Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower

Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower Review

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The Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower has been designed around a single glide rail, angled at a slight decline to create more clearance between the rowing bar and your knees.

The resistance itself is controlled manually by a hand wheel located just below the belt, keeping it within easy reach even when rowing.

One of the benefits of a magnetic resistance rowing machine is the quietness of the flywheel when in motion.

With no noisy fans to create the resistance, the 8 different levels can be controlled by a magnet being moved closer to or further away from the 4kg flywheel.

If you are limited on space then another design feature of the Kettler design will be the ability to fold the rail away when not in use. This changes the space the rower takes up from 219cm x 56 cm x 94cm (L x W x H) to 102cm x 56cm x 139m (L x W x H).


Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower


Display console design

In terms of the display console for the Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower, this has been positioned in a slightly different way to many rowing machines.

By raising the display up off the flywheel housing this makes sure the important workout information is kept much closer to eye level and easier to keep track of.

This information includes your current stroke rate, distance, time, number of strokes, calories burned and even your heart rate when combined with a chest strap transmitter.

With the display console being powered by 2 AA batteries, this gives you much greater choice over where you position the Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower in your home.

Without having to place the machine near a power socket this means you can use the rower in your living room, garage or even outside.
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Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower – Features Summary

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  • This rower draws on practically all the body’s muscle groups and acts positively on your stamina and well-being
  • Everyone can get their training right thanks to the adjustable foot loops and rowing resistance which is manually adjusted in 8 stages
  • LCD display shows time, distance, number of strokes, energy and pulse rate (cardio pulse set extra)
  • Target zone training is possible
  • The size when folded is L102xW56xH139
  • The max user rating 130KG / 20.5 stone
  • Extra features include a ball-bearing mounted rowing seat for a smooth ride, and pivotable foot-plates for reduced injury risk



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