JTX Smart Stride 21 Cross Trainer

JTX Smart Stride 21 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The JTX Smart Stride 21 Cross Trainer has been designed to provide you with an effective workout machine that aims to recreate your natural running, walking and jogging movement when in use.

By incorporating variable stride length technology into the front of the cross trainer this allows you to vary the stride length to suit your natural range of motion for each type of exercise.


Adjustable stride length

The real difference with the JTX Smart Stride 21 compared to other cross trainer designs is in the handle and foot plate design and how this is combined with the quick change stride length.

Variable stride length and multi joint footplate and handle design makes the exercise feel much more natural

At the front of the machine there is a simple semi circle attachment built into the frame with various settings.

By pulling out the locking pin and sliding this round to different positions you can quickly restrict and increase the range of motion that the foot plates and handles move through.

In terms of the effect on exercises, adjusting the stride length to the shorter 17 inch setting will feel more like walking, while the full 21 inch setting will put your legs through more of a running motion.

Whereas many cross trainers feature foot plates that are attached solidly to the handle frame, the foot plates on the JTX Smart Stride 21 tilt and adjust according to the pressure applied at different times during the exercise.

This has the effect of cushioning your run and making the workout much less intensive on your knee and hip joints. The multi joint pivoting handle and foot plate design will also help.

While the JTX Smart Stride 21 has a maximum stride length of 21 inches (which should be more than suitable for anyone up to 6ft tall), if you need a cross trainer with an even longer stride length, the JTX Smart Stride 23 is better suited for users who are over 6ft tall.

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JTX Smart Stride 21 – Features Summary

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  • A patented German design combines a massive 17- 21 inch stride length in a compact cross trainer for your home.
  • Perfect for home use: Smaller than some folding models.
  • Electromagnetic resistance with a 12kg flywheel.
  • Five stride settings to allow all users to find a natural running or walking stance
  • High spec colour computer monitors 12 workout programmes, 5 user set-ups and 4 heart rate control programmes
  • Delivery available to ‘UK Mainland’ only, not available to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands or UK Islands



Handle design and lower body workouts

The extended length of the main handles is also useful, as this allows you to use more or less upper body strength in the exercise depending on if your grip is closer to the bottom or the top of the handle.

If you want to restrict the exercise to focus on a lower body workout only then the smaller, stationary set of handles on the display unit will let you do this.

This smaller set of handles also has two very useful design features. Sensors for transmitting your heart rate to the display and a button on the top of each handle that can be used to cycle through the various workout programmes available.


Display console design and workout programmes

The display unit on the Smart Stride 21 is similar to the Smart Stride 23 with its display of stride length setting

The display unit on the JTX Smart Stride 21 offers all the most important information you need to know during your workout in a very clear and easy to understand way.

While the LCD touch screen displays stats about your workout such as distance, time and which workout programme you are using, there is also a second form of display under the main screen.

With any cross trainer designed with an adjustable stride length it can be easy to forget which setting you have the range of motion set to.

The JTX Smart Stride 21 solves this problem by displaying a dial with the each of the 5 stride length settings spaced evenly apart around the top.

Each of these settings on the dial has an LED that lights up to show you which stride length setting you currently have the cross trainer set to.

In terms of workout programmes, there are 12 with 5 custom user setups and 4 that are heart rate controlled. While you can hold onto the heart rate sensors built into the stationary set of handles, a heart rate monitor belt or heart rate monitor watch is often a more accurate option and will leave your hands free to hold onto the larger set of handles for more of an upper body workout.

If you enjoy listening to music while you workout, there is also a socket at the back of the display for connecting your MP3 player, with speakers built into the front of the display.
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