JTX Sprint 3 Motorised Folding Treadmill

JTX Sprint-3 Motorised Folding Treadmill Review

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While the JTX Sprint-3 Motorised Treadmill is among the smallest in the JTX Sprint range of treadmills, it is perfectly designed to meet the needs of anyone looking for a high quality mid-range machine.


Design features

The JTX Sprint-3 is the first in the earliest in the Sprint range to feature a motorised incline

Being priced towards the lower end of the Sprint range there are obvious differences when compared with the higher priced designs such as the Sprint-5 or Sprint-7.

The belt size is considerably shorter at 120cm compared with 135cm for the Sprint-5 and 140cm for the Sprint-7, but this also means it takes up a lot less space both when being used and when folded.

It is often useful to measure your natural running stride length before deciding on a treadmill. This is so you can be sure you have ample room for running and don’t have to restrict your stride to fit in with the dimensions of the running belt.

The running belt on the JTX Sprint-3 still features the same high quality 8 point shock suspension system as the higher priced designs. This helps to reduce impact on your knee and hip joints when running or jogging.

The JTX Sprint-3 is also the first treadmill in the Sprint range to feature a motorised incline. With 16 levels and an 8 degree incline this will help to add intensity to your workouts.

Combine this incline with the maximum speed setting of 14km/h and this makes for a very competitive mid-range treadmill.


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JTX Sprint-3 – Features Summary

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  • A 1.5hp motor allowing users up to 120kgs to run up to a speed of 14kph.
  • 48 unique programmes and a digital display where you can monitor your time, distance, speed and pulse
  • 16 levels of motorised incline over 8 degrees
  • Top grade construction- arrives 99% assembled
  • Purchase with confidence- superb 1 year on site JTX warranty



Display console

A clear and easy to use display, with quick select buttons for both the incline and speed

One of the best features of the JTX treadmill range is the well designed and easy to use display console.

The JTX Sprint-3 is among the first in the range to use the larger blue LCD screen to clearly display all the most important information about your workout.

This includes your time, distance, speed and heart rate.

The clear separation of the different buttons helps to quickly determine where you need to look to change each setting, even mid-workout.

Incline can either be adjusted very slightly using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows or use the quick select incline buttons. These make it possible to change between a gentle incline of level 3 and go to a maximum of level 9 for a more intense workout and to focus the workout more on your calf and quadricep muscles.

Speed settings buttons have been designed in much the same way as incline, and are positioned on the opposite side to the incline buttons. These will allow you to quickly switch between 3, 6 and 9km/h.

The JTX Sprint-3 is also the first in the Sprint range to add quick start and quick stop buttons to the display.


Storage and the ‘soft drop’ design

Storage of the JTX Sprint-3 couldn’t be simpler. You just need to lift the running belt up and it will lock into position ready to be stored away.

When you are ready for another workout, you can tap the support beam that is used to hold the belt up and it will gently lower to the floor controlled by JTX’s ‘soft drop’ mechanism, which is also used on many of its more expensive treadmills such as the Sprint-7.


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