Tunturi C30 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Tunturi C30 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

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The Tunturi C30 is a rear driven cross trainer designed to provide a longer stride length than the front driven designs.

With the flywheel being positioned at the back of the cross trainer, this also keeps the range of motion much flatter compared to the leaning forward that is often required with front driven versions.

This product article takes a look at the Tunturi C30 in a bit more detail, from the design features to the workout programs to help you decide if this is the best choice of exercise equipment for your own home gym.

Design features


Tunturi C30 Elliptical Cross Trainer


The basic design of the Tunturi C30 has been kept relatively simple, with the main focus being around providing a stable, smooth, and effective running motion.

This has been achieved through positioning the large flywheel at the back of the cross trainer and adding extra wide base supports to improve the stability.

The larger set of handles has been ergonomically designed to make allow you to use your upper body in the exercise without feeling like you are pulling against your feet or transferring too much of the effort to your arms.

If you want to focus more of the workout on strengthening or toning your lower body only, then the smaller set of handles has been conveniently positioned to make this possible.

As well as offering a range of different grip positions and a textured grip to prevent your hands from slipping, the smaller set of handles also includes a set of heart rate hand sensors.

These are useful for if you want to check your fitness level with the built in recovery fitness test, or train using the heart rate control programs.

Ease of assembly

As with all Tunturi cross trainers, the base unit and flywheel housing comes already pre-assembled which takes a lot of the complexity out of the setup.

The remaining steps are detailed towards the end of the user manual using a series of exploded drawings to show exactly how each of the parts fits together.

Although there isn’t any textual explanation, each step lists the parts you will need and the quantity which go together with the drawings to make the remaining assembly relatively straight forward.

The only assembly required from when you unpack all the parts is to attach the base plates, put together the two large handlebar sections, and assemble the display console support.

Tunturi C30 Elliptical Cross Trainer


Tunturi C30 – Features Summary

  • Stride Length: 16 Inches / 40cm
  • Flywheel Rotating Mass: 28kg / 62lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 135kg / 300lbs / 20.4 Stone
  • Console Features: Colour LCD console with 6 inch screen
  • Feedback: time, distance, speed, calories, watts
  • Programs: quick start, manual, constant Watts, constant hrc, max heart rate limit, fitness test, 12 preset, 5 user, t-scale
  • Braking System: Permanent magnet, servo adjustment
  • Power Supply: mains powered
  • Transport wheels

Display console design

Tunturi C30 Elliptical Cross Trainer

There are generally 3 main types of display consoles for cross trainers; touch screen, button oriented, and a combination of a jogwheel and buttons.

The Tunturi C30 features the latter, which allows you to quickly move through the options on screen and adjust various settings without having to repeatedly press buttons to adjust the resistance level or workout program.

The 6 inch colour screen keeps you updated with various useful pieces of information about your workout including time, speed, rotations per minute, distance and calories burned.

While this information is neatly displayed across either side of the screen, the main central section is reserved for a bar chart. This is used to show which particular workout program you are training to, with higher bars representing higher levels of intensity and vice versa for shorter bars.

Although the number of buttons added to the display has been kept to a minimum, the Tunturi C30 still features a couple of useful options for measuring your body fat and recovery.

While pressing the ‘body fat’ button will cause the built in computer to calculate your BMI and show your body fat percentage, the recovery button initiates a form of fitness test.

Towards the end of a workout, if you grip the heart rate hand sensors after pressing the recovery button then your recovery heart rate index will be calculated. This is essentially measuring how quickly your heart rate returns to normal and will provide you with a fitness score after a short period of time.

Workout programs

Although the Tunturi C30 doesn’t provide the same variety and number of possible user defined workout programs as the Tunturi Pure F 10, at around a quarter of the price you still have an effective selection to choose from.

The workout program options include manual, preset, user defined, and heart rate control.

  • Manual program – This prompts you to set a target time, distance, or number of calories you want to burn during your workout, then manually adjust the resistance using the selection dial as you work towards that target.
  • Preset programs – There are 12 options to choose from, each varying in intensity to cater for different user fitness levels and to provide you with more varied and interesting workouts.
  • User program – This allows you to create a custom workout for your own personal training goals. Using the selection dial you can adjust each of the 20 bars on the display screen according to the level of resistance you want to workout using at that time.
  • Heart rate control (HRC) program – The Tunturi C30 provides you with 4 different HRC programs for varying levels of intensity. You can choose to workout at 55%, 75% or 90% of your maximum heart rate, or even set your own custom heart rate percentage.

Tunturi C30 Elliptical

The Tunturi C30 Elliptical Cross Trainer offers excellent quality at an appealing price. The C30 provides a smooth elliptical movement and silent operating system with low frame entry.

The cross trainers monitor is a simple yet motivating, it has a colour LCD console with 6″ screen, selection wheel, and wide programme range to keep your workouts varied.

The elliptical offers highly efficient dual training for upper and lower body to help you burn fat and tone up at a quicker rate. The C30 has a clean and stylish Tunturi cream white colour to blend in to your home environment.

Product weight: 58kg
Product dimensions: 144cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 165cm (H)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Cross Trainers.

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