Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike

Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike Review

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The Ultrasport F-Bike is currently one of the most popular exercise bikes available for two main reasons; it folds to be extremely compact for storage, and that it has been priced at the lower end of the price scale (usually being available for under £100).

This product article takes a look at the bike in more detail, covering everything from the design features and dimensions to the ease of assembly.

Ultrasport F-Bike Review

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Design features

[one_half]When choosing a new exercise bike there will often be a range of factors which influence the final product you buy. These will usually include price, the variety in training programs and the size of the bike, both when in use and when being stored away.

The Ultrasport Exercise Bike has been designed so that the frame can fold down to one of the smallest sizes of any commercially available exercise bike, which is perfect if you are limited on space.

Switching between the folded and fully setup positions also couldn’t be simpler thanks to the quick release pin added just above the flywheel casing.[/one_half]
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This pin can be easily removed, allowing the frame to be folded out to the usable position. At this point there is another setting for you to slide the pin back in and keep the bike stable up to the full user weight limit of 100kg.

To cater for a wide range of user heights, the seat of the Ultrasport Exercise Bike can also be vertically adjusted using a threaded hand wheel design at the back of the main seat support.

With 8 levels of resistance to choose from and no preset workout programs, this means that a simple hand wheel is all that’s needed to manually adjust the resistance.


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Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike – Features Summary

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  • Space efficient thanks to the folding mechanism
  • Increases your circulation and strengthens your muscles
  • Modern battery operated LCD display (functions: scan, time, calories, speed, distance, pulse)
  • You can create an individual workout with 8 different resistance levels, flywheel: 1.5 kg
  • Max. user weight up to 100 kg; total dimensions: approx. 80.5 x 43.5 x 112 cm



Display console design

[one_half]Although the design of the display console may not seem important, there are several design features that have been added to the Ultrasport Exercise Bike to improve your cycling experience.

The first of these is the ergonomic design of the handles. Their curved shape provides you with 3 possible grip positions, ranging from close to your body for less intense training to the position above the display console for when you want to sprint.

As well as the benefits of the shape of the handles, the rubber material used to coat the grip ensures that your hands don’t end up slipping during your workout.[/one_half]
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The display screen and workout options are another important part of any exercise bike.

With no preset training programmes provided and the resistance being manually controlled, this means that the design of the display console has been kept relatively small.

The LCD screen can still be used to show all your important workout information such as calories burned, time spent cycling, distance and even your heart rate.

The heart rate hand sensors on the handles are a feature that you would normally only expect to find on higher priced designs, and are a useful addition for anyone who likes to check their heart rate is within a certain range when cycling.


Ease of assembly

[one_half]One of the main worries about buying any new piece of exercise equipment is how easily it will all fit together.

With the Ultrasport Exercise Bike being such a simple design and provided with such clear instructions in the user manual, this need not be a problem.

The main folding frame and flywheel housing is supplied already assembled. This means you only need to attach the base stabilizer bars, pedals, seat and handlebars.[/one_half]
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Although this may seem like a lot, each step is talked through in detail and provides you with a textual explanation which includes part numbers for reference, as well as a series of detailed drawings.

With the resistance being manually controlled and the display console screen battery powered, this gives you the added benefit of positioning the bike anywhere you need to, and not relying on being near a power socket.

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Box Contains

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  • Handlebar with Computer
  • Main Frame
  • Pedals x 2
  • Seat
  • User Manual




Exercise Bike Buying Guide

There are so many ways to get a good exercise and one way is to use an exercise bike. These exercise machines are easy to use and have a low impact on your joints so you don’t have to strain yourself. A brand new exercise bike may cost anywhere from two hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the additional features they have installed. The more expensive the exercise bike is, the more it is durable.

Generally, you are getting what you pay for but it won’t hurt if you do a bit of research of the quality of the equipment before finally deciding to buy one. So if you are planning to buy, here are some tips on what to look for in an exercise machine.

In general, there are two kinds of exercise bikes available. There is the traditional one that is upright and looks like a regular bike and a recumbent bike that has back support. Some people who have back pains will most likely prefer to use a recumbent bike to minimize the strain on their back while still getting the cycling exercise they need.

On the other hand, most people will use the traditional exercise bike since it can mimic a real bike and have the correct posture just like riding down the road. Almost all exercise bikes’ seat height and angle can be adjusted so it won’t be a problem if you’re tall or short.

With an exercise bike, you can control the resistance of your pedaling to match your bike routine. The resistance may be controlled by a brake pad or by magnets. The one with the brake pad control is cheaper but eventually it will wear out in time.

Exercise bikes controlled by magnet are more expensive because they have more components. They also won’t wear out since there is no friction involved. Other things to look for in an exercise bike are the added features. These aren’t necessary but it is a good option if you are strict with your exercise.

The basic would probably include an odometer to measure the distance of cycling and the more advanced ones will most likely include an electronic display monitor, timer, alarm and even a built-in program for your exercise needs.

If you really want to buy an exercise bike online but still a bit confused which one to get, then you might want to consider first the less expensive ones. This way you won’t have to spend so much of your hard earned money. It is recommended that you try it out first before buying. Also consider the warranty period, the longer it is the better.

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