Matrix T3X Treadmill

Matrix T3X Treadmill Review

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The Matrix T3x is a top of the range commercial quality treadmill manufactured by Matrix, a UK based company that strives to make the highest quality fitness equipment while paying excellent attention to detail.


Ultimate Deck System

The impact absorption system of the Matrix T3X treadmill provides the ultimate feel for all users, and offers over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance.

The cushioning system that the belt has been designed with helps to reduce the impact on your knees and lower back when running, which is just one of the many benefits of using a high quality treadmill such as the Matrix T3x over normal road running.

Other benefits include being able to quickly adjust the incline and speed to the exact levels you need, and having the information about your session displayed at all times. These both help to track your current progress and make sure that you know if you are performing better than the previous session and if so by how much, so you can keep track of your progress.

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Dynamic Response Drive System

The exclusive drive system is coupled with controlled technology that continuously monitors and adjusts to user footfall to ensure a perfect stride.


Matrix T3x console

The main display features a single LCD bar that shows all the most important information about your training session in large, easy to read numbers.

This includes how long you have been training that session, distance travelled, calories, speed, incline, pace, heart rate and watts.

This simple display and control layout on the main unit of the Matrix T3x ensures that users of all experience levels can quickly and easily navigate the controls and setup their cardio session to meet their needs.[/one_half]
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The buttons you will find on the console are made up of the following:
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  • Multi-Purpose Keys: Keys have different functions depending on the screen
  • Quick Start / Go: One touch start and quick start
  • Enter: To confirm each program setting
  • Up/Down Incline: Easy information and incline selection
  • Up/Down Speed: Easy information and speed selection
  • Up/Down Time: Time adjustment
  • Emergency Stop: Stops all functions and immobilizes the treadmill.
  • Stop: Ends workout and shows workout summary data
  • Pause: Pauses workout
  • Cool Down: Cool down mode is dependent on the length of the workout. Workouts 19 minutes and shorter will have a cool down length of 2 minutes. Workouts 20 minutes and longer will have a cool down length of 5 minutes



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Matrix T3X Treadmill Review

Features Summary

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  • Low 7.5″ step-on height for easy accessibility
  • LED console display is easily navigated by users of all experience levels
  • Ultimate Deck System for superior performance and durability
  • 4.2hp AC Dynamic Response Drive System with 7 year motor warranty



Heart rate monitoring with the Matrix T3x treadmill

By placing your hands directly on the grip pulse handlebars, and holding for around 15 seconds you will start to see your heart rate appearing on the main display. Although you don’t need to hold the bars and monitor your heart rate all the time, you can always check this every 5 minutes to make sure you are staying in your target heart rate range.

If you are performing interval training and need to know your heart rate changes throughout the session then you can also use a wireless heart rate receiver, although this isn’t included with the Matrix T3x.


Recording your workout statistics

The Matrix T3x treadmill comes with a USB port on the console which is mainly used for two reasons. Firstly updating the console firmware. This is done by simply copying the updated software to a USB drive and plugging the drive into the USB slot on the T3x console. Wait until you hear two beeps which will confirm the upgrade is complete.

The second reason for the USB port is recording workout statistics. If you plug in a USB drive before your workout summary screen disappears (10 seconds after finishing your workout), the console will beep twice and display that your workout statistics have been saved if this completes successfully.

You should then be able to plug your USB into your computer, visit and upload your workout statistics.


Ease of assembly

Although the Matrix T3x is quite a heavy product, weighing around 140kg, this is mainly for the weight of the running belt. It may be worth having a second person available to help with the moving around of the treadmill while it is being constructed and moved to where you will use it.

In terms of how easy the Matrix T3x is to assemble, there are only really about 6 steps to follow in the supplied instruction manual. Although these all come with detailed exploded drawings and step by step points on how to complete each step, there can be quite a number of pins and screws that need to go in place at the same time which can be quite difficult to understand even with the drawings.

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Lower Priced Option:

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