Trixter X-Dream Interactive Exercise Bike

Trixter X Dream Interactive Exercise Bike Review

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The Trixter X Dream is the ultimate new indoor training system that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors.

There are full bike controls including pedals, the ability to steer the bike, brakes and front and rear gears to make it look and feel just like a normal outdoor road bike.

It has embedded sensors that sense what you are doing on the bike at any time, including how fast you are cycling and which direction you turn the front handlebar section.

The main attraction of the Trixter X Dream is the large screen at the front of the bike that shows you riding, and can be setup to show yourself competing with other riders for a more interesting and realistic indoor cycling experience.


Why is the Trixter X Dream a more effective indoor bike?

[one_half]For anyone thinking about buying a stationary exercise bike, one of the things that often puts people off is the fact that you are stationary, always looking at the same place.

This is why you will often see rows of televisions above the cardio machines or speakers fitted to treadmills and places to plug in your MP3 player or iPhone to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

The Trixter X Dream makes it possible to have a screen with a rider that you control through many different locations as well as giving you the option to cycle against other riders in a virtual race, making indoor cycling exciting and competitive.[/one_half]
Trixter X Dream Interactive Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]

By watching TV or listening to music you will also be much more likely to lose focus and have a less effective workout. With the Trixter X Dream indoor training system you will become more immersed in your cycling and focus more on the exercise you are performing, perhaps even more so than if you were cycling outdoors due to the competitive aspect that can be added.



Choosing your cycle mode

There are 5 main modes with the Trixter X Dream indoor training bike. These are Quick Start, Plug and Play Fitness, Free Ride, Group Ride and Technical Trail.

The mode that is most similar to what you may be used to if you have used an indoor exercise bike before is the Quick Start mode, which lets you ride on a Fun level track as long as you want with no fixed race length.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Trixter X Dream Interactive Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]

Plug and Play Fitness is the mode to choose if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge and want to race against other riders controlled by the computer.

Free Ride is very similar to Quick Start but even more relaxed. Just choose your location and start cycling.

Group Ride is for networking with other Trixter X Dream bikes if you are looking to purchase a few of these for your fitness centre or gym. Instead of just competing with computer controlled riders, this then lets you compete against your friends or other riders cycling next to you.


Creating your cyclist

Just like with many video games you can create the virtual character you will be cycling with, setting various physical attributes such as shirt and bike type, as well as programming in your personal details such as weight and height.



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[one_half_last]Trixter X Dream Interactive Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]


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Trixter X Dream – Features Summary

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  • The Xdream allows the member to enter a stunning virtual world with 5 other riders
  • Take a ride in parkland, in the highlands, in the semi-arid or desert locations
  • Winner of Maxim’s Exercise product of the year 2008
  • Add a little variety and a LOT of fun to your exercise regime
  • Excellent build quality



Locations to cycle in using the Trixter X Dream

In terms of the different locations you can choose to cycle in, you can choose from a few main places such as Parkland, Semi-Arid, Desert and Highlands. Each of these locations varies not just in the scenery but also in the type of workout you ride through, with some places being more uphill while others are flatter.

For each of these locations there are also a series of difficulty levels to progress through, from ‘Fun’ all the way through to ‘Pro’. The feel of a video game is carried throughout the choosing of a trail and level, as only the ‘Fun’ difficulty level is available at first. Once you complete this difficulty level for a location then you unlock the next difficulty level.

As you work your way through the various difficulty levels programmed into the Trixter X Dream, the difficulty of racing against the other computer controlled riders also increases.

A lot of the settings are purely for show and have no actual effect on the quality of your workout such as being able to create your own rider. But this is all part of what makes this such a unique and enjoyable piece of fitness equipment. It doesn’t feel like you are doing a cardio session for exercise, but more you are playing a game and being competitive either networked with other bikes in the gym or against computer controlled riders.[divider]

Trixter X Dream Interactive Exercise Bike

[divider]At the end of your cycling session you can also have a number of graphs displayed to you that show useful information such as your heart rate and speed throughout the session.

During your cycle session you will also need to change gears as you get faster, slower and climb inclines just as you would on a real outdoor bike. This is simply a case of clicking a button on the handlebars to either increase or decrease the gear you are using. This also increases and decreases the resistance you feel when using the bike. The controls for adjusting the front gear are displayed on the left while the rear gear selection is on the right of the handlebars.


Trixter X Dream handlebar menu controls

The handlebars also feature some very simple buttons for moving through the different menus and setting up your rider. The blue button is for changing your view on the screen when riding, the red button is to cancel or go back a menu stage, and the green button is to start or make a menu selection. There is also a set of basic up, down, left and right arrows positioned on the left of the handlebars to navigate through the menus.


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