JTX Cyclo-3 Upright Exercise Bike

JTX Cyclo-3 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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The JTX Cyclo-3 Upright Exercise Bike is the earliest bike in the Cyclo range to offer pre-set workout programmes and double the resistance levels of the JTX Cyclo-2.

With such a wide range of exercise programmes and resistance levels, not to mention all the great design features, how can you be sure this is the right exercise bike for you? This product article aims to provide you with all the information you need to hopefully make that decision a little easier.

Design features

As well as being familiar with the features of the JTX Cyclo-3 it can be useful to know how these compare to other bikes in the range.

If you are looking for an exercise bike that takes up as little space as possible once assembled then the Cyclo-2 (94cm (L) x 122cm (H) x 47cm (W)) measures considerably smaller compared to the Cyclo-3 (120cm (L) x 135cm (H) x 54cm (W)).

While this can be a benefit, it’s also worth bearing mind the Cyclo-2 may not be as well suited to taller users. There is also the matter of the weight limit, with the Cyclo-3 having a full 10kg user weight limit advantage over the Cyclo-2, with its limit of 130kg.

The JTX Cyclo-3 is the most cost effective bike in the Cyclo range to feature adjustable handlebars as well as the fully adjustable seat.

JTX Cyclo-3 Upright Exercise Bike

Ensuring you can create a natural cycling position for your body type is key to both enjoying your workouts and making sure they are as effective as possible. Being able to adjust the handlebars, height of the seat and distance the seat is away from the handlebars all help to ensure a natural cycling position can be achieved for a wide range of user body types and heights.

With the 4 different angled sections designed into each handle, this also means you can alter your grip to be in a more comfortable position for your current style of training.

If you are sprinting while sitting down then the angle just above the heart rate sensors may be best, while the horizontal section closest to you would be perfect for when you are sitting back and warming down or resting.

If the JTX Cyclo-3 needs to be moved between different positions when not in use, this is made considerably easier thanks to the built in wheels at the front. With this bike weighing just 34kg, it is a lot lighter than many of the higher priced exercise bikes available, such as the Cyclo-5 (50kg).

JTX Cyclo-3 Upright Exercise Bike

JTX Cyclo-3 Exercise Bike – Features Summary

  • Great value, quality home use exercise bike from industry leaders JTX Fitness
  • 10 pre-set programmes- 4 heart-rate programmes- 4 user programmes- 16 levels of electronic magnetic resistance- huge 7kg flywheel
  • Colour touch screen- adjust the resistance or select your programme at the touch of a button.
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for the perfect fit
  • Buy with confidence- 1st class JTX warranty.

JTX Cyclo-3 display unit design and workout programmes

As mentioned in previous product articles, the intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design of the display units on the JTX range of exercise equipment really does make it some of the best available.

The Cyclo-3 features a full colour touch screen which keeps you updated with how fast you are cycling, distance, time and calories burned.

The touch screen display console makes it easy to change between resistance levels and workout programmes

While there are 10 built in workout programmes there’s no need to keep looking back at any instruction manuals to remember which one is which. Using the chart under the screen you can quickly determine which programme you are workout out at. These can vary between anything from a mountain climb to interval training.

If you prefer training according to your heart rate, then the JTX Cyclo-3 is the lowest priced bike in the range to offer 4 options of heart rate controlled programmes.

These will adjust the resistance of the bike until you are training within your target range. The resistance will then automatically adjust to make sure you stay in this range. This does require that you hold onto the heart rate sensors throughout your workout.

The addition of 4 custom programmes also allows you to design your desired resistance levels over the course of a workout. This helps to give you complete control over how easy or hard you are training.

The JTX Cyclo-3 has 16 levels of electronic resistance making it suitable for all fitness levels, from beginner to regular cyclist.

JTX Cyclo-3 Exercise Bike

The JTX Cyclo-3 Upright Exercise Bike is very competitively priced for the amount of customisable settings available. From the seat and handlebar adjustment to the custom workout programmes, there’s everything you need for an effective cardiovascular workout.

Although this does measure a little larger than earlier exercise bikes in the Cyclo range, for the extra workout programmes and resistance levels this is more than made up for.

With a large flywheel you can be assured of a smooth ride and effortless switching through the resistance levels.

Product weight: 34kg
Product dimensions: 120cm (L) x 135cm (H) x 54cm (W)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Exercise Bikes.

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