NordicTrack E11 Elliptical Cross Trainer

NordicTrack E11.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The NordicTrack E11.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is designed for the ultimate in workout technology and features.

It’s compatible with iFit Live, features a power intensity ramp and 24 built in workout programs. These workout programs are split into the different types of workout that most people look for when performing workouts on a cross trainer.


Design features and workout programs

Motorised incline

There are 8 programs designed to focus more on burning calories, 5 speed programs to focus on improving your running, 5 incline programs to emulate the feeling of running uphill and 6 intensity programs designed to be more varied and difficult than many of the others.

If you like working out on a cross trainer using either user defined or specific heart rate programs then unfortunately you won’t find these on this cross trainer, although iFit does make it possible to create a variety of running courses.

The NordicTrack E11.0 has also been designed with a ‘Power Intensity Ramp’ which can increase the incline angle from 10 degrees all the way up to 30 degrees.

This allows you to increase the incline at the touch of a button and will help to target your glutes, quads and calves for a more intense lower body workout.

In terms of suitability for different user stride lengths, the E11.0 features an adjustable stride length system to accommodate users of different heights, giving you the perfect natural motion and comfortable feel when training.

The oversized foot pedals will ensure complete stability and comfort, even on the more intense workouts.


Display console

NordicTrack E11.0 display console with heart rate sensor handles

The NordicTrack E11.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer features a backlit LCD Grafixx display that can be changed between displaying a variety of workout details to focussing on one specific measurement.

If you prefer to get straight into your workout and manually set the resistance as you train, there are the usual buttons for increasing and decreasing as well as 10 quick select buttons.

These range from setting the resistance at one of the lowest settings of 2, up to a top resistance level of 20 depending on your desired difficulty level.

This is particularly useful for anyone that prefers short bursts of more intense exercise such as during interval training, as well as making the NordicTrack E11.0 well suited for beginners and seasoned fitness trainers alike.

For anyone that likes to keep an eye on their heart rate while they train, the CardioGrip heart rate monitor sensors are compatible with many of the wireless chest pulse straps that are available.

If you don’t own a separate heart rate monitor, holding the sensors for a few seconds will bring up your heart rate on the main LCD display.

One final point worth mentioning with the NordicTrack E11.0 display console is the built-in sound system that enables you to connect your iPod and listen to your favourite motivational music when training.


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NordicTrack E11.0 – Features Summary

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  • IFit Live Compatible. Intensity Stride Power Ramp – Get better results by changing the incline of the elliptical from 10┬░ to 30┬░.
  • 20 Levels Of Resistance.
  • Backlit LCD GrafixxTM Display
  • Spacesaver┬« Design – innovative pedals and base fold-up quickly and easily to save you nearly 3 feet of floor space.
  • Console Audio For Mp3/Ipod Pug In.
  • Flywheel Weight – 8 Kg.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – EKGTM grip pulse heart rate monitor and Polar chest monitor compatible (optional) for a more accurate hands-free reading.
  • 24 Pre-Programmed Workouts



Connecting your NordicTrack E11.0 workouts to iFit Live

With iFit Live you can automatically download workouts to the console and results will be uploaded to This also features technology through Google Maps where you can draw your own course or select one from the online library.

Using the online workout builder and Google Maps, you can find an area where you want to run, map it out, then be shown the route distance and given the option to download it to the NordicTrack E11.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The Nordic Track E11.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is fully compatible with iFit

You can then even view your progress on your computer wirelessly to get a better sense of how far around the course you are.

The NordicTrack E11.0 uses a wireless module which you will need to slide into the top of the display console, allowing your workouts to be automatically downloaded to the cross trainer each day and your results uploaded to your iFit profile page.

You can also track your nutritional intake and additional expenditure for complete monitoring of your fitness goals. This can be easily updated by a handy iPhone app when you are out and about.


Storage when not in use

While many pieces of exercise equipment such as treadmills and rowing machines are now designed to be folded to reduce space taken up when not in use, cross trainers are a little more difficult to achieve this with due to no single long beam or running belt.

The NordicTrack E11.0 is different, and features a patented rear-folding design to take up nearly 50% less floor space. Once folded this then makes it easier to lift onto its wheels using the large handle on the back and transport it to wherever it needs to be stored in between workouts.


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