JTX Sprint 5 Foldable Motorised Treadmill

JTX Sprint5 Foldable Motorised Treadmill Review

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The JTX Sprint5 Motorised Treadmill design has all the important features you might be looking for in a new treadmill.

The large running deck, 99 workout programmes and high maximum user weight are just a few of the features that make this treadmill worth the money.


Design features and workout programmes

If you enjoy your high intensity running and interval training then a high maximum run speed is a must. The JTX Sprint5 features one of the fastest running belt top speeds of any treadmill in its price range and can be adjusted all the way up to 22kph.

To help reduce any impact on knee joints when running and try to prevent injury, this treadmill features an 8 point shock suspension system under the main running belt.

JTX Sprint5 foldable motorised treadmill

The running belt is also actually larger than many treadmills around this price range and will be better suited for both taller runners and people who like a bit more running space in their workouts. (Belt dimensions: 46cm x 135cm)

You can also change the incline of the running belt on the JTX Sprint5 up to a total of 10 degrees in 0.5 degree increments to further increase the intensity of the workouts.

As with many of the top treadmills, the handles are put to good use for the space they take up.

On each handle there is either a couple of quick change buttons for adjusting the incline, or a set for adjusting the speed.

By being positioned on the handle, this means you can make changes to the incline and speed of the running belt throughout your run without worrying about making your way to the very front of the JTX Sprint5 just to alter basic running settings.


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JTX Sprint5 – Features Summary

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  • A 2.75hp motor allowing users up to 160kgs to run up to a speed of 22kph.
  • 2 year on site warranty – 5 year warranty on frame
  • 7″ blue LCD screen – 99 programmes – manual and automatic
  • Large running belt – 46cm wide x 135cm long – 8 point suspension system
  • Top grade steel construction – arrives 99% pre-assembled



The JTX Sprint5 display console

JTX Sprint5 foldable motorised treadmill

Having 99 built in workout programmes can be both a benefit and a negative point. How quickly you can start a workout on your favourite programme is an important factor that is made easier through the clear layout of the display console.

While there are ‘mode’ and ‘prog’ buttons for moving through the different workout programs, with a total of 99 this could take some time without a detailed guide or personal experience of the treadmill.

In terms of knowing what each of the different workout programmes are, JTX do provide a guide. Possibly the best way of knowing which workout program is best for you is to simply jump on the treadmill and find a program which will match your goals.

With 4 quick change incline level buttons positioned to the left of the LCD display and four quick change speed buttons this helps you to change speed very quickly if you need to mid-workout.

As with a lot of the more recent high end treadmills, the display unit features a connection for your MP3 player and speakers to let you listen to music more clearly when training.

One final design feature of the JTX Sprint5 display unit is the recesses created on either side that are large enough to hold basic workout necessities such as a bottle of water and your iPod or MP3.

The addition of an extra water bottle holder just under the handles is a nice addition that you don’t find on many other treadmills.


Storage when not in use

In terms of being able to store this treadmill after use, the JTX Sprint 5 treadmill folds down to what becomes one of the most compact treadmills available.

The running track can be lifted up and fold into the treadmill frame, while the feet of the console and console itself can then be folded down until the entire treadmill is lying flat on the floor.


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