Body Sculpture Motorised Treadmill

Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill Review

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Having a good quality treadmill at home has many benefits. The Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill has been designed to offer convenient indoor running without the need to leave the house or pay for a gym membership.


Body Sculpture BT3152 design features

Folded dimensions of 30cm x 72cm make this one of the most compact treadmills available when folded

Before taking a look at the overall design, one of the features that sets this treadmill apart from others in a similar price range is how small an area it can fold up into.

Whereas many treadmills can be folded to take up less space, this often still needs to leave the arm rest bars and main display unit upright.

With the Body Sculpture BT3152 the full length of the running deck can be folded, even the section under the display unit.

This makes it one of the most efficient treadmills in terms of saving space when not in use, and very easy to move into storage thanks to a set of wheels on the base.

For anyone that likes to monitor their heart rate while training, there is also a set of sensors on top of the handles below the display that you can hold onto to get a measurement after a few seconds.

For more intense workouts you can choose to increase the incline of the running belt through 2 different pre-set incline levels.

If you are used to using a treadmill in the gym and changing the incline with the touch of a button, it’s worth noting that the Body Sculpture BT3152 requires you to set the incline level manually before you start, using the wheels and stand underneath.

The 2.2hp motor provides speeds of 0.8kph to 14kph to vary the intensity of your workout.


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Body Sculpture BT3152 – Features Summary

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  • 2.2hp peak motor
  • 0.8 to 14kph
  • 0.5 to 8.75mph
  • 4 programmes including 3 pre-set and 1 manual
  • Folds at 90° for super compact storage
  • 2 level manual incline
  • Console with time, speed, distance, calories used and hand-pulse
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Large cushioned running deck 125cm (L) x 40cm (W)
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Water bottle holder
  • Phone or Mp3 holder
  • EN975 European Safety compliant



Display console

A clear and easy to use display unit is one of the many benefits of the Body Sculpture BT3152

While many treadmills will have a display console with a number of LED screens all telling you different information, the Body Sculpture BT3152 has a display that has been designed to be as simple as possible.

With one main LCD screen you can see your heart rate, which program your workout is currently set to, your time, speed and calories burned.

The number of buttons on the display has also been kept very minimalist, with simple ‘quick start’ and ‘stop’ buttons. The ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows can be used to scroll through the different workout programs, summaries of which are displayed as small diagrams on either side of the display screen.

It’s worth bearing in mind that although the simple layout makes it easy to check your statistics when closer to the display, when you are running it can be difficult to monitor some of the information as closely as you may like.

If you prefer a treadmill with a larger display screen or even several LED screens, then it may be worth looking at either the Horizon Tempo T904 or Maxima Fitness MF-2000 ProFX.

[one_half]Either side of the display console are recesses built into the front display unit.

These are very useful for holding items that are essential to many people’s workout such as a bottle of water and their mp3 player or phone for motivational music.[/one_half]

Box Contains

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  • Treadmill
  • Adapter
  • Manual



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