Livestrong 9.9 IC Exercise Bike

Livestrong 9.9IC Exercise Bike Review

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The LiveStrong 9.9IC (Indoor Cycle) brings your outdoor ride in. With heavy duty components and premium construction, this cycle will keep you conditioned for your ride for years to come.

The cycle is built on a high quality commercial grade frame. The 40lb flywheel and Kevlar belt comprise the drive system and simulate a variety of road conditions for the perfect transition from your outdoor cycling routine.

The break system includes the friction break and emergency stop, which can be performed by pressing the red hand wheel in at the base of the handlebars.


Easy micro adjustments for added comfort

The road style saddle offers vertical and horizontal micro adjustment through the easy to use hand wheels and lever system.

Multi position handlebars adjust vertically so that you can find your perfect riding position. Unlike any other indoor cycle in its class, the LiveStrong 9.9IC comes with a free console computer as standard that allows you to track your progress throughout the workout.

This console features three LED windows that display RPM, time, distance and calories, showing you key workout feedback at a glance.

The fixed flywheel, belt-drive design is engineered to run smoothly and quietly, pedal stroke to pedal stroke.

Heavy duty components and premium construction will meet the demands of any rider for years to come. Designed to closely mimic a real road bike experience.


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Livestrong 9.9IC Exercise Bike – Features Summary

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  • Console computer included – tracks RPM, time, distance and KCal through 3 LED windows
  • 18 kg / 40-lb flywheel and Kevlar® belt system
  • Highly adjustable seat and handlebars, with limitless combinations, ensure a comfortable riding position
  • Heavy duty components and premium construction will meet the demands of any rider for years to come. Designed to closely mimic a real road bike experience
  • 3 Year Parts Warranty



Quietness and stability

[one_half]Although quietness may not be considered one of the most important factors when choosing a new indoor exercise bike, it’s one of the factors that can help make the decision if you have narrowed down a shortlist and are looking for differences to put one bike ahead of the rest.

The LiveStrong 9.9IC has a very quiet operation compared to many other bikes, which is helped by the smoothness of the belt system and high quality flywheel design. The smooth break also helps keep the noise to a minimum.

A more important factor along with ease of use is stability.[/one_half]
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If you have already tried a range of indoor exercise bikes, either at your local gym or at home in the past, then you will no doubt have seen how some bikes seem to be a bit less stable than others. There are no such worries with the LiveStrong 9.9IC as the construction is very stable and there is no shaking of loose parts.


Assembly and maintenance

When it comes to assembling the LiveStrong 9.9IC, this is a fairly simple task thanks to the majority of the frame already being constructed, and there being relatively few parts. One thing worth noting is that the bike can be heavy to move around and attach the various parts to when setting up, so it might be worth finding an extra person to help you with this when the time comes.

With such a high quality piece of fitness equipment you will probably want to keep it running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible. This can be helped with an application of WD40 or similar to the flywheel every month to 6 weeks, and pedal connections using a simple 3 in 1 oil product to keep everything smooth and quiet when in use.


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