Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise Bike

Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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The Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise bike is the next model up after the Pure U 4.0 in Tunturi’s new Pure range of exercise bikes.

An intuitive display console and wide range of both heart rate controlled and resistance controlled workout programs are both important factors to consider when looking to buy a new exercise bike.

The following product article covers both of these points as well as looking at the quality of assembly instructions, how much space it takes up, price and even what type of warranty is provided to help provide you with all the information you need to decide if this is the right exercise bike for you.

Design features

To ensure that the Tunturi Pure U 6.0 is well suited to your height and body type, the seat position has been designed to be fully adjustable.

The helps to get into the most effective position for cycling using an upright exercise bike, where with the leg almost straight, the arch of the foot should be touching the pedal at its lowermost point.

A small hand wheel has been added underneath the seat which can be loosened to allow you to slide the seat through a number of preset positions until you find one best suited to your natural cycling motion.

Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise Bike

As with all upright exercise bikes in the Pure range, the Tunturi Pure U 6.0 has been designed with a low instep to make it easier to climb on and off.

Adjustable support feet have also been added to the base to improve the stability of the bike when resting on slightly uneven ground.

Ease of assembly

As with any piece of exercise equipment it can be important to know how simple it is to assemble and how easy it is to move once built.

One of the main aims behind the design of the entire Pure range of exercise equipment was to keep the frames low profile and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Because of this, there are relatively few parts you will need to put together when unboxed.

The Tunturi Pure U 6.0 is supplied with a detailed user manual and assembly instructions

The main flywheel housing and base frame are supplied pre-assembled, leaving you to build the handlebar and seat sections and attach the base support platforms.

All steps are clearly laid out in the supplied manual, together with exploded drawings and a list of parts that should arrive in the box.

Once the bike is assembled, the support plate at the back has a set of transport wheels to make it easier to move to another location if needed.

Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise Bike


Tunturi Pure U 6.0 – Features Summary

  • Flywheel: 7 kg / 14 kg
  • Seat Adjustment: Height / Horizontal
  • Low Instep: Yes
  • Heart Rate Hand Sensors: Yes
  • Operating Environment: Home Use / Light Commercial
  • Ergometer: Yes, 400W / 100RPM
  • Screen: 6″, 2 colour LCD backlit display
  • Languages: 10
  • Programmes: Quick start, Manual, Constant Watt, Constant HRC (5), Preset programmes (12), User programmes (5), T-Scale, Users (5)

Display console design

The Tunturi Pure U 6.0 is the earliest bike in the Pure Bike range that includes a central selection dial that can be used to quickly adjust your workout settings.

Although you don’t have the same clear display of possible workout programs like you do with the Pure U 4.0, the number of buttons has been reduced which makes the layout a bit easier to use.

The main difference between this and the earlier Pure U 4.0 is the 6″, 2 colour LCD display screen.

Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise Bike

The key workout information is still displayed, including time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate but with the addition of a dial on top of the workout program display.

Workout programs

With resistance training and heart rate controlled programs being considered two of the most effective ways of improving your overall aerobic fitness, the Tunturi Pure U 6.0 includes 4 of each type.

The 4 resistance training profiles all contain a certain level of interval training, the intensity of which varies which will suit a range of different fitness levels.

The heart rate controlled programs vary in intensity in a similar way and will require holding of the heart rate sensor handles or wearing of a heart rate chest belt.

The heart rate controlled programs can either be used with a chest belt or the built in heart rate hand sensors

Although not strictly an exercise program, another way that you can measure your fitness level with the Tunturi Pure U 6.0 is with the ‘Recovery’ button.

This can be used at the end of a workout to measure how quickly your heart rate returns to normal, providing you with a fitness grade from 1 to 6.

Having a test like this can help you create a measurable goal for increasing your fitness grade over time, as well as seeing how much you have progressed.

If you want more detailed information to compare between your workouts then you can also create a user profile, which will save important information from previous training sessions.

Warranty Information

  • Frame: 20 Years
  • Electronics: 24 Months
  • Other Parts: 24 Months (+ 12 Months*)

*Note: You can extend the warranty for parts in home use with an additional 12 months by registering your Tunturi product within 30 days after the purchase date.

Tunturi Pure U 6.0

The high overall build quality and ‘light commercial’ classification makes the Tunturi Pure U 6.0 Upright Exercise Bike perfect for home gyms as well as professional use in hospitals, hotels and schools.

The range of both heart rate controlled and resistance training options, as well as storage of up to 5 user profiles makes it an excellent choice for both single user and family use, as you can quickly switch between different seat positions and workout settings.

The low impact nature of upright exercise bikes makes them well suited to anyone looking for general cardio exercise or even recuperation when recovering from injuries.

Product weight: 50kg
Product dimensions: 106cm (L) x 56.5cm (W) x 143cm (H)
User weight limit: 135kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Exercise Bikes.

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