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How to Find The Best Rowing Machine

A very good way to burn calories is by using a rowing machine. You can burn up to 11 calories per minute. Imagine what it can do to your body during the 20-25 minutes of rowing workout. So if you are planning to buy a rowing machine, here is a buying guide to think through before purchasing one.

Rowing Machine Benefits

A rowing machine offers a total body workout aside from swimming. The rowing actions you do in a includes the pushing and pulling that works out together with your arms, shoulders, thighs, calves, and of course, your back. Rowing is one of the best cardio-scum strength workouts which mean that your heart and lungs can work hard without the excessive strain on your joints.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Rowing Machine

  1. The Space

The space where you will put this equipment matters. If you have little space, you can consider foldable rowing machines because most parts of this machine are heavy duty that will surely last for a few years before the need to replace some of its parts arises. The floor type should also be one of the concerns. For wood floorings, you might need a mat to reduce the vibrations. For tile floorings, you must check if the machine can cause skidding.

  1. The User

The user plays a very important role when buying a rower because each user has definite needs. If you are the tall type of person, you might need a long seat rail that is higher off the ground. On the other hand, if you are the short type, a small seat rail is what you will need.

  1. The Price

The price usually tells the quality of the rowing machine that you will buy. The best rowing machine usually starts at the price of $2,000 or more. You don’t have to spend that much because there are those rowers with average prices that range from $600-$800 that are also in good quality. Your just have to know the estimated daily use of the rower depending on your fitness goals and the brand you want so that you will know how much you will spend.

  1. The Construction

The construction of the rowing machine must be user-friendly. The seat and handlebars has to be comfortable and can easily adjust by the user.  The frame should be strong and secured. There must also a solid back support for the reclining exercise cycles. Other things you must take into consideration are the size of the footplates, adjustable foot straps, the rowing strap, the handgrips, the monitor displays, the floor protectors of the machine, the size, the weight, and the built-in wheels for movability.

  1. The Resistance

The resistance is the act of resisting or opposing something as force. The new and modern rowing machines have three resistance options. These are the air type, the magnetic type, and the water type.

The Air Rowing Machine. This is run by the resistance of a moving fan against the air. The air movements that flow over the internal flywheel will generate the resistance. The connected wheel on the chain of the rowing handle will spin the flywheel as you pull the handle, making the flywheel spins through the air with greater resistance. This rowing machine type might be a little noisy but it has a wide range of resistance in imitating rowing actions on water. The faster you row, the greater the intensity of the resistance. There are some rowing machines that can adjust the damper if you want to change the resistance.

The Magnetic Rowing Machine. The resistance on this type is attained by an adjustable magnet. It is easy to store because it is smaller and compact compare to the other two. It also runs almost silently during the procedure and needs only a little or no maintenance at all that’s why this is the most popular type for home use. This machine works by the changeable distance of the magnets and the spinning flywheel that is attached to the handle by a chain. The resistance levels can be adjusted using digital controls or mechanical sliders.

The Water Rowing Machine. The water rowing machines are intended to imitate the underlying forces and dynamics produced by the real boat in water because the density of water 800 times greater. You are in control of the resistance you want because the extent of your work tells the speed at which you row. This machine type has small components for stress-free storage. It is very economical when it comes to the price.

  1. The Warranty

The warranty of rowing machines generally has one year parts and labor with its manufacturer. A warranty of two to three years is offered for those high quality rowing machines. Keep also in consideration the other advantages of the brand you want such as the ability to do other exercises than the rowing functions, the display for the distance, the time, the speed, and other methods of monitoring like the calories burned.

Now that you learned some of the important things to remember before buying the rowing machine for you, it’s time to take a look at some popular models.

2016 Rowing Machine Reviews

Product Name (click link for full review article)Product FeaturesFoldableProduct Weight (kg)Max. User Weight (kg)Approx. Price(£)*Photo
Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine[checklist]
  • Heart Rate Chestbelt: Yes

  • Screen: 5,5" Monochrome LCD

  • Programmes: 12 - Quick start, manual, 500 mt time, preset programmes (8), HR max & min limit

  • [/checklist]
    Yes-135800Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine
    Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine[checklist]
  • Computer with heart rate control programs

  • Strong, stable well engineered frame

  • Full stroke for tall people plus folds for storage

  • Full auto-controlled air magnetic resistance system

  • [/checklist]
    Yes55150680Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine
    Infiniti R200 Commercial Rowing Machine[checklist]
  • Increased flywheel resistance system

  • Return spring force increased by 160% to eliminate dead zone

  • Aluminium beam 40% thicker (Compared to other rowers in class).

  • [/checklist]
    Yes53160900Infiniti R200 Commercial Rowing Machine
    WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine – Cherry Wood[checklist]
  • Resistance created by water to provide a more realistic rowing experience

  • Heart rate monitoring (via chest strap): Yes (Heart rate receiver and transmitter required)

  • [/checklist]
    Yes472001049WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine
    Infiniti R99 Programmable Mag Air Rower[checklist]
  • 12 workout Programs plus 16 Levels of Resistance

  • Folds for easy storage, also comes with transportation wheels

  • Super smooth aluminium beam with ultra comfortable seat

  • [/checklist]
    Yes30130500Infiniti R99 Programmable Mag Air Rower
    Horizon Oxford IV Air Rowing Machine[checklist]
  • Feedback: Count, Time, Pulse, Distance, Calories, Strokes/min

  • Heart Rate Feedback: Polar Chip Receiver

  • Seat: Comfort seat on aluminium guide rail

  • [/checklist]
    Yes35159545HORIZON Oxford IV Air Rowing Machine
    WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine - Ash[checklist]
  • Natural resistance provided by a water tank

  • Dimensions: H211 x W58 x D50cm

  • Guarantee: 3 years & 3 years frame

  • Natural wood design

  • [/checklist]
    Yes45125700WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine
    Hammer Cobra XTR Rowing Machine[checklist]
  • 10 Programs for multiple intensity workouts

  • Multi window LCD display

  • Folding Design for easier storage

  • 2 Year warranty

  • [/checklist]
    Yes38120480Hammer Cobra XTR Programmable Rowing Machine
    Hammer Cobra XT Rowing Machine[checklist]
  • 10 range resistance adjustment for multiple intensity workouts

  • 2 Year warranty on all parts

  • [/checklist]
    Yes38120430Hammer Cobra XT Rowing Machine

    * While every effort is made to ensure these prices are updated regularly, they are provided simply as a guide and may differ from the actual price of the product when viewing the article on Muscle, Fitness and Nutrition or the product listing on Amazon

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