Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill

Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill

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The Body Sculpture BT5700 Treadmill has been designed to offer you an effective indoor running session, while at the same time being easy to move and fold away when not being used.

The large cushioned running deck (120cm x 40cm) helps to protect knee and hip joints from too much pressure when running, while providing you with more than enough room to run comfortably.


Ergonomic button placement

An important point to look for on any treadmill is how easy it is to reach the controls for the incline and speed adjustments. With the Body Sculpture BT5700 there is a set of controls on each of the two handles, which will be much more convenient to use than the ones on the display when running.

Variety of workout routines is something that every good treadmill or piece of fitness equipment should offer. This isn’t just to prevent you getting bored of the same style of running, but also to help keep shocking your body into losing that extra pound of body fat or improving overall fitness by putting it through a workout it isn’t used to.


Folding and storing the Body Sculpture BT5700 Treadmill

Folding the running deck to a near 90 degree angle makes storage much easier when not being used

While the Body Sculpture BT5700 has been designed for home use, it has all the features and build quality as many of the top commercial treadmills you would find in a gym.

When choosing a treadmill for use in the home, it isn’t always possible to dedicate an entire room into becoming a home gym.

This is why Body Sculpture have made it easily foldable for storage, and attached wheels on the bottom to move it around easily despite its 73kg weight.

After folding this treadmill up easily, it will lock securely in that position and can be wheeled about quite easily when upright.

As soon as the running deck is released from the upright position it will slowly drop to its working position in about four seconds, controlled by a hydraulic damper.


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Body Sculpture BT5700 – Features Summary

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  • 3.0HP peak output DC Motor
  • 0.8 – 16kph (0.5 – 10mph)
  • 10% power lift
  • 18 programmes: 1 manual setting, 15 pre set programmes and 2 user settings
  • Computer monitors: Body fat, Hand pulse, Time, Speed, Distance and Calories used
  • Cushioned deck: 120cm x 40cm (LxW)
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Hydraulic lift and soft drop folding mechanism
  • Easy access speed and elevation buttons on arms
  • Weight: 73kg
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty



Monitoring your heart rate and safety

For anyone looking to use a heart rate monitor there are also special sensors added to the handles under the main display that can be used to display your heart rate on the display when held for a short time.

If you don’t want to worry about holding the sensors to monitor your heart rate, then there are many comfortable heart rate monitors you can buy separately that will do the job.

One of the safety features you may notice on the display is the ‘Safety Key’ red circle. This is for holding a cable that can run from the display to a clip that attaches to your clothing. This way if you do happen to fall on the treadmill, the cable will pull out of the safety key and the treadmill belt will come to a stop.


Display unit design

The Body Sculpture BT5700 display unit has a clear design and useful preset incline and speed settings

A couple of other nice features of the display unit are its simplicity and well designed layout and buttons. While you have the usual ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows for increasing the incline and speed by smaller amounts, you also have buttons to quickly adjust the incline and speed to a predefined level.

This is a particular benefit for anyone looking for a treadmill for interval training, where you will want to switch from a moderate pace to a very intense pace quickly for a limited time.

A basic graph detailing each of the 15 pre-defined workout programmes is also shown on the display unit next to recesses that can be used to store your iPod, phone or water bottle.

There have also been many reviews about the Body Sculpture BT5700 that praise how quiet the motor is even at higher speeds.


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