JTX Sprint-9 Commercial Folding Club Treadmill

JTX Sprint-9 Commercial Foldable Club Treadmill

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The JTX Sprint-9 Treadmill has been designed with features that are found on high end commercial treadmills, together with a design that will suit the home user.

Taking the durability and workout programs of a commercial treadmill and put them into a machine that can be used at home.

The overall design of the JTX Sprint-9 flows together very well, from the simple belt design to the curved arms that follow the same angle as the main display support.

Because this treadmill features a foldable design, JTX have made it as simple as possible to both raise and lower the main belt section through the use of pistons under the belt that help it to lower slowly without the need for you to take the weight and lower it to the ground yourself thanks to the dual hydraulic soft drop system.


Reduced impact exercise

JTX Sprint-9 Treadmill set to an incline level

One of the key points to look for on any treadmill is the flexibility of the running deck.

With running being such a high impact form of exercise on your knees, it’s always best to look for a treadmill that has a little bounce in the belt section.

With the JTX Sprint-9 Treadmill the running platform has this feature thanks to the 8 point shock suspension system and flexible running deck that can reportedly reduce the stress on your knees by 30% compared to either running outdoors or on a treadmill that doesn’t feature a flexible running deck.

The extra long running belt allows plenty of space for workouts (Belt size is 52cm (W) x 150cm (L))

There are many built in programs that are clearly labelled around the main console, with options for cardio training, hill running and fat loss. Each of these options also has different modes that have been designed to suit a range of abilities from beginner to expert.

The main display unit shows all the most important information you need during your workout very clearly. The speed is the clearest number displayed at the top of the screen, but there are also areas for displaying the incline level, workout program, distance and calories.


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JTX Sprint-9 – Features Summary

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  • JTX Sprint-9: Commercial quality treadmill found in high end health clubs and well equipped home gyms.
  • With a 3hp motor, flexi shock-absorbing running deck and 28 stone maximum user weight, this machine is gym specification and will fit your home beautifully.
  • Whether you’re walking, jogging or sprinting, select one of the 15 incline levels at the touch of a button for the ultimate goal training or weight loss inspired workout.
  • Run up to 22kph on the 52cm x 150cm track and choose from one of the 24 unique interval, hill and fitness programmes. You can also customise three programmes with your desired speed and incline workouts.
  • The polar receiver and chest strap will allow you to workout at the most effective heart rate.



Heart rate monitoring

There are also specifically designed heart rate programs that will allow you to program a set heart rate range. With the help of the Polar heart rate monitor that should be attached to your chest, the JTX Sprint-9 treadmill will be able to adjust the speed and incline throughout your workout to keep you in that target heart range.

This helps to make your running session much more goal orientated depending on what you are looking to achieve, either focussing more on fat loss with a lower heart rate range, or cardio with a higher heart rate range.


Quick adjustment of the incline and speed

JTX Sprint-9 Commercial Foldable Club Treadmill

Just under the main display there are a couple of rows of buttons that go up in fixed increments. The top row relates to incline while the bottom row relates to speed.

Each of these has been provided to quickly have the JTX Sprint-9 treadmill adjust to those settings without having to worry about pressing down the plus or minus buttons lots of times if you wanted to change from a 6km/h jog to an 18km/h sprint.

This makes it much easier to perform interval training, where you need to switch very quickly between a low to medium speed and a higher speed for short periods of time. For convenience there are also buttons on the handles for adjusting both the speed and incline level.

The integrated speakers are also perfect for home workouts as you don’t have to worry about headphones. You can simply plug your phone or MP3 player into the treadmill and listen to music to increase motivation when running.

One last important set of design features worth mentioning is safety. With the JTX Sprint-9 treadmill there are 3 main safety measures to help prevent injury. There are the long support arms for you to hold onto if you start to feel dizzy, a safety key that clips onto your shorts of other clothing so that when it detaches the machine will power down and the emergency stop button for if you want to stop the treadmill very quickly. Having these safety features in place is particularly important when looking for a treadmill to use at home where you may often be training alone, and will allow you to push yourself to your limits.

The JTX Sprint-9 Treadmill also comes with a 3 year warranty, so if you do experience any issues in that time JTX will send out a specialist treadmill engineer to fix it. This includes the time to fix the problem and the parts required to get it working again smoothly.


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