplitude: This is the maximum distance that a plate travels, from lowest to highest position. A higher amplitude gives more intense workouts due to increased movement requirement. It is usually measured in mm, and can either be variable or fixed.
  • Frequency range: This one describes how fast the plate can vibrate per second. The wider the frequency range, the better.
  • Plate size: This is where you will stand during each workout session on the plate. The bigger the plate, the more positions you can do to stay comfortable or challenged.


It is necessary to look at these tips when looking for the best vibration plate. You will also need to consider your vibration training needs to ensure that you buy the right one. If you want more challenge, then purchase a model that has a bigger plate size and has a powerful motor.

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