Kettler Cycle M Exercise Bike

Kettler Cycle M Exercise Bike Review

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The Kettler Cycle M has been designed to offer all the most essential training features for a variety of user heights and body types.


Fully adjustable seat and handlebars

[one_half]A feature which has become increasingly popular with exercise bike designs is the focus on adjustability. Whereas you would normally only expect the seat height to be adjustable, the Kettler Cycle M also has a set of adjustable handlebars.

This can be achieved through loosening the hand wheel just underneath the display console and tilting the handlebars to an angle that best suits your body position when cycling.

Because of its positioning this also means that you can adjust the angle in the middle of a workout if you need to, without worrying about stopping your cycling.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]As well as the seat and foot pedal straps, the angle of the handlebars can also be adjusted[/one_half_last]

With the handlebars being adjustable this also makes it simpler for the heart rate sensors to be in easy reach, in a position that you can hold onto comfortably throughout your training.

While the height of the handlebars can’t be adjusted on the Kettler Cycle M, you can still raise and lower the height of the seat. The correct height of the seat while cycling is very important to ensure a natural motion and keep you in a comfortable position.


Manual magnetic resistance system

As this is an exercise bike with magnetic resistance you can be sure that there will be hardly any noise made by the flywheel when in use. The resistance can be raised and lowered using the larger hand wheel positioned under the one you use to adjust the handlebars.

With the resistance being manually adjusted, this makes the display console much simpler in terms of the number of buttons and learning their functions.

The 8 different resistance stages help ensure this bike is suitable for all fitness levels.


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[one_half_last]Kettler Cycle M Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]


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Kettler Cycle M – Features Summary

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  • Continuous display of time, distance covered, speed, pedalling speed and energy consumption
  • Also displayed is the time and date
  • Pulse measurement by hand sensors
  • Visual warning when max heart rate is exceeded
  • Fitness recovery test with fitness mark
  • Manual magnetic brake system with 6 KG flywheel and 8 resistance stages
  • No need for mains power



Display console and training modes

[one_half]Both the LCD display and the button layout have been kept as simple as possible on the Kettler Cycle M.

There’s no need to setup any user profile, training program or enter any measurements before you start, simply begin cycling.

Once you start your workout the screen will display the most important information, including time, distance covered, speed and energy consumption, as well as the time and date.

The Cycle M also features a fitness recovery test.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The simplistic display console and manual resistance means you can learn how to use the bike effectively on the very first training session[/one_half_last]

This can become very addictive, as it will monitor your fitness levels every time you use the machine and give you a fitness rating so that you can see how well you are developing.


Why choose a Kettler exercise bike?

Kettler is well known for the superior build quality and durability of its products. All Kettler machines are tested to the highest German standards (TUV) so you can be sure of the highest level of build quality.

For extra peace of mind, all Kettler machines are supplied with a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty, covering 100% of the machine.


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