JTX Smart Stride 23 Variable Stride Cross Trainer

JTX Smart Stride 23 – Variable stride elliptical cross trainer

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JTX are a leading online retailer for home gym equipment, with the JTX Smart Stride 23 being part of their high quality ‘Smart Stride’ range of cross trainers. Working with a team of German engineers and patenting the technology that went into making this such a unique design and popular product, JTX have brought this technology to the UK for the first time.

Combining gym quality with a size that fits into your home, they are 40% smaller than some competitor machines. Elliptical trainers are desigfned to mimic the body’s natural running and walking motion.


Adjustable stride length

JTX Smart Stride 23 - Variable stride elliptical cross trainer

You can use the adjustable smart stride technology with 5 stride length settings to match and support your natural running stride.

The settings for adjusting the stride length allow you to use the JTX Smart Stride 23 with a stride length between 19 and 23 inches (going up in 1 inch increments to adjust perfectly to your preferred stride length).

You can adjust the stride length at the front of this cross trainer, where you will find a simple mechanism that requires you to unscrew a small handwheel and slide it round until the guide is pointing to the desired stride length.

The purpose of increasing and decreasing the stride length not only takes into account shorter and taller users, but also helps to move from more of a fast walking motion (shorter stride length) up to a running motion (longer stride length).


Adaptive motion technology

Thanks to the adaptive motion technology in the footplates and the clever way the footrest and handle sections are joined, this also makes the JTX Smart Stride 23 much shorter than other cross trainers, which can be an important factor if you are looking to buy this for a home gym and want to make the most of your space.

The smoothness of the stride motion helps to reduce the impact on your knees, hips and back, making this perfect for anyone recovering from an injury and wanting to start some light cardio. This motion is thanks to the large 12 kg flywheel and the overall high quality construction you will find with the JTX range of fitness products.

With the JTX Smart Stride 23 there are also two sets of handles, one that moves along with your leg motion and one stationary set. The stationary set is perfect for when you want to solely work on your leg development, while holding onto the main larger handles will inevitably work more of the upper body and particularly your back and biceps as you go through the running motion.


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JTX Smart Stride 23 – Features Summary

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  • A patented german design combines a massive 19- 23 inch stride length in a compact design for your home.
  • Gym quality constuction with 12kg flywheel – Compact home design
  • Five stride settings to allow all users over 5’9″ to find a natural running or walking stance
  • High spec colour computer monitors 12 workout programmes, 5 user set-ups and 4 heart rate control programmes
  • Delivery available to ‘UK Mainland’ only



Built in fitness programmes and a clear display

JTX Smart Stride 23 - Variable stride elliptical cross trainer

The large LCD touch panel allows you to choose from 24 magnetic resistance levels, or choose from 12 pre-set programs which include interval training and a variety of hill profiles.

There are also 4 heart rate training programs which can be used when holding the smaller handles around the heart rate sensors so the JTX Smart Stride 23 can pickup your heart rate.

A common problem with some cardio equipment is the lack of stability you get when using the machine at higher levels. Thanks to the high build quality and patented design features, the JTX Smart Stride 23 handles all resistance levels and speeds of training without becoming unstable or even wobbling.

Because of the magnetic resistance and smooth motion this also means it is a very quiet piece of equipment.

The built in audio system with high quality speakers is compatible with any MP3 player or iPod.

The 5 user set-ups will allow you and your family to keep track of your individual workouts over time and 4 heart rate control programmes will ensure you keep your workouts as effective as possible. This products is available for delivery on mainland UK only.


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