Marcy CL803 Unisex Adult Exercise Cycle

Marcy CL803 Deluxe Exercise Cycle Review

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The Marcy CL803 Exercise Cycle has been designed to not just look great but also be completely adjustable and offer a variety of workout programmes to keep your workouts interesting.

Whether you are new to training or looking to upgrade your existing exercise bike, you will struggle to find another exercise bike with as many useful features as the CL803.


Worth considering before buying any exercise bike

There are two main factors to consider when deciding on buying any new exercise bike, other than price. These are the stability of the bike and the variations of training programs available.

There are of course other factors such as any noise made by the resistance (fan resistance bikes), keeping the range of cycling motion as natural as possible for your body type and ease of use.

Each of these will be looked at in detail in the following product article.


Design features

[one_half]The more you look at the design of the Marcy CL803 the more interesting and features you start to see, many of which usually being reserved for exercise bikes twice the price.

Despite its slim profile frame and compact size, this exercise bike still comes with a weight limit of 150kg. This makes it one of the strongest exercise bikes available in any price bracket.

Part of what makes this such a strong and stable design is the thickness of the seat post, which is also completely adjustable to suit a variety of body types.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]With a 150kg weight limit but weighing just 31kg, the Marcy CL803 is one of the strongest and lightest stationary bikes available[/one_half_last]

While many exercise bikes come with an adjustable seat that can be raised and lowered, this doesn’t always position you in the best way to ensure a natural range of motion when cycling.

This is improved upon with the Marcy CL803 through the addition of a horizontal track positioned just below the seat, which can be used to slide the seat forwards and backwards.

Both the height and distance from the handles for the seat can be adjusted quickly through the use of large hand wheels, which are designed with recesses to make them easier to grip and tighten.

Your preferred body position when cycling can also vary from person to person and even during different periods of your workout. To cater for this, Marcy have created the handlebars with a focus on providing different angles to grip as well as extending the length of the handlebars.

The heart rate sensors on the Marcy CL803 are also much wider and longer than on many exercise bikes. This is to provide you with a more comfortable position from which to grip the handlebars if you want to measure your heart rate for longer periods of time.


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[one_half_last]Marcy CL803 Unisex Adult Deluxe Exercise Cycle[/one_half_last]


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Marcy CL803 – Features Summary

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  • Resistance Levels: 16 Level Electromagnetic. Flywheel: 7kg
  • Blue Backlit Workout Computer
  • Monitors: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Scan.
  • Programmes:12 Pre Set Programmes – Pulse, Manual, Recovery, Body Fat and Watts Programmes
  • Pulse: Hand Grip Monitors. Maximum User Weight: 150kg / 23 stone / 330lbs
  • Seat: Vertical & Horizontal Adjustable. Pedals: Self Levelling with Toe Straps
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labour



Display console design and workout programmes

[one_half]The Marcy CL803 display console is split into 3 main areas. Diagrams of all possible workout programmes, a selection of buttons designed to be as intuitive as possible and largest area which is reserved for an LCD display.

The ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons being split up but positioned directly opposite each other is a very effective way of naturally breaking up the buttons.

This also serves to keep the 3 most used buttons of ‘up’, ‘down’ and ‘MODE’ close together, making it quicker for you to find the right button and change your settings mid workout.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The intuitive, colourful and informative display unit design[/one_half_last]

A feature that you won’t find on many exercise bikes this price range is the graph on the LCD screen that shows which workout program and resistance level you are currently using.

As well as this graph section, the Marcy CL803 constantly displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate (when holding sensors) and which workout programme you are using.

With some display screens it can be difficult to see all the training information clearly in brighter sunlight. Due to the blue backlit design, this display is easy to read even with sun shining on the screen.

The stylish design and colourful screen, together with the 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance and 12 preset programmes will all help to keep your workouts varied and interesting.

With the resistance being created magnetically this means you can exercise with very little noise being generated by the large internal 7kg flywheel.


The benefits of an exercise bike

With cycling been a weight bearing exercise it helps to strengthen bones and keeps your joints, tendons and ligaments flexible.

Regular exercise on a bike has also been proven to help increase your lung capacity and metabolism (burn fat at a quicker rate) and decrease the risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.


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