Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill

Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill – Black

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The Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial treadmill is built with enjoyable and effective workouts in mind and produced by one of the leading fitness equipment companies in the world.

The following product article takes a look at everything from the quality of assembly instructions to the workouts and overall design features to provide you with all the information you need to decide if this is the right treadmill for your style of training.

Design features

Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill

When it comes to the design of the Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill, every section has been designed to help you feel comfortable in your running.

The extra large running area (150cm x 55cm) has two main benefits. The first of which is making this treadmill perfect for taller users with a longer stride length. If you are 6ft tall or over then stride length is one of the most important things to compare when buying a new treadmill.

The second benefit is that the size of the running area allows you much more freedom in your running.

You aren’t constantly thinking about keeping your strides in a small area like with some lower priced designs, you can just concentrate on maintaining your natural running pace and enjoying your workout.

The powerful running motor built into the running deck of the Sole Fitness TT8 helps to provide you with some of the highest incline and fastest speed settings available on any treadmill.

With a peak power level of 5.0 HP, you have the option of keeping your running flat or increasing to a 15% incline, all while setting the running belt at a speed from 1km/h up to 20km/h. All of these settings are controlled using the display console buttons, allowing you to alter the intensity of your training quickly and easily whenever you need to.

To help make adjusting the speed and incline even easier, the hand rails have buttons built in to control the settings to save you having to alter your running stride to get to the main display buttons.

One last point worth mentioning about the design is the strength of the frame. While most treadmills support a maximum user weight of between 100kg and 130kg, the Sole Fitness TT8 supports up to 180kg. This is because of the reinforced framework and solid 3″ crown rollers under the running belt.

Ease of assembly and transport

The user manual includes very clear instructions and a check list to make assembly easier

The user manual includes a very detailed check list of all the parts you should expect to find in the box, together with exploded drawings and full textual instruction.

One of the great features of the Sole Fitness TT8 is how easy it is to put together. In just 7 steps you can go from having all the parts laid out on the floor to having your first workout on your new treadmill.

The main running deck comes already pre-assembled so there’s no need to worry about assembling the motor or casing.

The only real assembly that’s needed is to install the left and right upright tubes, then slide the display console and cross brace section into place. Once all the bolts are in place to prevent anything from coming loose it’s ready to use.

In terms of transport, although not as easy to move as fitness equipment such as stationary exercise bikes due to the weight, it is still possible thanks to the wheels at the front.

By lifting the running deck this then allows you to roll the treadmill to another location, which is perfect if you need to store the treadmill away in between workouts.

Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill

Sole Fitness TT8 – Features Summary

  • Top Speed of 12 mph/20kmh, 3.50 CHP drive motor – continuous horse power 5.0 HP peak duty
  • 0-15% Power Incline, console dual cooling fans.
  • Running Deck: 25mm, 2.5mm commercial duty belt
  • Running area “Extra Wide” – 150cm L, 50cm W, audio system for iPod/MP3 connectivity
  • Non folding
  • Maximum user weight 181kg/28.5 stone
  • Lifetime frame, motor, parts + 3 years at home labour warranty

Display console design

The Sole Fitness TT8 display console with build in audio system and cooling fans

The Sole Fitness TT8 features a display console that provides you with everything you need to keep your workouts enjoyable and effective.

With such a wide range of options available for the speed and incline settings, quick change buttons have been added either side of the main display screen to make it easier to adjust the treadmill to your desired setting.

The extra-large 9″ central display screen is used to display all your important workout information including time, distance and calories burned.

A large area of this backlit screen has been designated to a dot matrix display, which is used to show the different levels of workout intensity. This is split into ten rows, with fewer rows lit up for lighter workouts and the full ten rows lit up when the treadmill is at full incline and speed.

This dot matrix display can also be changed to show a track view, where you can clearly see your progress around a virtual running track.

As well as all the buttons and workout options, there is also a built in audio system for connecting your iPod/MP3 and speakers to listen to music positioned either side of the dual turbo cooling fans at the top of the display.

If you were wondering about safety features, the Sole Fitness TT8 includes a metal oval on the display console that is used for attaching one end of the safety tether cord. The other end of this cord this then attached to your clothing, meaning if you trip and fall the cord will be pulled off the display console and the treadmill will stop almost immediately.

Workout programmes

Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill

An important part of keeping any long-term fitness plan effective is to keep your workouts varied. The Sole Fitness TT8 helps you achieve this by including five preset programs, two user defined programs, two heart rate controlled programs and one manual program.

Each of the preset training options has been designed to improve different areas of physical fitness, from aerobic to cardiovascular.

When buying a higher quality treadmill such as the TT8 you will usually be given the option to enter basic information about yourself, such as weight and age.

This has been included to help ensure that the amount of calories burned is as accurate as possible and also that the heart rate controlled programs adjust to the most suitable intensity levels.

Although there are heart rate hand sensors built into the front handles, if one of the reasons you are buying this treadmill is for the heart rate programs then it may also be worth investing in a heart rate monitor chest strap.

While the Sole Fitness TT8 does include 2 workouts controlled by your heart rate, it’s best if the transmitter signal is constant which is best achieved with a chest strap.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill

The Sole Fitness TT8 Commercial Treadmill is an excellent choice of treadmill for anyone looking to buy a solid, high quality treadmill that focuses on the basics of an effective workout.

The wide range of incline and speed levels together with the 10 workout program options ensure you can create all the variation you need in your workouts.

Enjoyable workouts are just as important as effective ones if you want to make sure you keep your workouts consistent. The TT8 helps make this possible with the built in audio center, storage areas for your phone, MP3 and drinks bottle and even fans to keep you cool during training.

User weight limit: 180kg
Size in Use: 200 cm (L) x 83 cm (W) x 147 cm (H)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Treadmills.

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