Maxima Fitness MF-2000-Speedster XT

Maxima Fitness MF-2000 Speedster XT Treadmill

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The Maxima Fitness MF-2000 Speedster XT is the next treadmill up in the Maxima Fitness range of high quality treadmills, after the MF-2000 Pro FX.

Featuring 99 built in workouts compared to the ProFX’s 48 as well as a more powerful motor, the Speedster XT has many more features that make it worth the extra money.


Design features

Maxima Fitness MF-2000-SpeedsterXT Treadmill

Two of the most noticeable features with the Maxima Fitness Speedster XT are the size and quality of the running belt, and the free weight dumbbells attached to the sides.

These free weights have been added for much the same reason as being added to the earlier ProFX treadmill, to provide you with an extra level of resistance to work your arm muscles when running or jogging.

Being rubber coated means that if you are in the middle of a workout and no longer want the added resistance of holding the dumbbells, you can drop them at the side of the treadmill quite safely.

To cater for taller runners and those with a longer stride, Maxima Fitness has designed the running deck to be a little larger than other designs around this price range. This is also around 15cm longer and 5cm wider than the smaller ProFX model.

By having a larger running area this offers you a little more freedom over your running without worrying too much about constantly adjusting your stride to stay near the front of the belt.

Another of the key features of the Maxima Fitness Speedster XT is the foldable running deck. Although not as spacing saving as treadmills such as the Body Sculpture BT3152 which folds almost completely flat, this does still reduce the length by more than 70cm. This brings the required storage area floor space down to 111cm x 83cm.

The pneumatic arms positioned on either side under the running belt help to make sure that folding away and lowering the belt is made as effortless as possible.


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Maxima Fitness MF-2000-Speedster XT – Features Summary

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  • Robust, reliable and safe with a spacious usable running area (1400X505mm).
  • Confidence and peace of mind with a lifetime frame and motor warranty and 2yrs parts and labour.
  • 22km/h (14mph) top running speed, ideal for short power bursts and interval training.
  • 20 incline levels that can combine with the easily accessible side weights for an intensive all round body workout.
  • Powered by a high torque 3hp (6.5hp Peak) fan cooled motor.
  • Sturdy 20 Gauge Steel frame, 8-point suspension deck, Space saving, fold, lock and power assisted descent feature.
  • 100% inspection & test prior to delivery.
  • 99 built in programmes targeting beginner to high level performers.



Display console design

The display console is kept very minimalist in its design to help make setting up your workouts more intuitive

There are a few key points that any treadmill display should feature. These are that operating the buttons should be intuitive (shouldn’t need to read a manual just to perform basic changes to speed and programs), the information displayed should be clear even when running and that you should be able to quickly adjust settings even mid workout.

Taking a look at the Maxima Fitness Speedster XT display it’s clear to see that this meets all three. Comparing this with the display on the ProFX model there are a couple of major differences.

The multiple screens have been rolled into one larger easy to read screen and the buttons have been split into clearer groups instead of one long line.

Quick-select speed and incline settings
While the speed does go to a maximum of 22km/h and the incline to level 20, the quick select buttons allow you to change between the levels you will probably use most often. This being a maximum of set 12 for the incline, and 12 km/h for speed.

Both sets of these quick select buttons are positioned directly underneath the display screen to make them easy to see. Something that might take you a while to get used to though, is that the speed and incline levels increase in different directions.

So if you want to increase your speed you would start from the center and work out towards the 12km/h setting on the far right. Changing the incline would mean starting from the middle and working out to the left to get to the highest setting of 12.

A larger gap between the two sets of buttons would also have helped to make this clearer.

If you don’t like using the buttons on the front display for adjusting the incline and speed in the middle of a workout, there are also buttons on each of the handles. These should be at an easier reaching distance to help avoid making any changes to your current pace just to get to the buttons on the main console.

The large LCD screen displays all the most important information for your workouts. This includes your speed, distance, time, calories, incline setting and BMI. Your heart rate can also be displayed when holding onto the sensors, or when using the heart rate monitor chest strap provided.

If you enjoy listening to music when training then there is even a socket for plugging in your MP3 player to the display and speakers to listen without the need for headphones.


Maxima Fitness Speedster XT workout programs

Featuring an incredible 99 different built in workout programmes, you would think that this covered just about every type of training possible.

But if you can’t find a workout that suits your style of training then you still have the option of creating, storing and editing 3 custom workout programs of your own design.

Included in these 99 built in programmes are workouts that are designed for increased fat loss, increased intensity by adding different incline levels to your run and even heart rate controlled programmes.

Programme selection is assisted by an on screen graph that keeps the user informed at all times. The Maxima Fitness Speedster XT display also features a nice ‘Track’ option that can be used to record your laps and position.


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