Tunturi C85 Cross Trainer

Tunturi C85 Cross Trainer Review

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The Tunturi C85 is an elliptical cross trainer that offers a smooth exercise movement as well as some unique features that make this one of the highest quality cross trainers available.

With such a range of features it can be difficult to know exactly what you are buying from just a photo or short review.

The following product article takes a look at everything from the colour display to built in fitness test to help you decide if this is the right cross trainer for you.


Display console design and features

One of the features that really sets the Tunturi C85 apart from other cross trainers is the display console, with its large 7 inch colour monitor.

This can be used to stream video of landscapes while you workout, with the scenes even slowing down and speeding up in time with your pace.

The resistance, which is electromagnetically controlled, interacts with the videos to give the impression of climbing a steep hill, or free-wheeling downhill, which adds considerably to the natural training experience.

The innovative display console is one of many design features that sets the Tunturi C85 apart from similar products

Basic navigation of the settings is made simple with the use of 4 small buttons near the centre of the console. These can be used to pause your workout, focus the profile display, open the training menu or look at your user settings.

For any additional menu navigation, the Tunturi C85 includes a dial in the centre of the console. While this is mainly used for scrolling through menus, this can also be used to increase and decrease resistance and any currently selected values such as in the user settings.

The Tunturi C85 has clearly been designed in a way to make workouts much more interesting and enjoyable than your average cross trainer.

As well as the 7 inch colour display, a series of buttons on the console have been added purely for operating the MP3 player. These make it simple to adjust the volume, skip between songs and even pause the music if you need to.

This built in MP3 player with 3 music profiles has been specially designed to sync with this cross trainer’s heart rate control programmes.


Design features

The most noticeable design feature on the Tunturi C85 is how the larger handles are joined to the foot pedals and supporting track.

Each angle has been added to create the most natural running stride possible as well as to reduce the chance of the front driven motion taking too much effort out of the exercise.

To adapt to your natural heel position when running, the foot pedals have been designed with a slight pivot point around where the balls of your feet will be resting.

When the pressure moves back onto the heel the pedals will change back to a solid flat position to provide complete support throughout the entire range of motion.

The Tunturi C85 has been designed with a Very sturdy and strong frame, making it suitable for intensive training.

In terms of transport and storage, while this is possible when setup, due to the 105kg weight it is recommended that the Tunturi C85 is setup where it will be used and can be left when not in use.


Custom user profiles

Most exercise machines are now designed to include ‘calories burned’ as part of the display information, but this is often inaccurate due to not recording details about the person using the machine such as bodyweight.

With the Tunturi C85 you can save details on the user register, which allows you to store basic information about up to 20 different users.

While you can choose to exercise without setting any custom profile information, this will default to basing your workout information on a person of 45 years old and bodyweight of 70kg.

It doesn’t take too long to setup each profile and you only need to enter basic details including height, weight, age, gender and which units you want to use when displaying workout information.

For the preset heart rate training programmes it’s also best to set your maximum heart rate at the same time. The Tunturi C85 will automatically generate this using the generally accepted formula of 220 – age, so you shouldn’t need to worry about changing this.

By creating a user profile you can also then go back and check how you performed on your last training session as well as view a summary of all your training sessions.


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Tunturi C85 Cross Trainer – Features Summary

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  • Top TunturiĀ® front driven cross trainer
  • Unique smooth movement with a silent operating system
  • Long 19″ stride allows an even natural motion
  • Very sturdy and strong frame suitable for intensive training
  • Maximum user weight 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Easy to use console with only 4 push buttons, selection wheel and X-Large 7 inch colour display
  • Product monitor offers 8 language versions for feedback and instructions
  • T-Road(TM) programs provide the outdoor experience for your indoor training!
  • T-Ride(TM) programs provide a realistic simulation of outdoor training
  • T-Music(TM) programs provide a motivating beat for the user to work out with
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Superb new TunturiĀ® Midnight Blue colour
  • Accurate heart rate measurement, the wireless heart rate chest belt is included
  • Monitor offers 8 language versions for feedback and instructions.



Workout programmes

The 10 preset programmes have been custom designed to each meet different training goals for various fitness levels, from beginners to the physically very fit.

These are split into 3 main groups of improving your endurance fitness, improving oxygen uptake and improving your explosive strength.

As well as these 10 preset workout profiles you also have access to a series of Tunturi’s own training programmes. The ‘T-Trainer’ program is best suited to anyone who enjoys their interval training, as this will change the workout to be 6 training modules of two minutes each, with a minute’s rest between each module.

There are specific workout programmes to match all levels of training goals and experience

‘T-Ride’ has been added to simulate riding a bike on natural terrain. This will display an altitude profile and allow you to change gears using the selection dial.

You can then select your preferred terrain and start and end points for your session before starting your workout.

The ‘T-Road’ and ‘T-Music’ training sessions require you have the memory stick inserted in the meter and allow you to either see your progress in a video on the colour display, or listen to music that automatically adjusts according to your heart rate.

As well as these preset training programmes you can also create and save up to 100 of your own. (Must be longer than a 10 minute workout)

The target heart rate program has also been included which allows you to set a desired heart rate training level and have the resistance automatically adjust during your training to keep you at that level.


Built in fitness test

It’s often difficult to really track your fitness progress between workouts and measure it over time. The maximum oxygen uptake capacity is considered one of the best ways to measure a person’s fitness level.

The Tunturi C85 fitness test will start you at a low resistance and level of effort, then gradually increase until you reach 85% of your maximum heart rate (heart rate sensor must be worn during the test).

When the test finishes you will see a reading which reflects your aerobic fitness level, together with various other details about your oxygen uptake which can be used over time as a comparison to see how you are progressing.


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