Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill

Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill

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The Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding treadmill is classed as the entry level treadmill in Tunturi’s Classic range.

The following article takes a look at everything from the overall design features and workout program options to the simplicity of the assembly instructions to help you decide if this is the right treadmill for your style of training.

Design features

The large running area and aesthetic design makes the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 ideal for a range of users and training environments

One of the most important features to look for on any treadmill is the size of the running area.

Although your running stride length may be a difficult thing to measure, it’s important that the running area is comfortably larger than this to make sure your natural running motion isn’t restricted.

With a large running area of 150cm x 50cm, the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 features one of the largest available on any light commercial treadmill and should be more than enough even for people over 6ft tall.

Despite the weight of this treadmill being over 100kg, the nature of the folding design means it is still easy to fold away. This is also helped by the main weight of the 2.0 HP motor being kept as close as possible to the base of the treadmill.

Once folded away you just need to step on the pedal attached to the main base unit, pushing the running deck towards the display console slightly and let the soft drop system slowly lower the running deck to the ground.

The display console includes a clip for the safety key which must be connected for the belt to move


The Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 also includes a couple of features to make sure your workouts are as safe as possible.

The main safety feature you will need to use is the safety tether key. The treadmill has been designed to not allow the running belt to move if this isn’t attached.

Essentially this is a clip that has one end attached to the display console and the other to an item of your clothing. This way if you fall the clip will pull out of the display console and the running belt will stop immediately, helping to prevent injury.

Ease of assembly and storage

Although 3 instruction steps totalling around half a page may not sound like much for assembling a treadmill, that’s really all that is needed with the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0.

Possibly the main reasons for this is due to the treadmill being foldable. This means that as soon as you take it out of the packaging the running deck and upright display supports are already pre-assembled.

Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill

Once these are lifted into place it’s just a case of attaching the display console and the side caps to lock the uprights in place.

Whether you are limited on space or simply don’t want to have the treadmill setup all the time it can be important to buy a machine that is foldable.

As with the Run 3.0, the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 is foldable, reducing its floor space requirement from 193cm x 91cm down to 93cm x 91cm (full dimensions listed at the bottom of the page).

Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 Motorised Folding Treadmill

Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 – Features Summary

  • Motor: 2.0 HP DC continuous
  • Speed: 0.8 – 18kmh
  • Incline: 0 – 12%
  • Soft drop System: Yes
  • Running Area: 50 X 150 cm
  • Belt Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Deck Type: MDF 18mm
  • Belt Type: Silicon lubrication
  • Operating Environment: Home Use
  • Handrails: Yes
  • Quick Keys: Yes
  • Heart Rate Chest Belt: No, Option
  • Heart Rate Hand Sensors: Yes
  • Programmes: Manual, Constant HRC (2), Preset(11), User(2), BodyFat
  • Fitness Tests: Body Fat
  • T-scale for variety in intensity

Display console design

The intuitive design of the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 display console

The overall design of the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 display console can be divided into 3 main sections.

For adjusting the speed and incline by smaller amounts during your workout there are the 4 buttons closest to you when using the treadmill. These will adjust the incline by 1% at a time, while the speed buttons will alter the speed by 0.2 km/h each press.

To make it easier to adjust the speed and incline by larger increments you also have the quick select buttons positioned just below the display screen.

These are particularly useful for workouts such as interval training where you will want to change the incline, speed or even both by large amounts very quickly.

The third section is the blue backlit LCD screen. This will display all the most information relating to your workout including speed, distance, calories burned and even heart rate if you are holding the heart rate hand sensors.

To make it clearer which workout program you are currently using there is also a large section of the screen which displays a graph relating to that particular program.

Workout programmes

For anyone that enjoys workouts with a set structure and specific goal, the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 includes 17 preset training profiles, 2 of which can be setup by the user.

To help add as much variety as possible to your training, these workouts are split into different levels of fitness ability and training goals.

There are 5 which are considered relatively low intensity and classed as walking or jogging workouts. There are also 2 workouts specifically targeted at burning calories, 3 interval training profiles, 2 heart rate controlled programs as well as the 2 that you can create yourself.

While the Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 does feature built in heart rate hand sensors, you can also use a heart rate chest belt for the heart rate controlled programs if you prefer.

Warranty Information

  • Frame: 15 Years
  • Drive Motor: 10 Years
  • Electronics: 24 Months
  • Other Parts: 24 Months (+ 12 Months*)

*Note: You can extend the warranty for parts in home use with an additional 12 months by registering your Tunturi product within 30 days after the purchase date.

Tunturi Classic Run 1.0

Product weight: 101kg
Product dimensions (In use): 193cm (L) x 140cm (H) x 91cm (W)
Product dimensions (Folded): 93cm (L) x 181cm (H) x 91cm (W)
User weight limit: 135kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Treadmills.

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