V-Fit MCCT1 Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer

V-fit MCCT1 Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer

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The V-Fit MCCT1 provides you with both cycling and cross training workout options in the same machine. This not only improves the variety and effectiveness of your workouts, but also reduces the cost and space required compared to buying two separate machines.


Design features

[one_half]Whether you are starting a new home fitness program or simply looking to upgrade from an existing entry level machine, choosing between an exercise bike and a cross trainer can be a difficult decision.

While some people will be fortunate enough to have the space and budget to buy both, the V-Fit MCCT1 has been designed with the features of both a cross trainer and an exercise bike.

Rather than having features added onto a cross trainer to make it more like an exercise bike, or vice versa, this particular machine has been specifically designed to be effective for both cycling and cross training workouts.

The resistance system comprises of a 4.5kg balanced cast iron friction free flywheel with multi-plate magnets, complete with an 8-step tension controller.

This has been positioned within easy reach whether you are cycling or cross training, making it quick and easy to adjust the intensity during your training.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]V-fit MCCT1 Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer

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Cycling workouts

While weight training allows you to move around often between sets, cardio workouts such as cycling and cross training require that you follow a similar range of motion for much longer periods of time.

Whether you are training for 10 minutes or 90 minutes, it’s important to be in a comfortable and natural position so as to make the exercise as enjoyable as possible.

This is why the V-Fit MCCT1 features a well padded seat, which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to ensure you are the most efficient distance from the pedals and handlebars.

The handlebar design itself is also a little different to most cross trainers. Rather than having the static handles on either side of the display console, they have been angled to point much closer towards your seated position.

This helps to make measuring your heart rate possible, both when you are cycling and cross training, due to the position of the heart rate hand sensors.


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V-fit MCCT1 – Features Summary

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  • Magnetic resistance system with friction-free 4.5kg cast iron flywheel and 8-step dial adjust resistance
  • Combined cycle-elliptical function with forward and reverse motion and synchronised handlebars
  • Expanded PU height and reach adjustable saddle
  • Large non-slip footplates with a 28cm / 11″ stride length
  • Single screen 8-function exercise monitor



Cross trainer workouts

Despite the addition of the seat and angle of the static handles, cross trainer workouts can still be performed using the V-Fit MCCT1 without any restrictions to the range of motion.

The large foot plates feature a special non-slip texture combined with a raised lip section around the side to prevent your feet from slipping off the pedals while training.

While cycling workouts are an excellent form of low impact exercise for your lower body, being able to also perform cross trainer workouts will help build tone and exercise your upper body as well.


Display console design

V-fit MCCT1 Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer

While there are certainly cross trainers that offer features such as sending email and reading e-books (Tunturi Pure F 10.0), the display console for the V-Fit MCCT1 has been designed very much with simplicity in mind.

The screen will clearly display one piece of workout information at a time, and can be scrolled through using the button below. This allows you to keep track of your distance, speed, time, heart rate, and a theoretical measurement of your calories burned.

With such a simple display console powered by AA batteries, this means you aren’t restricted to positioning the machine close to a power socket like some of the more expensive designs.


Box Contains

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  • 1 x Trainer
  • 1 x Assembly and User Manual
  • 2 x Tools – Multi Spanner and X-Head Screwdriver



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