JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer

JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer Review

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The JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer has been designed specifically to cater for people who prefer having the option of using an incline to add more intensity to their cross trainer and cardio workouts.

The variable incline angles have a range of benefits over the traditional flat angled running motion provided by most cross trainers.


Design Features

One of the most important pieces of information to know about the JTX Hill-Stride is that the stride length isn’t adjustable. This is fixed at a length of 18 inches.

The angle of the foot plates can be adjusted through 3 different inclines by adjusting the length of the front handle

While this will provide a natural running motion for many people, if you are over 6ft tall then you may find that this restricts your natural running stride.

As a general rule, cross trainers with an 18 inch stride length tend to be better suited to people with a height of around 5ft 8ins. This will make sure that even the highest intensity run will fit your natural running stride.

Being an incline cross trainer, the JTX Hill-Stride features 3 levels of incline that can be adjusted using the hand wheel at the front of the handle sections.

The higher you decide to set the incline, the more you will increase the intensity of the workout and focus more heavily on developing your upper thighs and providing a more effective cardio workout.

To go with the incline settings there are also 24 different resistance levels. This can be adjusted using the single line of buttons on the main front display.

If you like to have your feet sitting securely in the foot rests then JTX have also designed a simple adjustment system. You can slide out a small section at the front of the foot rest and slide it back in at the point which will best suit your shoe size. This will keep your feet from sliding around and create a more effective workout.

This is a gym quality cross trainer with an exclusive patented design to ensure its one of the smallest incline cross trainers available in the UK so it will fit effortlessly into any home gym, living room or spare room.


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JTX Hill-Stride – Features Summary

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  • Three levels of incline which will allow you to target key problem areas of upper thighs, bum and tum in addition to a great cardio workout.
  • 12 workout programmes for fat burning, toning and cardio.
  • Use the heart rate control or take advantage of the programmable workout options to personalise and adapt your exercise regime.
  • 18 Inch Stride Length, designed to be small enough to fit into any home but robust enough to last for years
  • On board computer displays, time, distance, calories, pulse, RPM, BMI calculator, heart rate recovery monitor, body fat monitor and resistance levels.
  • Compact design combines with outstanding build quality to create the perfect home use cross trainer.



Display console design and workout programmes

The Hill-Stride display console has been created with the same high quality and user focussed design as other high quality JTX fitness equipment

While the running motion is important when in use, before and during your workout you will most often be looking at the LED screen on the main console.

On the JTX Hill-Stride cross trainer this can display the amount of time spent working out this session, current speed, calories burned, a BMI / body fat calculator and your heart rate.

To display your heart rate you will need to either hold on to the narrower handles until you see your reading on the display, or use a compatible heart rate monitor belt.

As with all but the most basic fitness equipment by JTX, the Hill-Stride cross trainer has a very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing button layout and screen display.

The large display helps make it clearer to see which program you are on according to the bars lit up in red, while the blue backlit information is clear to read even when running.

There are 12 built in workout programmes which vary from being designed to help you burn more fat to muscle toning. If you have trouble finding a workout program that suits your style of training then the JTX Hill-Stride also comes with the option for you to create 5 custom workout programmes.

If you like being able to keep track of your heart rate, or have found the best results from training come when your heart rate is within a certain range then there are also 4 heart rate programs.

If you prefer not to train within set workout programmes then there is also a ‘Quick Start’ button and ‘Recovery’ button. ‘Quick Start’ will skip any workout setup and allow you to just jump straight into your workout while pressing ‘Recovery’ will bring the pace into a cool down range for warming down at the end of your training.

It’s also possible to listen to music from your MP3 player by connecting it up to the cross trainer and listening through the high quality speakers built into the display console.


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