Tunturi Classic R3 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Tunturi Classic R 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The Tunturi Classic R 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the leading cross trainer model in Tunturi’s Classic range of exercise equipment.

Design features

Tunturi Classic R 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Two of the most important features to look for when choosing a new cross trainer are the smoothness of the running movement with the flywheel and the handle shape.

The high quality 7kg flywheel built into the base of the Tunturi Classic R 3.0 ensures that each revolution is smooth and stable.

The handles have also been ergonomically designed to suit a range of heights a grip positions. The smaller handlebars are angled to stay close to the display console for if you want to use the built in hand sensors or focus more on lower body muscles.

The foot plates have been designed to be larger than most cross trainers to provide you with more comfortable foot positioning.

The raised lip section around the top and inner edges of the foot plates also helps to prevent your feet from slipping too far forwards when running.

With a 16 inch fixed stride length this makes the Tunturi Classic R 3.0 ideal for people under 6 ft tall.

If you are over 6 ft tall then it is recommended to look for a cross trainer with a longer stride length closer to 19 inches, such as the Tunturi Pure F 8.0. This is to take into account the naturally longer running stride and ensure that your workouts are as effective as possible.

Ease of assembly

Due to the multi joint handle system included in many cross trainer designs, including the Tunturi Classic R 3.0, there will usually be a fair amount of assembly required.

Fortunately the flywheel housing comes pre-assembled together with the bulk of the base frame which makes it a little easier.

Once the front and read stabilizing platforms are attached to the base this makes it much easier to finish the rest of the assembly.

The instruction manual that accompanies this cross trainer provides you with a full breakdown of all the parts that should be included, together with detailed exploded drawings of each step.

Once the base supports are attached it’s just a case of attaching the foot plates and building the sets of handles and you are ready to start your workout.

Tunturi Classic R 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Tunturi Classic R 3.0 – Features Summary

  • Flywheel Size: 7kg
  • Rotating Mass: 28kg
  • Stride Length: 16 Inches
  • HR Chestbelt: Option
  • HR Hand Sensor: Yes
  • Power Adapter: 9V/0.5A
  • Screen: 6″, 2 Colour LCD backlit display
  • Control: Buttons + Jogwheel
  • Total Programmes: 23
  • Languages: 1
  • Fitness Tests: Recovery heart rate, Body Fat, BMI

Display console design

The display console for the Tunturi Classic R 3.0


The basic design of the display console for the Tunturi Classic R 3.0 has proven to very effective at simplifying the number of buttons and their layout without losing functionality. So much so that a similar design has been carried forward into the design for the new Pure Cross R 6.0.

Essentially what this provides you with is a central selection dial that can be used for quickly scrolling through menu options as well as adjusting the resistance level.

With other cross trainers this would leave just the stop and start buttons remaining, but Tunturi have added 2 additional options; Recovery and Body Fat.

These are both forms of fitness test that can either give you a better indication of your aerobic fitness level (Recovery) or measure your BMI (Body Fat).

The recovery program can be used at the end of a workout while holding the heart rate hand sensors to measure how quickly your heart rate recovers to normal. As well as being informative, this can also act as a measureable goal to work towards improving if you wish.

The Tunturi Classic R 3.0 also features a 6 inch colour LCD screen to display your most important workout information including time, speed, revolutions per minute, distance, calories burned and heart rate.

Workout programmes

The range of 23 available workout programmes built into the Tunturi Classic R 3.0 have been split into 4 main categories; Manual, User, Heart Rate Controlled, Constant Watt.

These each include a variety of programmes at different intensity levels to make sure this cross trainer is well suited to people of all fitness abilities.

Taking the heart rate controlled programs as an example, these are split into four different training intensities of 55%, 75%, 90% and ‘Target’.

These percentages are all based on your maximum heart rate and will cause the resistance to automatically adjust to reach and maintain this target heart rate level.

Warranty Information

  • Frame: 15 Years
  • Electronics: 24 Months
  • Other Parts: 24 Months (+ 12 Months*)

*Note: You can extend the warranty for parts in home use with an additional 12 months by registering your Tunturi product within 30 days after the purchase date.

Tunturi Classic R 3.0 Elliptical

The Tunturi Classic R 3.0 offers a user friendly, comfortable and attractively priced elliptical cross trainer for regular use with average intensity.

Having a built in user register means you can create a range of users, providing basic information for each to improve the accuracy of information that gets displayed during workouts, such as the calories burned.

The wide variety of training programs also ensures that this cross trainer is well suited to both beginner and intermediate levels of fitness training.

Product weight: 58kg
Product dimensions: 144cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 165cm (H)
User weight limit: 135kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Cross Trainers.

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