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Treadmills can range from standard to more complex ones to the latest types decked out with state of the art features. If it’s your first time to get a treadmill, it can be confusing and treadmills don’t exactly come cheap. To make shopping for your ideal treadmill easier, we’re giving you all the information you need on what to look for.

There are, in general, two main kinds of treadmills. Manual treadmills are operated using rollers that move only when the user moves. They’re lighter and more affordable but don’t produce a workout as effective as motorized treadmills. Some manual treadmills can also be folded up for easy storage. However, if you want a more energetic workout and a longer-lasting machine, you’d do better with motorized treadmills which have rotating belts plus other features like consoles and heart-rate monitors, all powered by electricity.

Why get a treadmill?

Treadmills serve several purposes and your particular reason for purchasing a treadmill will influence which treadmill model you select:

  • The top reason for getting a treadmill is for aerobic exercise and cardio workouts. Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill is an excellent way to burn calories and improve your overall health.
  • Having a treadmill at home is very convenient. You can exercise any time of the day without worrying about the weather, the distance of the gym or heavy traffic.
  • Treadmills are essential for serious runners who use controlled programs to set their pace, increase their workout intensity and monitor their progress.
  • While most people would complain that treadmills can get boring over time, they can add variety to your workout if you alternate it with other routines such as swimming or boxing.

What to consider when choosing a treadmill:

1. What should be the size of your treadmill?

Be sure you have enough space for your treadmill including storage space. If you don’t have a lot of room at home, you might be limited to a manual treadmill or a folding treadmill that you can just put away after use. You will also want to check the length and width of the running track. Those planning to use the treadmill for jogging or walking will be satisfied with standard length tracks. Runners, however, will require longer tracks.

2. How much motor power should your treadmill have?

When checking a treadmill’s motor power, it is recommended to look at the continuous horsepower (CHP) measurement instead of just horsepower (HP). This is to check how the motor consistently fares and how much power it can continuously produce at a given time. How much CHP you’ll need will depend on your type of exercise and how often you intend to work out. In general, jogging and running exercises will require greater CHP compared to brisk walking.

3. How much track speed will you need?

For walkers and joggers, a maximum speed of 12kph is usually adequate. Runners will likely prefer up to 16kph for a more intense workout. You can also vary your workouts by customizing your program’s track speed, for example, a slow setting first, then a quick spurt, and then slow again.

4. How easy is the treadmill to use?

More features should not necessarily mean more complicated operation. A useful treadmill will still be easy to understand and use despite having many features and accessories. You would not want to spend too much time figuring out or setting up the treadmill instead of actually exercising.

5. What kind of incline do you want?

Inclines also give you a more challenging and effective work out. Treadmills with an incline option will either have a manual incline or automatic incline. Manual inclines need to be set before you use the treadmill while automatic inclines can raise the track as you’re running. The automatic incline is more beneficial and simulates a natural environment better. Inclines can be up to 20 percent and you can adjust these to your comfort level.

6. What are the treadmill’s safety features?

It’s important to have safety features not just for yourself but especially if you have children. An emergency off button should be present and for greater security, a safety key. The safety key ensures that the treadmill will switch on only when the key is inserted. This key is attached to the user via a lanyard so that if he’s having trouble with the machine and the key is pulled out, the treadmill automatically stops. Additionally, some treadmills also have handrails or grips beside the console for more stability. If you’re choosing a treadmill with these features, make sure that it has a long or wide enough track so that you won’t bump against them while running.

7. What is the treadmill’s cushioning and weight capacity?

Don’t forget to check the maximum weight that the treadmill can hold. This is usually between 250 to 400 lbs. The best treadmill for you should be one that can handle more than your current weight.
Another factor you might want to consider is the treadmill’s cushioning or shock absorption capability. This helps lessen the impact on your body, especially your joints, every time your feet land or hit the mat.

8. What kind of electric console does it have and what programs does it offer?

Treadmills offer many kinds of programs to suit any user. You can choose pre-set programs to increase your endurance or vary your routine. You may also opt to manually choose your speed, incline, and distance. Some more advanced treadmills even offer additional features like heart-rate monitoring, and accessories such as bottle holders or speakers.

Lastly, always check if your desired treadmill has a warranty.

£: £0 – £500
££: £500 – £1000
£££: £1000 – £2000
££££: £2000 – £3000
£££££: £3000+

Product NameProduct FeaturesFoldableProduct Weight (kg)Max. User Weight (kg)Price Range(£)More info
Matrix T3X Treadmill
Matrix T3X Treadmill

  • Low 7.5" step-on height for easy accessibility

  • LED console display is easily navigated by users of all experience levels

  • Ultimate Deck System for superior performance and durability

Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill
Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill

  • Running Area:W= 51cm(20"), L= 148cm(58")

  • Top Speed:1-20km/h (0.5-12 mph), 6 1-Step Speed Keys, Power incline 0-15%, 6 1-Step Incline Keys

  • 10 Programmes, 7.5" LCD Display, HR Measurement, Sound System, Cooling Fans, Easy Folding

JTX Sprint-9 Commercial Foldable Club Treadmill
JTX Sprint-9 Commercial Foldable Club Treadmill

  • With a 3hp motor, flexi shock-absorbing running deck and 28 stone maximum user weight, this machine is gym specification and will fit your home beautifully.

  • 15 incline levels

  • Run up to 22kph on the 52cm x 150cm track and choose from one of the 24 unique interval, hill and fitness programmes.

Maxima Fitness MF-2000 ProFX Folding Treadmill
Maxima Fitness MF-2000 ProFX Folding Treadmill

  • 20 Incline levels that combined with the easily accessible side weights creates an intensive all round body workout.

  • Powerful 2.5hp (5.0hp Peak) high torque motor and 48 built in programmes

  • Space saving, fold, lock and power assisted descent feature. MP3 input and built in speakers. Ergonomic handrails with direct speed and incline control.

Horizon Tempo T904 Treadmill
Horizon Tempo T904 Treadmill Motorised Folding

  • Includes Horizon Tempo T904 Treadmill, 1.5sqm (4 pieces) Interlocking Gym Floor Matting, Wireless Chest Strap

  • Speed: 0-17.5km/h (0.8-10mph) | Incline: 0-10%

  • 7 motivational workout programmes installed

JTX Sprint-7 Folding Motorised Treadmill
JTX Sprint7 Folding Motorised Treadmill

  • 3hp motor - 6hp peak - 22kph top speed - 22 levels motorised incline

  • 7" blue LCD screen - 99 programmes - manual and automatic

  • An extra large running deck (140cms x 52cms) - 8 point suspension system

Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill
Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill

  • 0.8 - 16kph (0.5 - 10mph)

  • 18 programmes: 1 manual setting, 15 pre set programmes and 2 user settings

  • Cushioned deck: 120cm x 40cm (LxW)

  • Hydraulic lift and soft drop folding mechanism

Hammer Walkrunner RPE Folding Treadmill
Hammer Walkrunner RPE Folding Treadmill

  • Body Fat Measurement to help tailor exercises

  • 125cm x 42cm Running Deck

  • 8 x 8 LED Bar Array shows progression through programs

  • 9 Programs (1 manual, 5 Speed Programs, 3 User Programmable)

Fuel Fitness 3.0 Folding Treadmill
Fuel Fitness 3.0 Folding Treadmill

  • Top speed of 10mph/16kmh, 12 computer training programs.

  • Clear view blue back lit LCD console screen, providing detailed workout feedback.

  • Elastomer cushion flex running deck

Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill
Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill

  • 2.2hp peak motor

  • 0.8 to 14kph

  • 4 programmes including 3 pre-set and 1 manual

  • Folds at 90° for super compact storage

  • 2 level manual incline

JTX Sprint5 Foldable Motorised Treadmill
JTX Sprint5 foldable motorised treadmill

  • A 2.75hp motor allowing users up to 160kgs to run up to a speed of 22kph.

  • 99 programmes - manual and automatic

  • Large running belt, 8 point suspension system

  • Top grade steel construction

Maxima Fitness MF-2000 Speedster XT Treadmill
Maxima Fitness MF-2000-SpeedsterXT Treadmill

  • 22km/h (14mph) top running speed.

  • 20 incline levels that can combine with the easily accessible side weights

  • Powered by a high torque 3hp (6.5hp Peak) fan cooled motor.

  • 99 built in programmes targeting beginner to high level performers.

JTX Sprint-3 Motorised Folding Treadmill
JTX Sprint-3 motorised folding treadmill

  • A 1.5hp motor. Maximum speed setting of 14kph.

  • 48 unique programmes and a digital display where you can monitor your time, distance, speed and pulse

  • 16 levels of motorised incline over 8 degrees

  • Top grade construction- arrives 99% assembled

Tunturi Pure Run 10.0 Motorised TreadmillTunturi Pure Run 10.0 Motorised Treadmill

  • Speed: 0.8 - 22.0kmh

  • Incline: 0 - 12%

  • 15" TFT, LCD touch screen

  • Media Player, Wi-Fi, Smart Phone Connection & USB

  • Fitness Test: Cooper, 2 Km walking

Tunturi Pure Run 6.0 Motorised Treadmill
Tunturi Pure Run 6.0 Motorised Treadmill

  • Speed: 0.8 - 20.0kmh (0.1kmh step) | Incline: 0 - 12%

  • Running Area: 50 X 150 cm

  • Speakers built into the display console

  • Race function to compete with previous results

Tunturi Pure Run 4.0 Motorised Treadmill
Tunturi Pure Run 4.0 Motorised Treadmill

  • Speed: 0.8 - 18.0kmh (0.1kmh step) | Incline: 0 - 12%

  • Running Area: 50 X 150 cm

  • Combined graphic LED profile display screen

  • 13 Workout Programmes to choose from

Tunturi Platinum Treadmill
Tunturi Platinum Treadmill

  • Motor: 3.0 HP AC (Continuous)

  • Speed: 0.5-13 Mph

  • Incline: 0.25% - 15%

  • Belt Size: 60" x 22"

  • 7" Full colour TFT screen

Tunturi Classic Run 3.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill
Tunturi Classic Run 3.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill

  • Speed: 0.8 – 20 km/h

  • Incline: 0 - 12%

  • Soft drop System

  • Running Area: 50 X 150

  • 2-window LCD screen

Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill
Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill

  • Motor: 2.0 HP DC continuous

  • Speed: 0.8 - 18kmh

  • Incline: 0 - 12%

  • Soft drop System: Yes

  • Running Area: 50 X 150 cm

Matrix T7xe Treadmill incl Virtual Active
Matrix T7xe Treadmill

  • Integrated 15" touch screen display

  • Compatible with Nike + iPod

  • Ultimate Deck System for superior performance and durability

  • 5.0hp Dynamic Response Drive System

Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill
Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill

  • Top Speed of 12 mph/20kmh

  • 3.50 CHP drive motor

  • 0-15% Power Incline, console dual cooling fans.

  • Audio system for iPod/MP3 connectivity