Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Cross Trainer has been designed with features that don’t just make your workouts more effective and intensive, but also help to reduce the impact on your knee and hip joints.

With 10 built in workout programs, 20 different resistance levels and an easily adjustable incline function, there’s a wide range of benefits to making this your next home workout machine.

Design features and workout programs

A maximum incline of 30 degrees helps increase the workout intensity at the touch of a button

One of the major benefits of using a cross trainer is how low impact the movement is on your joints.

Sole Fitness have tried to design every aspect of the E20 to make your workout as effective as possible, while making it possible to match the range of motion to your running, walking and jogging strides.

The oversized foot pedals with 2 degrees of inward allow you to position your feet in the most natural position for your running style.

The Sole Fitness E20 also features an easily adjustable incline, ranging from the standard flat movement up to an incline of 30 degrees.

While the flatter settings will be perfect for working your hamstrings and quads, setting a steeper incline will focus the work more on your glutes, quads, hips and calf muscles.

In terms of workout programs, there are 8 preset and 2 user definable programs available. The 8 presets include programs that have been specifically designed for strength, fat loss, hill workouts, interval training, cardio and 2 heart rate programs.

This not only helps to add variety to workouts to help keep them interesting but also helps you to develop total body fitness rather than focussing on one particular type of workout.

This helps to keep your workout progress moving as your body doesn’t get the chance to adapt to any one way of training. If you find that the preset workouts aren’t quite right for you then the option to custom design 2 workouts specifically for your training style will prove very useful.

The shorter, stationary set of handles for the Sole Fitness E20 have heart rate sensors attached where your palm will grip. This ensures you get an accurate heart rate reading throughout your workout, which is particularly important if you want to train using the 2 preset heart rate programs.

With 20 levels of resistance you won’t need to worry about this cross trainer not meeting your needs for an intense full body cardio workout.

The combination of a heavy 8.5kg flywheel and a high gear ratio means you get an extremely smooth feel throughout all levels of resistance.

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Trainer – Features Summary

  • 8.5kg (19lbs) Flywheel Weight.
  • 0-30% Electronic Incline.
  • Console: 5.5″ Blue Backlit LCD.
  • 10 Programmes. HR Measurement.
  • 1-20 Levels of Computer Controlled Magnetic Resistance.
  • Maximum Stride Length – 20″ (51cm)
  • Audio System. Cooling Fan.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, Magnetic Braking and Parts Guarantee, 3 Years On-Site Labour.

Display console design

A large 5.5 inch backlit display helps keep your workout progress clear when training


A popular feature with several of the top elliptical cross trainer manufacturers and cross trainer products is the backlit blue display screen.

With the Sole Fitness E20 this helps to provide clear feedback on the length of your current workout, speed, distance, resistance, incline setting, calories burned, current workout program and heart rate.

In terms of the button layout and learning what each button does, Sole really have made it very simple to use.

Using just a single line of buttons you can quickly start your workout, alter the incline, alter the resistance and change your workout program.

There is even a button to activate the fan at the top of the display, positioned between two speakers.

These built in speakers combine with being able to connect up your MP3 player to allow you to listen to your favourite music throughout your training session to help keep you motivated.

Storage when not in use

To make it easier for you to move the Sole Fitness E20 out of the way when not in use there is a large handle at the back of the machine.

This can be used to lift the cross trainer onto its wheels and easily slide into wherever you want to store it between training sessions.

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical

With so many configurable design features, the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Cross Trainer is well suited to just about every body shape and training level.

From adjusting the stride length and incline to creating your own custom workout program, this has all been designed to allow you to create the most natural running motion for your body.

The lifetime guarantee on the parts, frame and braking system is testament to just how confident Sole are in this being a solid, high quality elliptical trainer.

Product weight: 79kg
User weight limit: 136kg
Product dimensions: 176cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 163cm (H)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Cross Trainers.

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