Tunturi Pure U 4.0 Upright Exercise Bike

Tunturi Pure U 4.0 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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The Tunturi Pure U 4.0 is the only upright exercise bike in the Pure range that allows you to connect the bike to a tablet device using Bluetooth for use with the Tunturi training app.

The following product article takes a look at a range of information important for anyone considering buying a new exercise bike. This includes everything from the overall bike design and available preset training profiles to the quality of the assembly instructions.


Bike design

[one_half]While many exercise bikes focus on either providing an effective workout or how aesthetically pleasing the design is, the Tunturi Pure U 4.0 manages to do both.

The slim profile frame and ergonomic handlebar design helps ensure that the bike looks great when setup as well as creating a more natural and comfortable upper body position for you when cycling.

Another of the nice design features with the Tunturi Pure U 4.0 is that the seat position can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Tunturi Pure U 4.0 Upright Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]

Unlike the vertical adjustment, the bar that the seat slides along horizontally has no fixed hole positions. This allows for much smaller adjustments and ensures you are in the most effective position for your height.

To make sure the bike is completely stable while you workout, the base is equipped with 4 adjustable support feet. These can be used to compensate for slight deviations in the floor to keep the machine stable when on slightly uneven ground.

Heart rate hand sensors have also been added to the handlebars to let you monitor your heart rate during your training sessions.


Ease of assembly

Similar to other upright bikes in Pure range such as the Pure U 6.0, the assembly instructions for the Tunturi Pure U 4.0 have been made as clear and concise as possible.

Although this couldn’t be considered a particularly light exercise bike, weighing around 50kg, once you have the base support platforms attached this makes it very easy to setup.

The housing for the 7kg flywheel is already pre-assembled which just leaves the handlebar unit to be built and the pedals, bottle holder, seat and base platforms to be attached.


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[one_half_last]Tunturi Pure U 4.0 Upright Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]


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Tunturi Pure U 4.0 – Features Summary

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  • Flywheel: 7 kg / 14 kg
  • Operating System: Servo Motor
  • Transmission Ratio: 1:9.46
  • Seat Adjustment: Height / Horizontal
  • Low Instep: Yes
  • Heart Rate Chest Belt: No, option
  • Heart Rate Hand Sensors: Yes
  • Operating Environment: Home Use / Light Commercial
  • Ergometer: Yes, 260W / 60RPM
  • Screen: iConsole monitor, Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Tunturi App: Manual, Programs(12), I-Route, Watt & HR, User programs(10)
  • Programmes: Monitor use without tablet, Manual, Beginner (4), Advanced (4), Sporty (4), Watt & HR, Fitness Test: Body fat,



Display console design

[one_half]One of the most obvious differences between the display console on the Tunturi Pure U 4.0 and other bikes in the Pure range is the raised section at the base.

This has been added to create a shelf for you to rest your iPad on if you choose to workout using the Tunturi i-Console app (more information on this can be found below).

As well as this there is the addition of the workout program graphs between the main buttons and display screen. These are useful to match up to the program currently displayed on the screen so you always know what to expect during each workout.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The display console design has been kept as simple yet informitive as possible[/one_half_last]

The 6″ display screen is used to display all your important workout information including time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate. If you choose to workout using the iPad app then all of this information will be displayed on your iPad screen.

The number of buttons has been kept to a minimum to prevent the display from feeling too cluttered. As well as the usual start/stop and up/down buttons you also have the options of ‘Recovery’ and ‘Body Fat’.

These have been designed as basic forms of fitness tests, with the ‘Body Fat’ button calculating your BMI and the ‘Recovery’ button providing you with a fitness score based on how quickly your heart rate recovers after a workout.


Workout programmes

The Tunturi Pure U 4.0 bike is provided with 12 preset workout programs. These are split into 3 main categories to suit a range of different fitness levels.

‘Beginner’, ‘Advance’ and ‘Sporty’ each have 4 workout programs designed to help you achieve a variety of fitness goals.

Beginner workouts – These are more gradual in their resistance and intensity, designed to help improve your overall aerobic fitness.

Advance workouts – Much more varied in their intensity, usually using higher levels of resistance.

Sporty workouts – Mostly variations on interval training, with periods of much higher intensity followed by periods of light intensity training. These have been added to help improve your strength.


The Tunturi i-Console training app

The Tunturi training app has been developed for use with a select range of the Pure fitness equipment, including the Tunturi Pure U 4.0.

[one_half]Having such a large display screen through connecting to a tablet device comes with many benefits.

As well as having a much larger screen to display your workout information on, this also makes it much quicker to setup one of the 10 user created workout programs, setup a new user profile and even adds a new workout option.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Tunturi Pure U 4.0 Upright Exercise Bike[/one_half_last]

‘i-Route’ is a workout program only available through the app. This lets you choose a country, then select a route to cycle through.

All of the usual workout information will then be displayed such as your speed, heart rate and resistance level. You can also choose to change the display to show a map of your progress along the route.


Warranty Information

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  • Frame: 20 Years
  • Electronics: 24 Months
  • Other Parts: 24 Months (+ 12 Months*)



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