Tunturi Classic U 1.0 Upright Exercise Bike

Tunturi Classic U 1.0 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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The Tunturi Classic U 1.0 upright exercise bike is currently the lowest priced exercise bike available from leading fitness product company Tunturi.

Design features

When looking to buy a new exercise bike it’s important to find a design that can position you in the most natural and effective way for your height and style of cycling.

While an adjustable seat does go some way in making sure that your feet are resting comfortably on the pedals throughout the entire range of motion, the Tunturi Classic U 1.0 also features adjustable handlebars.

Tunturi Classic U 1.0 Upright Exercise Bike

By turning loosening the hand wheel you can adjust the angle of the handlebars until you can easily reach all sections. This is particularly important if you will be holding the built in heart rate hand sensors to monitor your heart rate for longer periods of time.

To ensure the bike is relatively easy to move around once setup, a set of transport wheels have been added to the back.

With such a lightweight and minimalist design this helps keep the weight of the bike low at just over 30kg, far less than any other exercise bike made by Tunturi.

Ease of assembly

Although the instructions aren’t as visually clear in the diagrams as the instructions for the Pure range of exercise bikes, the level of written detail more than compensates for this.

With the bulk of the frame and entire flywheel housing already being constructed there is relatively little left to do when it comes to putting the bike together.

Once the base supports are attached it’s simply a matter of building and attaching the handlebar unit, then attaching the seat and pedals.

Tunturi Classic U 1.0 Upright Exercise Bike

Tunturi Classic U 1.0 – Features Summary

  • Flywheel Weight: 7 kg
  • Rotating Mass: 14 kg
  • Operating System: Manual
  • Seat Adjustment: Height / Horizontal
  • Low Instep: Yes
  • Heart Rate Chest Belt: No, option
  • Heart Rate Hand Sensors: Yes
  • Operating Environment: Home Use
  • Screen: 4″, LCD Mono chrome
  • Workout Programmes: 3
  • Fitness Test: Recovery heart rate

Display console design

When it comes to the design of the display console for the Tunturi Classic U 1.0, the focus has very much been kept on simplicity and ease of use.

The 4″ LCD display screen is used to constantly keep you informed of all the most important workout information including speed, revolutions per minute, distance, calories burned and heart rate.

In terms of the buttons, the main functions you will most likely use are the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ options. These are used to set goal values for your workout as well as adjusting the training intensity.

Tunturi Classic U 1.0 Upright Exercise Bike

It may also be useful to use the ‘Recovery’ option from time to time as this acts as a form of fitness test.

While holding the heart rate hand sensors after a workout, if you press the ‘Recovery’ button the built in computer will calculate a fitness score based on how quickly your heart rate is returning to normal.

Warranty Information

  • Frame: 15 Years
  • Electronics: 24 Months
  • Other Parts: 24 Months (+ 12 Months*)

*Note: You can extend the warranty for parts in home use with an additional 12 months by registering your Tunturi product within 30 days after the purchase date.

Tunturi Classic U 1.0

The Tunturi Classic U 1.0 Upright Exercise Bike is a good choice for anyone looking to buy a high quality exercise bike with an aesthetically pleasing design and smooth cycling action.

One of the only real issues is with the lack of possible exercise programs. With the Classic U 1.0 being limited to just 3, if you are looking for more training options for around the same price then it might also be worth taking a look at the JTX Cyclo-5

Product weight: 31kg
Product dimensions: 98cm (L) x 56cm (W) x 138cm (H)
User weight limit: 135kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Exercise Bikes.

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